Brickellia is a genus of about 100 species of plants in the sunflower family (Asteraceae), known commonly as brickellbushes. They are found in North America, Mexico, and Central America. Many species are native to the American southwest, especially Texas. Brickellia is among the more basal lineages of the Eupatorieae and should not be assigned to a subtribe pending further research.

They are mostly woody perennial shrubs. Some species have a very strong pleasant scent, while others smell distasteful. All contain high amounts of essential oils, and Germacrene D, a natural insecticide, is found in B. veronicaefolia and probably other if not all species.

Regardless their chemical defense, brickellbushes are food for caterpillars of certain Lepidoptera. These include the noctuid moths Schinia buta (only known from California Brickellbush, B. californica), Schinia gracilenta (known from False Boneset, B. eupatorioides), Schinia oleagina (only known from this genus) and Schinia trifascia.

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