Brer Rabbit

The Adventures of Brer Rabbit

The Adventures of Brer Rabbit is the title of book, a play, and a film inspired by the Uncle Remus stories. The central character's actual name is Br'er Rabbit, but the title is simplified as "Brer."


The book's full title is Tales of Uncle Remus: The Adventures of Brer Rabbit and was written by Julius Lester, and illustrated by Jerry Pinkney. Lester received the Coretta Scott King Award in 1988 for this work.


A one-act play entitled The Adventures of Brer Rabbit was written by Gayle Cornelison. The play was first performed in 1977 at the California Theatre Center in Sunnyvale, California, and was performed there for over 20 years.


The film was was released direct-to-video in 2006, and was described by the Washington Times as having hip-hop influences. It was nominated for the Best home Entertainment Annie Award. This was the last film to use the 1991-2006 Universal Cartoon Studios logo, even when it was released after the new Universal Animation Studios logo debuted at the end of Curious George. This error occurred due that the film was finished being produced before the 2006-present logo debuted but its release on video was delayed until March 21, 2006. However, the 2006-present Universal Animation Studios print logo is seen on the back cover of the film.

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