Brain Powerd

is a 26-episode anime TV series, created by Sunrise and directed and written by Yoshiyuki Tomino. The series also features mecha designs by Mamoru Nagano, character designs by Mutsumi Inomata, and music by Yoko Kanno.

It originally premiered across Japan on WOWOW between April 08, 1998 to November 11, 1998. The series was also aired across Japan on the anime CS television network Animax, which also later broadcast the series across its respective networks worldwide, including its English language networks in Southeast Asia and South Asia (where Animax aired Bandai's The Ocean Group-produced English dub); Animax's broadcast being the series' English language television premiere.

The anime series was licensed for North American distribution by Bandai Entertainment, who also released a dub produced by The Ocean Group and distributed it across the region under the title Brain Powered.

The series was also adapted into a manga, with art by Yukiru Sugisaki, which was serialized in Kadokawa Shoten's Shōnen Ace magazine, and later published in the United States in English by Tokyopop.


Brain Powerd is set a pseudo-modern era in which the vast majority of the Earth has been afflicted by numerous earthquakes and floods. The source of this is a mysterious, gargantuan alien spacecraft deep within the Pacific known as Orphan. It seeks to reach the Earth's surface and travel the galaxy, which would result in all lifeforms on Earth being annihilated. Its agents, known as Reclaimers, pilot living organic mechas or Antibodies known as Grand Cher, and seek to retrieve disc plates scattered on the Earth's surface.

The series begins with Hime Utsumiya, a teenage girl, venturing upon such a disc plate, which 'revived' into a unique, infant Antibody - a Brain Powerd, with which Hime forms a deep connection. She is soon joined by Yū Isami, an ex-Reclaimer who leaves Orphan after learning of the catastrophe it seeks to unleash, and the both of them enter upon an adventure, which may decide the future of humanity.


A young, teenage boy and the male lead character of the story. A former Reclaimer, after a fateful encounter with Hime Utsumiya, Yu decides to leave Orphan, escaping with a Brain Powerd. Despite the frictions between his family's ambitions to discover more of Orphan's nature and his own freedom, Yu understands the value of keeping life precious and the memories that would cherish in his life.
A young, teenage girl and the female lead character of the story. She comes into contact with an organic plate which later witnessed its revival into an Antibody, a Brain Powerd, and became its pilot. Supposedly she was chosen to become Orphan's force of hope in giving understanding to its intention to move freely, which in the end she gave Orphan the meaning of life, like a seed growing to a garden of beauty.
A Reclaimer at Orphan. Disgruntled at the way Yu was favored from his parents, he became very bitter towards him and wants to compete who is the strongest Antibody pilot. And even his resentment towards his real mother, Capt. Anoa McCormick since he was abandoned since childhood, but was replaced by his undying loyalty to Baron Maximillian.
A young, teenage girl and Yū's elder sister. She is the pilot of red Quincy Grand. A brash leader of the Reclaimers she disregards any human emotion and resents Yu for being favored by the Antibodies of Orphan. But it was to the point that she became confused about Yu's conviction to let Orphan be released from any guilt that her Gran Cher rebelled against her confused state and even Orphan favored her to become the "Girl of Orphan", the chosen embodiment of Orphan's will. But in the end she was rescued by Yu and gave her the understanding of what Orphan wanted to do in the end.
A young and talented former Grand Cher pilot. She was Yū's best friend and had been raised on Orphan. She later leaves Orphan and joins Novis Noah. She is the pilot of Kanan Brain, the other twin Brain Powerd created from the single Antibody B-Plate. Although she has deep feelings for Yu, she maintains her spirited energy but she has this reluctance in leaving her home in Orphan and discover new things in Novis-Noa.
She is the captain of state-of-the-art warship Novis Noah. Her strong exterior hides the dark secret inside her because of her longing to be close with her own son Jonathan Glenn. But to her own frustrations she was alwasy being ostrasized by her own son, harboring all hate against his own mother. But in the end she almost got lost in a Chakra wave, which she reappears as a dark character named Baron Maximillian.
She is the pilot of a yellow Brain Child, Higgins Brain the other twin Brain Powered created from a single Antibody B-Plate. Higgins has a rose tattoo that reacts warmly everytime Orphan reacts to a positive emotion.
She is the medical doctor, acupuncturist and, in later series, new captain of Novis Noah.
He is the pilot of surprisingly four Antibodies, three Brain Powerds and one Grand Cher. Brash and Impulsive, Nakki has the tendency to outlook other Brain pilots and has affections for Hime. But because of his impulsiveness he always get into trouble during battle.
As the matriarch of the Isami household, she is Yu's caring and loving grandmother. Even though she resents her son and daughter-in-law's research on using their children as initial "vessels" for the Antibodies, she was able to give her own wisdom to Yu. She is the long lost lover of Winston Geybridge and until now she still is close to him.
He is the pilot of a powerful and evolved Antibody, the Barons Grand Cher.
A lone Brain Powerd pilot whom Yu met when he and his Brain was damaged by the Baron Grand Cher. She gave Yu pieces of wisdom on how to listen and understand carefully of how his Brain feels. But in the end on the second attack made by the Baron Grand Cher she fell and disappeared in a storm gust as the two damaged Brains fused in a Chakra wave and became a hybrid Brain Powerd named Nelly Brain.
He is an Orphan's undercover spy working at Novis Noah.
One of the three children living in the Novis-Noa. Although he was involved in some unfortunate events, he was able to listen and understand how the Brains are affected on the changes of Orphan.
Yu and Quincy's father who is a researcher in the Antibody project and later as the head scientist inside Orphan. He was more interested in his research than the welfare of his own children, being used as guinea pigs in researching on the Antibodies in response to human emotions.

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Lyrics and composition by: Eri Shingyōji
Arrangement by: Shintarō Itō
Performed by: Eri Shingyōji

Ending Theme

Lyrics by: Rin Iogi
Composition and arrangement by: Yoko Kanno
Performed by: KOKIA



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