Brother Reade

Brother Reade

Brother Reade is an American hip-hop duo from Los Angeles. Its members are MC Jimmy Jamz (also Jael Jamz, Major Jamz) and DJ Bobby Evans (also Kill You Me You).


The two first began playing together in a punk rock band in their native Winston-Salem, North Carolina. When Evans went to college in Los Angeles, Jael soon moved out West as well, and the two began recording as underground hip hop artists, taking their name from Jael's brother Reade, who suffers from autism. The group released a number of bootlegs before signing to Record Collection and releasing their first EP in 2005. Critical acclaim built as the group put out its first full-length, 2007's Rap Music.


  • The Illustrated Guide to: 9 to 5 EP (Record Collection, 2005)
  • Rap Music (Record Collection, 2007)


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