[broun-shwahy-ger; Ger. broun-shvahy-guhr]
Braunschweiger (named after Braunschweig, Germany) is a type of liverwurst (pork liver sausage) which is nearly always smoked.

Braunschweiger has a very high amount of Vitamin A, iron and proteins. The meat has a very soft, spread-like texture and a distinctive spicy liver-based flavor, very similar to the Nordic Leverpostej. It is usually used as a spread for toast, but can also be used as a filling for sandwiches, often paired with stone-ground mustard, sliced tomatoes and cheese. There are also a few recipes for pâté and cheese balls which use braunschweiger as a primary ingredient.

Because of its teutonic name braunschweiger is often used as a humorous reference to German culture in the United States. For example in his 1993 comedy Last Action Hero, Arnold Schwarzenegger's character, Jack Slater, refers to himself as "famous comedian Arnold Braunschweiger". This is a double joke because of the sausage's heavy preserved pork content and the concept of a "ham" as an entertainer who is over the top. Another example of the word braunschweiger standing as a signifier of German ethnic identity is in The Straight Story, where Rose Straight buys a large amount of braunschweiger for her father, Alvin's trip.

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