Brilliance BS4

Brilliance BS4

Brilliance BS4, is a four door notchback sedan produced by the Brilliance China Auto company (Huachen) in the People's Republic of China, where it is known as the Zhonghua Junjie. The car was scheduled for launch in Germany, Europe’s largest national car market, in 2007. Following poor crash test results and ensuing press comment, a western launch was postponed at the last minute, and German sales are now expected to start in the Autumn/Fall of 2008. By that date the vehicle’s structure is expected to have been modified in order to achieve improved European crash test ratings.

Engine power

Initially the car was offered with an old Mitsubishi designed 1.8 l four cylinder engine for which output of was claimed. A turbo-charged 1.8 l unit developed by Brilliance themselves, with outputs of or is already included on domestic market models. A diesel engine for installation in the European market version is still under development.


The turbo-charged version is available only with a four speed automatic transmission, but for the European market base version a five speed manual gear box is to be offered.


In some respects the car is attractively equipped, with electronically adjustable leather seats, air conditioning and electronic parking assistance. However ESP, which has become mainstream for European cars of this class, is not offered.


A precise date for a European press launch of the BS4 has not yet been announced.

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