BRAVOX is a loudspeaker manufacturer, based in São Paulo, Brazil.


As the years went by the company invested on their own technology, being responsible for many innovations throughout sound performance and hi-tech loudspeakers, under ISO 9001 standards and recommended by Vance Dickason. The company was also the first to produce Kevlar based loudspeakers.


During World War 2 the Brazilian government confiscated all German assets in Brazil. As the war ended, the government began to give back those assets to their rightful owners, one of those assets was the German company AEG an electronic equipment manufacturer which its headquarters was located in Berlin was deeply involved in the German war goals.

In the end of the 40's decade, Telefunken International sent to Brazil, one of their board member called Felix Ewald, with a goal to start a company called Brasifunken which afterwards was named "Telefunken do Brasil".

Few years afterwards Felix Ewald was called back to Germany by Telefunken but he refused to go back to Germany and retired from Telefunken. Together with a group of German friends he started a small factory of loudspeakers called Bravox to supply the radio stations under development at that time.

In 1964 Firmino Rocha de Freitas bought the company's stock from Felix Ewald business partners.

Then Felix Ewald created a Development & Research group, to explore new technologies, since then Bravox has followed its tradition.

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