Bruce Greyson

(Charles) Bruce Greyson, M.D. (born October 1946), is a prominent researcher in the field of Near-Death Studies. Greyson, along with Kenneth Ring, Michael Sabom, and others, built on the pioneering Near Death research of Raymond Moody, Jr, George Ritchie, and Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, bringing the field of study to greater prominence. Greyson has also devised a 19-item scale to assess experience of Kundalini,the Physio-Kundalini Scale.

Bruce Greyson is Chester F.Carlson Professor of Psychiatry and the division director of The Division of Perceptual Studies (DOPS), formerly the Division of Personality Studies, at the University of Virginia. He is also a Professor of Psychiatric Medicine in the Department of Psychiatric Medicine, Division of Outpatient Psychiatry, at the University of Virginia.

Dr. Greyson wrote the overview of NDEs for the Encyclopaedia Britannica and has been the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Near-Death Studies (formerly Anabiosis) since 1982.

Selected publications

  • Greyson, B. "False positive" claims of near-death experiences and "false negative" denials of near-death experiences. Death Studies, 2005; 29:145-155. .
  • Greyson, B, Ring, K. The Life Changes Inventory-Revised. Journal of Near-Death Studies, 2004; 23:41-54.
  • Greyson, B, Liester, MB. Internal voices following near-death experiences. Journal of Humanistic Psychology, 2004; 44:320-336.
  • Lange, R, Greyson, B, Houran, J. A Rasch scaling validation of a 'core' near-death experience. British Journal of Psychology, 2004; 95:161-177. .

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