Brandi Carlile (album)

Brandi Carlile (album)

Brandi Carlile is the self-titled debut album from folk rock singer, Brandi Carlile.

Track listing

  1. "Follow" 4:13
  2. "What Can I Say" 2:50
  3. "Closer To You" 2:54
  4. "Throw It All Away" 3:43
  5. "Happy" 2:32
  6. "Someday Never Comes" 2:47
  7. "Fall Apart Again" 3:37
  8. "In My Own Eyes" 3:31
  9. "Gone" 3:05
  10. "Tragedy" 3:45

The 2006 re-release by Columbia Records, included a re-recording of "Throw It All Away" and a version of "Tragedy" featuring a cello, as well as a cover version of Elton John's "60 Years On".

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