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Brick (disambiguation)

A brick is an artificial stone made by forming clay into hardened rectangular blocks. Brick may also refer to:



  • Brick, a puzzle game similar to Tetris
  • Bricks, a remake of the Windows puzzle game, Klotski
  • Brick, a game on the iPod that originated from Breakout
  • A "brick" or "tank", a character in role-playing and other games whose primary role is to sustain damage and act as a shield for weaker allies
  • brick (electronics), a term that is used when a video game console or portable video gaming device is no longer bootable (the system becomes a proverbial brick), usually as a result of modifying the system's firmware
  • A brick in poker is an undesirable or unhelpful card, such as a card that makes a pair in a lowball game
  • A brick may refer to a individual piece in LEGO building blocks.



  • Brick Township, New Jersey, located in central New Jersey
  • BRIC, an acronym referring to the emerging economies of Brazil, Russia, India, and China as a group
  • Brick City or Bricks, a slang term referring to Newark, New Jersey


  • Brick (basketball), to hit the backboard with the ball but not make a basket
  • A brick, in Ultimate, any pull that initially lands out-of-bounds, untouched by the receiving team
  • Brick (triathlon), a training workout that combines 2 of the 3 sports of triathlon (swim, bike, and run). For example, a swim-bike brick would combine a swim workout immediately followed by a bike workout.

Other uses

  • Brick (dough), a thin-layered dough used in north African cuisine
  • Brick (firecracker), a large package of firecrackers containing 80 packs (each pack generally has 16 firecrackers)
  • Brick (moth), a species of moth
  • BRICKS (software) Building Resources for Integrated Cultural Knowledge Services, an open-source software framework for managing distributed digital assets
  • Brick, slang for a small unit in the military
  • Brick (slang), is a kilo of Cocaine in slang terms
  • Brick (slang), for extremely cold Weather in slang terms
  • Brick (electronics), an electronic device which cannot function (or has been rendered useless by damaged firmware) and is considered useful only as a brick; a mains to low voltage DC power adapter supplied with electronics devices

  • Alcatel-Lucent VPN Firewall Brick family of security devices
  • The Brick, a chain of Canadian furniture stores
  • Brick (automobile) or turbobrick, term used to describe cars manufactured by Volvo AB from the late 1960's to the early 1990's
  • Bricks and mortar business refers to the physical presence of a store or business, or more traditionally to investment in houses and other buildings
  • Bath brick, a brick formerly used for cleaning
  • Brick Breaker, another name for the Breakout arcade game
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