Browse Happy

Browse Happy

Browse Happy is a website created by the Web Standards Project in August 2004 to convince internet users to use a web browser other than Microsoft's Internet Explorer. It focuses on security issues in Internet Explorer and suggests four alternatives: Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari and the Mozilla Suite. The core of the site is a collection of stories of people who have switched from Internet Explorer to alternative web browsers.

In June 2005, the Web Standards Project decided an anti-Internet Explorer campaign did not fit with their mission, and they handed the site over to WordPress.

There is an independent Polish initiative with the same name - started by a member of - Polish center of web standards promotion.

On December 18th, 2007, it was discovered that the site contained hidden links in the footer to, an online recipe site. When pointed out on the and support forums, those links were quickly removed without a response from Automattic. The question remains if the site had been hacked or if the link had been purchased.

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