Broken Life

A Broken Life

A Broken Life is a 2007 Canadian independent drama film directed by Neil Coombs and produced by Caged Angel Films. It stars Tom Sizemore, Corey Sevier, Grace Kosaka, Saul Rubinek, and Ving Rhames.

Plot synopsis

Tortured by his own mediocrity, Max (Tom Sizemore) decides to commit suicide and recruits his only friend Bud (Corey Sevier), a struggling filmmaker, to record his last day on earth. Bent on exacting revenge, Max tracks down and finally confronts his overbearing Boss (Saul Rubinek) and his ex-wife. His rage builds until his last day is turned upside down by the kindness of a young woman in a wheelchair. Just moments from his own end, Max finds hope but is it too late to fix what is broken?


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