Brandt's Hedgehog

Brandt's Hedgehog

Brandt's Hedgehog (Paraechinus hypomelas) is a species of desert hedgehog native to the Middle East and Middle Asia. Brandt's Hedgehog is approximately the size of the West European Hedgehog (about 500–1,000 g in weight and 25 cm in length), but has distinctively large ears similar to the Long-eared Hedgehog and is a much faster runner due to lighter (but still superior to the Long-eared Hedgehog) needle protection. It is a fast runner, but, unlike the Long-eared Hedgehog, predominantely nocturnal and uses cuddling tactic more often, although still employing "jumping" attack.

Brandt's Hedgehog prefers arid desert areas and mountains. It uses natural shelter a lot, although it is still capable of digging dens when absolutely needed. It hibernates during colder weather.

It is named after (and by) Johann Friedrich von Brandt, a director of the Zoological Department at the St Petersburg Academy of Sciences.


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