Broadcast 2000

Broadcast 2000 (band)

Broadcast 2000 is a British acoustic rock band based in London, England, which centres around multi-instrumentalist Joe Steer. Steer is joined live by Tom Andrews, Chris Banner and Kelly Underdown.

The band's debut album Building Blocks was written, recorded, mixed and mastered in the bedroom of Steer's London flat. Steer has stated that he did not originally plan on being the lead vocalist, but recorded vocals on the tracks as a guide, with the intention of replacing them at a later stage. The first single from the album, "Get Up And Go", was used in a television advertisement in the UK for the energy supplier E.ON. The track "Pep Talk" is also set to be used at the beginning of the forthcoming film Yes_Man_(film).

Whilst Building Blocks encompasses many different instruments to achieve its sound, the band consists of acoustic guitar and vocals (Steer), glockenspiel (Andrews), percussion (Banner) and violin (Underdown) when playing live.





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