Breck Stewart

Breck Stewart

Breck Stewart is a singer, actor and director in various projects who first started his career as a porn star. He was born in Canada on May 18th, 1968. He appeared in gay pornographic films starting in 2000 with a production called F*** Friends produced by Priape Video based in Montreal. Eventually, he moved to San Francisco , California to pursue his adult movie career.

He officially quit the adult entertainment world to become a singer and produce his own material officially releasing his first album called Utopia on October 25, 2007 through the site whose mission is to distribute albums for digital download on all the major online stores. The album became available on iTunes, Rhapsody (online music service) and the MP3 online store among others. He founded a company called MoonDaze Productions and became involved with many ongoing projects in music and video productions both in front of the camera and behind the scenes .

Adult Entertainment Phase

He was active in porn for a while appearing in 9 released movies over several years even though it might be considered a rather low number when compared with some other porn stars who had fairly long careers. This most likely helped him not become overexposed which is a real problem many porn star can face with some of them appearing in dozens of productions a year.

After F*** Friends in 2000, it took a full year before he appeared in a second movie called Desire in 2001 . Newcomer Ivan Andros was featured as well as Victor Racek and Michael Vincenzo with the 3 of them getting top billing while Stewart was only in a supporting role. It was produced in San Francisco by the company Titan Men formerly known as Titan Media. The storyline concentrated on the romantic aspect of sex in contrast with the usual type of movies delivered by Titan who often specialize on hardcore pornography and sexual fetishism oriented porn.

Then, he quickly got cast in Qualified to Satisfy which is a low budget movie from a small company called Galaxy Pictures. The film which in retrospect might seem like a stepback was released quickly, months before Desire even though the latter was shot first which proved to be helpful to Breck's career since it gave the impression that his career was progressing nicely. Qualified to Satisfy wasn't a big hit and was eventually released on DVD after the first VHS release but is difficult to find and is often out of print.

After came Say Uncle and Natural Instinct in quick succession, both produced by Falcon Entertainment formerly known as Falcon Studios. Say Uncle was directed by drag queen director Chi Chi Larue who may arguably be one of the most well known gay porn directors in the industry having directed hundreds of movies and winning at the GayVN Awards for Best Director five times according to his page on the Internet Movie Database. Although both produced by Falcon, the movies were released under 2 different labels named Jocks Studios and Mustang Studios as Falcon is in the habit of using different labels for various productions.

The next year, he appeared in a movie called Splendor in the A** from the company Catalina Video shot in Los Angeles which was the first time he appeared on the front cover and got top billing. The movie was a fair but limited hit. 224 First Avenue was his next part and produced by a small company called Anaconda Studios in West Palm Beach, Florida. This movie is very rare and available only in a limited way as it often goes out of print. The low budget is also quite apparent and didn't do much in terms of boosting Breck's career.

But in 2003, things got better and he was cast as the lead in a movie called The Bombardier produced by the Red Devil Entertainment company run by Jett Blakk but released and distributed by Arena Entertainment in 2004. It was his biggest part up until that point with many scenes acted with dialogue and a fairly elaborate storyline instead of just appearing in the usual one or 2 sex scenes without scripted lines that is a common occurrence in gay porn.

It also started the career of his main costar Jason Ridge who got a lot of attention after the film's release. Jason went on to appear in many movies, even creating his own company called Ridgeline Films and won 2 GayVN Awards as best newcomer in 2004 mostly for The Bombardier and best threesome in 2007 for La Dolce Vita , the controversial but very successful movie from Michael Lucas. This 2006 version caused controversy because it shared the same title and even recreated some scenes of the original 1960 La Dolce Vita from famous Italian director Federico Fellini.

Breck then appeared in The Recruits again produced by Falcon Entertainment and featuring other gay porn stars of the period most notably Matthew Rush who is known for having a lifetime exclusive contract with Falcon. Matthew also appeared in a few mainstream productions unlike many of his peers who never break out of the porn mold. The Recruits also featured Brad Patton and Gus Mattox who were successful actors at the time but both retired from porn since. This movie proved to be his last officially released and arguably the most successful of his porn career.

All the while, Breck slowly started to work on his own project as director, producer, editor, actor and singer which would take many years to complete. It was originally conceived as a porn movie with fast editing that featured a soundtrack with techno music and Breck's vocals. It was finished in 2006 with 2 different versions: Utopia X containing explicit sexual scenes and Utopia which was a recut and censored version with no sex or nudity. But the MoonDaze Productions company decided to shelve both versions of the movie indefinitely after a very limited release. Therefore Utopia the Album became the sole focus and was launched as a standalone instead of being a movie soundtrack. Some images from the censored version of the film were integrated into 2 of his music videos for the album.

He officially came out as a bisexual in 2007 but only appeared in gay porn movies throughout his adult career. Breck was versatile sexually, appearing in an equal number of productions as both top and bottom. This probably helped him get parts since studios usually prefer stars who are able to play both sexual roles with ease which helps the casting process to create onscreen pairings with adequate chemistry.

Music career as a solo artist

His first album was released in 2007. But before that came to be, he met a music composer called Primo with whom he formed a duo Frenzia. But they soon broke up and their album never saw the light of day.Therefore, he decided to become a solo act and Utopia is the result. It has a sound that could be described as Electronic dance music. It's a mixture of lyrics with pop overtones combined with techno influenced music and usually put in either the electronic and/or Electronica related categories.

Four songs were released for free in the popular MP3 format on various music web sites including his own. They are Digital Lover, Lustful Puppylove, Above All Clouds and Pourquoi Pas. Breck is following the same path as numerous unsigned artists using digital technology to produce music at low costs. And with many new ways for the public to buy music online appearing at a rapid pace, it's apparently becoming a sea of evolving opportunities already affecting the music industry as a whole. Many emerging musical artists often offer a few free songs from their album in the hopes that the material will get exposed to an eventual fanbase.

MoonDaze Productions released many free videos on the web as well featuring Breck including 2 versions for the song Lustful Puppylove and one for Digital Lover. Breck also started to host a sort of gossip show under the MoonDaze TV label where he talks about celebrities. And he is active in the fight against Digital Rights Management technology also known as DRM, a process used in operating system Windows Vista from Microsoft as well as Blu-ray and HD DVD both high definition video disc formats trying to replace standard DVD. He released a video to speak on the subject and expose his opinions.

Selected Videography

  • The Recruits
  • The Bombardier
  • Splendor In The A**
  • Say Uncle
  • Natural Instinct
  • Desire

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