Brain Baronets

List of baronetcies in the baronetage of the United Kingdom

This is a list of baronetcies in the Baronetage of the United Kingdom. They have been created since 1801, when they replaced the baronetages of Great Britain and Ireland. This list is not currently complete.


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Abdy of Albins 1850 Abdy extant  
Abel of Whitehall Court 1893 Abel extinct 1902  
Ackroyd of Dewsbury 1956 Ackroyd extant  
Acland of Oxford 1890 Acland extant  
Adair of Flixton Hall 1838 Adair extinct 1988  
Adam of Blair 1882 Blair extinct 1922  
Adam of Hankelow 1917 Adam extant  
Agnew of Clendry 1957 Agnew extant  
Agnew of The Planche 1895 Agnew extant  
Ainsley of Great Torrington 1804 Ainsley extinct 1858  
Ainsworth of Ardanaiseig 1917 Ainsworth extant  
Aird of London 1901 Aird extant  
Aitchison of Lemmington 1938 Aitchison extant  
Aitken of Chirkley 1916 Aitken extant first Baronet created Baron Beaverbrook in 1917
Albu of Johannesburg 1912 Albu extant  
Alexander of Ballochmyle 1886 Alexander, Hagart-Alexander extant
Alexander of Belcamp 1809 Alexander, Cable-Alexander dormant seventh Baronet died 1988
Alexander of Edgehill 1921 Alexander extant
Alexander of Sundridge Park 1945 Alexander extant  
Alison of Possil House 1852 Alison extinct 1970  
Allan of Kinsgate 1819 Allan extinct 1820  
Allen of Marlow 1933 Allen extinct 1939  
Allsopp of Alsop-le-Dale 1880 Allsopp extant first Baronet created Baron Hindlip in 1880
Anderson of Ardtaraig 1919 Anderson extinct 1919  
Anderson of Fermoy 1813 Anderson extinct 1861  
Anderson of Harrold Priory 1920 Anderson extinct 1963  
Anderson of Mullaghmore House 1911 Anderson extinct 1921  
Andrews of Comber 1942 Andrews extinct 1951  
Anson of Hatch Beauchamp 1831 Anson extant  
Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe of Elveham 1929 Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe extant  
Anstruther-Gray of Kilmany 1956 Anstruther-Gray extinct 1985 first Baronet created a life peer as Baron Kilmany in 1966
Antrobus of Antrobus Hall 1815 Antrobus extant  
Arbuthnot of Edinburgh 1823 Arbuthnot extant  
Arbuthnot of Kittybrewster 1964 Arbuthnot extant  
Archdale of Riversdale 1928 Archdale extant  
Armstrong of Ashburn Place 1892 Armstrong extinct 1944  
Armstrong of Gallen 1841 Armstrong extant  
Arnott of Baily 1896 Arnott extant  
Arthur of Carlung 1903 Arthur extant first Baronet created Baron Glenarthur in 1918
Arthur of Upper Canada 1841 Arthur extant  
Ashman of Thirmlere 1907 Ashman extinct 1916  
Aske of Aughton 1922 Aske extant  
Assheton-Smith of Vaynol Park 1911 Assheton-Smith, Duff extinct 1980
Assheton of Downham 1945 Assheton extant second Baronet had been created Baron Clitheroe in 1955 prior to succeeding to the Baronetcy
Astley of Everley 1821 Astley extinct 1994  
Astley-Cooper of Gadebridge 1821 Astley-Cooper extant  
Austin of Red Hill 1894 Austin extant  
Avery of Oakley 1905 Avery extinct 1918  
Aykroyd of Bristwith Hall 1929 Aykroyd extant  
Aykroyd of Lightcliffe 1920 Aykroyd extant  
Aylwen of St Bartholomews 1949 Aylwen extinct 1967  


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Backhouse of Uplands 1901 Backhouse extant  
Baddeley of Lakefield 1922 Baddeley extant  
Baden-Powell of Bentley 1922 Baden-Powell extant first Baronet created Baron Baden-Powell in 1929
Bagge of Stradsett Hall 1867 Bagge extant  
Bagot of Levens Hall 1913 Bagot extinct 1920  
Bailey of Glanusk Park 1852 Bailey extant first Baronet created Baron Glanusk in 1889
Bailey of South Africa 1919 Bailey extant  
Baillie of Berkeley Square 1819 Baillie, Mackenzie extinct 1853 first Baronet had already been created a Baronet in 1812, which title became extinct in 1820
Baillie of Polkemmet 1823 Baillie extant  
Baillie of Portman Square 1812 Baillie extinct 1820 first Baronet obtained a new patent in 1819, which creation became extinct in 1853
Baird of Newbyth 1809 Baird extant  
Baird of Stonehaven (now Keith) 1897 Baird extant second Baronet created Viscount Stonehaven in 1938; the second Viscount succeeded as Earl of Kintore in 1974.
Baker of Ranston 1802 Baker extinct 1959  
Balfour of Albury Lodge 1911 Balfour extinct 1929
Balfour of Sheffield 1929 Balfour extant first Baronet created Baron Riverdale in 1935; baronetcy unproven (2nd baronet died 1998) - under review
Ball of Blofield 1801 Ball extinct 1874  
Ball of Dublin 1911 Ball extant  
Banbury of Southam 1903 Banbury extant first Baronet created Baron Banbury of Southam in 1924
Barber of Culham Court 1924 Barber extinct 1927  
Barber of Greasley 1960 Barber extant  
Barbour of Hilden 1943 Barbour extinct 1951  
Baring of Nubia House 1911 Baring extant  
Barker-Mill of Mottisfont 1836 Barker-Mill extinct 1860  
Barker of Bishop's Stortford 1908 Barker extinct 1914  
Barling of Edgbaston 1919 Barling extinct 1940  
Barlow of Bradwall Hall 1907 Barlow extant  
Barlow of Fort William 1803 Barlow extant  
Barlow of London 1902 Barlow extant  
Barlow of Westminster 1924 Barlow extinct 1951  
Barnston of Churton 1924 Barnston extinct 1929  
Baron of Holmbury House 1930 Baron extinct 1934  
Barran of Sawley Hall 1895 Barran extant  
Barrett-Lennard of Bell House (Belhus) 1801 Barrett-Lennard extant  
Barrie of Adelphi Terrace 1913 Barrie extinct 1937  
Barrington of Limerick 1831 Barrington dormant seventh Baronet died 2003
Barron of Glenanna 1841 Barron extinct 1900  
Barrow of Ulverstone 1835 Barrow extant  
Barry of Ockwells Manor 1899 Barry extant  
Bartlett of Hardington 1913 Bartlett dormant unproven (fourth Baronet died 1998)
Barton of Fethard 1918 Barton extinct 1937  
Barttelot of Stopham 1875 Barttelot extant  
Barwick of Ashbrook Grange 1912 Barwick extinct 1949  
Bass of Stafford 1882 Bass extinct 1952  
Bateman of Hartington Hall 1806 Bateman extant second Baronet inherited the baronetcy of Scott of Great Barr in 1851; in 1905 the baronetcy was inherited by the fourth Fuller-Acland-Hood Baronet of St Audries.
Bates of Gwyn Castle 1880 Bates extant Unproven; 6th Bart died 2007
Bates of Magherabuoy 1937 Bates extant  
Bateson of Belvoir Park 1818 de Yarburgh-Bateson extinct 2006 second Baronet created Baron Deramore in 1885
Batho of Frinton 1928 Batho extant  
Baxter of Invereighty 1918 Baxter extinct 1926  
Baxter of Kilmaron 1863 Baxter extinct 1872  
Bayley of Bedford Square 1834 Bayley, Laurie extant
Baynes of Harefield Place 1801 Baynes extant  
Bayntun-Sandys of Missenden 1809 Bayntun-Sandys extinct 1848  
Bazley of Tolmers 1869 Bazley extant  
Beale of Drumlamford 1912 Beale extinct 1922  
Beardmore of Flichity 1914 Beardmore extinct 1936 first Baronet created Baron Invernairn in 1921
Beauchamp of Grosvenor Place 1911 Beauchamp extinct 1976  
Beauchamp of Woodborough 1918 Beauchamp extinct 1983  
Beckett of Kirkdale 1921 Beckett extant  
Beckett of Leeds 1813 Beckett extant fifth Baronet created Baron Grimthorpe in 1886
Beecham of Mursley Hall 1914 Beecham dormant third Baronet died 1982
Beit of Tewin Water 1924 Beit dormant second Baronet died 1994
Bell of Framewood 1908 Bell extinct 1924  
Bell of Marlborough Terrace 1895 Bell extinct 1943  
Bell of Mynthurst 1909 Bell extinct 1955  
Bell of Rounton Grange 1885 Bell extant  
Bellew of Mount Bellew 1838 Bellew, Grattan-Bellew extant
Benn of Bolton Gardens 1926 Benn extinct 1937 first baronet created Baron Glenravel in 1936
Benn of Old Knoll 1914 Benn extant  
Benn of Rollesby 1920 Benn extinct 1992  
Bennett of Kirklington 1929 Bennett extant  
Bensley of Marylebone 1801 Bensley extinct 1809  
Benyon of Englefield 1958 Benyon extinct 1959  
Beresford of Bagnall 1814 Beresford, Beresford-Pierse extant  
Bernard of Snakemoor 1954 Bernard extant  
Berry of Catton 1806 Berry extinct 1831  
Berry of Dropmore 1928 Berry extant first Baronet created Viscount Kemsley in 1945
Berry of Hackwood Park 1921 Berry extant first Baronet created Viscount Camrose in 1941; baronetcy unproven as of 30 June 2006 (3rd baronet died 2001) - under review of the Registrar of the Baronetage
Bertie of the Navy 1812 Bertie extinct 1824  
Bethell of Romford 1911 Bethell extant first Baronet created Baron Bethell in 1922
Bethune of Kilconquhar 1836 Bethune extinct 1894  
Betterton of Blackfordby 1929 Betterton extinct 1949 first Baronet created Baron Rushcliffe in 1935
Beynon of the Coldra 1920 Beynon extinct 1944  
Bibby of Tarporley 1959 Bibby extant  
Bilsland of Park Circus 1907 Bilsland extinct 1970 second Baronet created Baron Bilsland in 1950
Bingham of Sheffield 1903 Bingham extinct 1945  
Birch of Hasles 1831 Birch extinct 1880  
Birchenough of Macclesfield 1920 Birchenough extinct 1937  
Bird of Edgbaston 1922 Bird extant  
Birdwood of Anzac 1919 Birdwood extant first Baronet created Baron Birdwood in 1938
Birkbeck of Horstead Hall 1886 Birkbeck extinct 1907  
Birkin of Rudington Grange 1905 Birkin extant  
Birkmyre of Dalmunzie 1921 Birkmyre extant  
Black of Louth Park 1918 Black extinct 1942  
Black of Midgham Park 1922 Black extant  
Blackwood of the Navy 1814 Blackwood extant seventh Baronet succeeded as Baron Dufferin and Claneboye in 1988
Blades of Cobham 1922 Blades extinct 1991 first Baronet created Baron Ebbisham in 1928
Blair of Harrow Weald 1945 Blair extinct 1962  
Blake of Tillmouth 1907 Blake extant  
Blaker of Brighton 1919 Blaker extant  
Bland-Sutton of Hertford Street 1925 Bland-Sutton extinct 1936  
Blane of Blanefield 1812 Blane extinct 1916  
Blennerhasset of Blennerville 1809 Blennerhasset extant  
Blomefield of Attleborough 1807 Blomefield extant  
Blyth of Chelmsford 1895 Blyth extant first Baronet created Baron Blyth in 1907
Boileau of Tacolnestone Hall 1838 Boileau extant  
Boles of Bishops Lydeard 1922 Boles extant  
Bolton of West Plean 1927 Bolton extinct 1982  
Bonham of Malmesbury 1852 Bonham extant  
Bonsor of Kingswood 1925 Bonsor extant  
Boord of Wakehurst 1896 Boord extant  
Boot of Nottingham 1917 Boot extinct 1956 first Baronet created Baron Trent in 1929
Booth of Allerton 1916 Booth extant  
Booth of Portland Place 1835 Booth extinct 1896  
Borough of Coolock Lodge 1813 Borough extinct 1879  
Borthwick of Heath House 1887 Borthwick extinct 1908

first Baronet created Baron Glenesk in 1895
Borthwick of Whitburgh 1908 Borthwick extant second Baronet created Baron Whitburgh in 1912, which title became extinct in 1967
Borwick of Hawkshead 1916 Borwick extant first Baronet created Baron Borwick in 1922
Bossom of Maidstone 1953 Bossom extant  
Boswell of Auchinleck 1821 Boswell extinct 1857  
Boteler of Wetherby Gardens 1889 Boteler extinct 1928  
Boulton of Braxted Park 1944 Boulton extant  
Boulton of Copped Hall 1905 Boulton dormant fourth Baronet died 1996
Bourne of Hackinsall Hall 1880 Bourne extinct 1882  
Bowater of Friston 1939 Bowater extant
Bowater of Hill Crest 1914 Bowater extant  
Bowden of Nottingham 1915 Bowden extant  
Bowen-Jones of St Mary's Court 1911 Bowen-Jones extinct 1925  
Bowen of Colworth 1921 Bowen extant  
Bower of Chislehurst 1925 Bower extinct 1948  
Bowlby of Manchester Square 1923 Bowlby extant  
Bowles of Enfield 1926 Bowles extinct 1943  
Bowman of Jolwynds 1884 Bowman extinct 2003  
Bowman of Killingworth 1961 Bowman extinct 1990  
Bowring of Beechwood 1907 Bowring extinct 1916  
Bowyer of Weston Underwood 1933 Bowyer extant first Baronet created Baron Denham in 1937
Boxall of Cambridge Square 1919 Boxall extinct 1945  
Boyce of Badgeworth 1952 Boyce extant  
Boyd of Howth 1916 Boyd extant  
Boyle of Ockham 1904 Boyle extant  
Bradford of Mawddwy 1931 Bradford extinct 1935  
Bradford of Minety 1902 Bradford extant  
Brady of Hazelbrook 1869 Brady extinct 1927  
Brain of Eynsham 1954 Brain extant first Baronet created Baron Brain in 1962
Braithwaite of Burnham 1954 Braithwaite extinct 1958
Braithwate of Poston 1802 Braithwate extinct 1809  
Bramwell of Hyde Park Gate 1889 Bramwell extinct 1903  
Brassey of Apethorpe 1922 Brassey extant first Baronet created Baron Brassey of Apethorpe in 1938
Brenton of London 1812 Brenton extinct 1862  
Brickwood of Portsmouth 1927 Brickwood extinct 2006  
Briggs of Briggs Dayrell 1871 Briggs extinct 1887  
Brinckman of Monk Bretton 1831 Brinckman extant  
Brisbane of Brisbane 1836 Brisbane extinct 1860  
Briscoe of Bourne Hall 1910 Briscoe extant  
Broadbent of Longwood 1893 Broadbent dormant fourth Baronet died 1992
Broadbridge of Brighton 1937 Broadbridge extant first Baronet created Baron Broadbridge in 1945
Broadhurst of North Rode 1918 Broadhurst extinct 1922  
Brocklebank of Greenlands 1885 Brocklebank extant  
Brocklehurst of Swythamley 1903 Brocklehurst extinct 1981  
Brodie of Boxford 1834 Brode dormant fourth Baronet died 1971
Brodie of Idvies 1892 Brodie extinct 1896  
Broke of Broke Hall 1813 Broke, Broke-Middleton extinct 1887  
Bromhead of Thurlby 1806 Bromhead extant  
Brooke of Colebrooke 1822 Brooke extant fifth Baronet created Viscount Brookeborough in 1952
Brooke of Almondbury 1919 Brooke dormant third Baronet died 1983
Brooke of Armitage Bridge 1899 Brooke extinct 1908  
Brooke of Summerton 1903 Brooke extant  
Brooks of Crawshaw Hall 1891 Brooks extant first Baronet created Baron Crawshaw in 1892
Brooks of Manchester 1886 Brooks extinct 1900  
Brooksbank of Healaugh 1919 Brooksbank extant  
Brotherton of Wakefield 1918 Brotherton extinct 1930 first Baronet created Baron Brotherton in 1929
Brown of Astrop 1863 Brown extant  
Brown of Broome Hall 1903 Brown, Piggott-Brown extant
Brownrigg of London 1816 Brownrigg extant  
Bruce-Gardner of Frilford 1945 Bruce-Gardner extant  
Bruce of Dublin 1812 Bruce extinct 1841  
Bruce of Stonehill 1804 Bruce extant  
Brunner of Druids Cross 1895 Brunner dormant third Baronet died 1982
Brunton of Stratford Place 1908 Brunton extant  
Brydges of Denton Court 1815 Brydges, Egerton-Barrett-Brydges extinct 1863  
Buchan-Hepburn of Smeaton 1815 Buchan-Hepburn extant  
Buchanan of Dunburgh 1878 Buchanan extant  
Buchanan of Lavington 1920 Buchanan extinct 1935 first Baronet created Baron Woolavington in 1922
Buckley of Mawddwy 1868 Buckley extinct 1919  
Bull of Hammersmith 1922 Bull extant  
Buller of Trent Park 1808 Buller extinct 1824  
Bullock of Crosby 1954 Bullock extinct 1966  
Bullough of Kinlock Castle 1916 Bullough extinct 1939  
Burbidge of Littleton 1916 Burbidge extant  
Burden-Sanderson of Banbury Road 1899 Burden-Sanderson extinct 1905  
Burne-Jones of Rottingdean 1894 Burne-Jones extinct 1926  
Burnett of Croydon 1913 Burnett extant  
Burney of Preston Candover 1921 Burney extant  
Burns of Wemyss Bay 1889 Burns extinct 1957 first Baronet created Baron Inverclyde in 1897
Burrard of Lymington 1807 Burrard extinct 1870  
Burroughs of Castle Bagshaw 1804 Burroughs extinct 1929  
Burrows of London 1874 Burrows extinct 1917  
Burton-Chadwick of Bidston 1935 Burton-Chadwick extant  
Butcher of Danesfort 1918 Butcher extinct 1935 first Baronet created Baron Danesfort in 1924
Butcher of Holland 1960 Butcher extinct 1960  
Butler of Edgbaston 1926 Butler extinct 1939  
Butler of Old Park 1922 Butler extant  
Butlin of London 1911 Butlin extinct 1916  
Butt of Westminster 1929 Butt extinct 1999  
Buxton of Belfield 1840 Buxton extant  
Buzzard of Munstead Grange 1929 Buzzard extant  
Byass of Port Talbot 1926 Byass extinct 1976  


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Cahn of Stanford upon Soar 1934 Cahn extant  
Cain of Wargrave 1920 Cain extinct 1969
Caine of Greeba Castle 1937 Caine extinct 1971  
Caird of Belmont Castle 1913 Caird extinct 1916  
Caird of Glenfarquhar 1928 Caird extinct 1954  
Calthrop of Croxley House 1918 Calthrop extinct 1919  
Calvert of Claydon House 1818 Calvert, Verney extant unproven (fifth Baronet died 2001 - under review
Cameron of Balclutha 1893 Cameron extinct 1968  
Cameron of Fassifern 1817 Cameron extinct 1863  
Campbell of Airds Bay 1939 Campbell extinct 1954  
Campbell of Ardnamurchan 1913 Campbell dormant second Baronet died 1943
Campbell of Barcaldine 1831 Campbell extant
Campbell of Blythswood 1880 Campbell extinct 1908 first Baronet created Baron Blythswood in 1892, which title became extinct in 1940
Campbell of Carrick Buoy 1831 Campbell extinct 1900  
Campbell of Dunstaffnage 1836 Campbell extinct 1879  
Campbell of Gartsford 1815 Campbell, Cockburn-Campbell extant  
Campbell of Gartsford 1821 Campbell, Cockburn-Campbell extant
Campbell of Inverneil 1818 Campbell extinct 1819  
Campbell of Milltown 1917 Campbell extinct 1984 first Baronet created Baron Glenavy in 1921
Campbell of New Brunswick 1831 Campbell extinct 1949  
Campbell of St Cross Mede 1815 Campbell extant  
Campbell of Succoth 1808 Campbell extant  
Carbutt of Nanhurst 1892 Carbutt extinct 1905  
Carden of Molesey 1887 Carden dormant fourth Baronet died 1993
Cargill of Glasgow 1920 Cargill extinct 1954
Carlile of Gayhurst 1928 Carilie extinct 1950  
Carlile of Ponsbourne Park 1917 Carlile extinct 1942  
Carmichael of Nutwood 1821 Carmichael extinct 1902  
Cartier of Montreal 1868 Cartier extinct 1873  
Cary of Withington 1955 Cary extant  
Cassel of Bryanston Square 1920 Cassel extant
Catto of Cairncatto 1921 Catoo extant first Baronet created Baron Catto in 1936
Cautley of Horsted Keynes 1924 Cautley extinct 1946 first Baronet created Baron Cautley in 1936
Cave of Cleve Hill 1896 Cave extant  
Cawley of Prestwich 1906 Cawley extant first Baronet created Baron Cawley in 1918
Cayzer of Gartmore 1904 Cayzer extant  
Cayzer of Roffey Park 1921 Cayzer extinct 1999 second Baronet created a life peer as Baron Cayzer in 1982
Cayzer of Tylney 1924 Cayzer extant first Baronet created Baron Rotherwick in 1939
Chadwyck-Healey of Wyphurst 1919 Chadwyck-Healey extant  
Chamberlain of London 1828 Chamberlain extinct 1980  
Champion de Crespigny of Champion Lodge 1805 Champion de Crespigny extinct 1952  
Champneys of Littlemeads 1910 Champneys, Champneys-Dalrymple extinct 1980
Chance of Hove 1900 Chance extant  
Channing of Maiden Newton 1906 Channing extinct 1926 first Baronet created Baron Channing of Wellingborough in 1912
Chapman of Cleadon 1958 Chapman exant  
Charles of Waltham Abbey 1928 Charles extinct 1975  
Chatterton of Castle Mahon 1801 Chatterton extinct 1874  
Chaytor of Croft 1831 Chaytor dormant seventh Baronet died 1976 - under review
Cheyne of Leagarth 1908 Cheyne extant  
Chichester of Arlington Court 1840 Chichester extinct 1881  
Chichester of Green Castle 1821 Chichester extinct 1847  
Child of Bromley Place 1919 Child extant  
Child of Newfield 1868 Child extinct 1958  
Chisholm of Belhaven Terrace 1903 Chisholm extinct 1923  
Chitty of the Temple 1924 Chitty extant  
Cholmeley of Easton 1806 Cholmeley extant  
Christison of Moray Place 1871 Christison extinct 1993  
Chubb of Chislehurst 1900 Chubb extant first Baronet created Baron Hayter in 1927; baronetcy unproven as of 30 June 2006 (3rd baronet died 2003) - under review of the Registrar of the Baronetage
Chubb of Stonehenge 1919 Chubb extinct 1957  
Church of Oxford 1901 Church extinct 1979  
Churchman of Ipswich 1917 Churchman extinct 1949 first Baronet created Baron Woodbridge in 1932
Churchman of Melton 1938 Churchman extinct 1947  
Chute of the Vyne 1952 Chute extinct 1956  
Clark of Cavendish Square 1883 Clark extinct 1979  
Clark of Dunlambert 1917 Clark extant  
Clark of Edinburgh 1886 Clark extant  
Clark of St George's 1837 Clark extinct 1910  
Clarke of Crosses Green 1804 Clarke, Clarke-Travers extinct 1926  
Clarke of Dunham Lodge 1831 Clark extant  
Clarke of Rupertswood 1882 Clarke extant unproven (third Baronet died 2005) - under review
Claughton of Dudley Priory 1912 Claughton extinct 1921  
Clay of Fulwell Lodge 1841 Clay extant  
Clayton-East of Hall Place 1838 Clayton-East, East, Clayton-East-Clayton extinct 1932  
Clifford of Flaxbourne 1887 Clifford extant  
Clifford of the Navy 1838 Clifford extinct 1895  
Close of Mysore 1812 Close extinct 1813  
Clouston of Montreal 1908 Clouston extinct 1912  
Coates of Haypark 1921 Coates extant  
Coates of Helperby Hall 1911 Coates, Milnes-Coates extant
Coats of Ballathie 1905 Coats extant  
Cochrane of Woodbrook, Cavan 1903 Cochrane extant  
Cochrane of Woodbrook 1915 Cochrane extinct 1949  
Coddington of Wycollar 1896 Coddington extinct 1918  
Codrington of Dodington 1875 Codrington extant unproven (third Baronet died 2005) - under review
Coffin of Canada 1804 Coffin extinct 1839  
Cohen of Highfield 1905 Cohen extinct 1968  
Colfox of Symonsbury 1939 Colfox extant  
Collet of St Clere 1888 Collet extinct 1944  
Collett of London 1934 Collett extant  
Collier of the Navy 1814 Collier extinct 1824  
Colman of Gatton Park 1907 Colman extant  
Colman of Reigate 1952 Colman extinct 1966  
Conant of Lyndon 1954 Conant extant  
Congreve of Congreve 1927 Congreve extinct 1941  
Congreve of Walton 1812 Congreve extinct 1881  
Conroy of Llanbrynmair 1837 Conroy extinct 1900  
Constable of Tixall 1815 Constable extinct 1894  
Cook of Doughty House 1886 Cook extant  
Cooper of Berrydown Court 1920 Cooper extinct 1922
Cooper of Hursley 1905 Cooper extinct 1961  
Cooper of Shenstone 1905 Cooper extant
Cooper of Singleton 1941 Cooper extinct 1941
Cooper of Walcot 1828 Cooper extinct 1828  
Cooper of Woollahra 1863 Cooper extant  
Cope of Osbaston Hall 1918 Cope extinct 1966
Cope of St Mellons 1928 Cope extinct 1946 first Baronet created Baron Cope in 1945
Corbet of Moreton Corbet 1808 Corbet extinct 1996
Cornwall of Holcombe Burnell 1918 Cornwall extinct 1962
Corrigan of Cappagh 1866 Corrigan extinct 1883
Corry of Dunraven 1885 Corry dormant fourth Baronet died 2000
Cory-Wright of Mackerye End 1903 Cory-Wright extant
Cory of Coryton 1919 Cory extant
Cory of Llantarnam Abbey 1907 Cory extinct 1941
Cotterell of Garnons 1805 Cotterell extant
Cotts of Coldharbour 1921 Cotts extant
Couper of the Army 1841 Couper extant
Courtauld of Penny Pot 1939 Courtauld extinct 1940
Courthope of Whiligh 1925 Courthope extinct 1955 first Baronet created Baron Courthope in 1945
Cowan of Beeslack 1894 Cowan extinct 1900
Cowan of the Baltic 1921 Cowan extinct 1956
Cowell-Stepney of Llanelly 1871 Cowell-Stepney extinct 1909
Cox of Old Windsor 1921 Cox extinct 1922
Coxen of Seal 1941 Coxen extinct 1946
Craig of Alsager 1927 Craig extinct 1933
Craig of Stormont 1918 Craig extant first Baronet created Viscount Craigavon in 1927
Craik of Kennoway 1926 Craik extinct 1955
Crampton of Dublin 1839 Crampton extinct 1886
Craven 1942 Craven extinct 1946
Crisp of Bungay 1913 Crisp extant
Critchett of Harley Street 1908 Critchet extant
Croft of Bournemouth 1924 Croft extant first Baronet created Baron Croft in 1940
Croft of Cowling Hall 1818 Croft extant
Crofton of Longford House 1838 Crofton extant unproven (sixth Baronet died 2002) - under review
Crofton of Mohill Castle 1801 Crofton dormant seventh Baronet died 1987
Crompton of Wood End 1838 Crompton extinct 1849
Crosfield of Highgate 1915 Crosfield extinct 1938
Cross of Bolton-le-Moors 1941 Cross extinct 1968
Cross of Marchbankwood 1912 Cross extinct 1963
Crossley of Combermere Abbey 1909 Crossley extant unproven (fifth Baronet died 2003) - under review
Crossley of Halifax 1863 Crossley extant second Baronet created Baron Somerleyton in 1916
Cunard of Bush Hill 1859 Cubard extinct 1989
Cunliffe-Owen of Weir Bank 1920 Cunliffe-Owen extant
Cunningham of Crookedstone 1963 Cunningham extinct 1976
Cunningham of Hyndhope 1942 Cunningham extinct 1963 first Baronet created Viscount Cunningham of Hyndhope in 1946
Curre of Itton Court 1928 Curre extinct 1930
Currie of Wickham Bishops 1847 Currie extant
Curtis of Cullands Grove 1802 Curtis extant
Cust of Leasowe Castle 1876 Cust extinct 1931
Cuyler of St John Lodge 1814 Cuyler extinct 1947


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
D’Avigdor-Goldsmid of Somerhill 1934 D’Avigdor-Goldsmid extinct 1987
D’Oyly of Kandy 1821 D’Oyly extinct 1824
Dale of West Lodge 1895 Dale extinct 1932
Dalgleish of Erroll Park 1896 Dalgleish extinct 1913
Dalrymple-Horn-Elphinstone 1828 Dalrymple-Horn-Elphinstone dormant 1956
Dalrymple-White of High Mark 1926 Dalrymple-White extant
Dalrymple of New Hailes 1887 Dalrymple extinct 1971
Dalziel of Brookland 1918 Dalziel extinct 1935 first Baronet created Baron Dalziel of Kirkcaldy in 1921
Dalziel of Grosvenor Place 1919 Dalziel extinct 1928 first Baronet created Baron Dalziel of Wooler in 1927
Dalrymple of High Mark 1815 Dalrymple extinct 1866
David of Bombay 1911 David extinct 1964
Davis-Goff of Glenville 1905 Davis-Goff extant
Davis of Barrington Hall 1946 Davis extant
Davis of Hollywood 1845 Davis extinct 1896
Davson of Berbice 1927 Davson extant unproven (third Baronet died 2004) - under review
Davy of Grosvenor Street 1818 Davy extinct 1829
Dawson of Appleton Roebuck 1929 Dawson extinct 1974
Dawson of Edgwarebury 1920 Dawson extant
de Bathe of Knightstown 1801 de Bathe extinct 1941
de Bunsen of Abbey Lodge 1919 de Bunsen extinct 1932
de Capell-Brooke of Oakley 1803 de Capell-Brooke extinct 1968
de la Bere of Crowborough 1953 de La Bere extant
de La Rue of Normans 1898 de La Rue extant
de Robeck of Naas 1919 de Robeck extinct 1928
de Saumarez of Guernsey 1801 de Saumarez extant first Baronet created Baron de Saumarez in 1831
de Sausmarez of Jedburg, Guernsey 1928 de Sausmarez extinct 1941
de Trafford of Trafford Park 1841 de Trafford extant
Debenham of Bladen 1931 Debenham extant
Denman of Staffield 1945 Denman extant second Baronet succeeded as Baron Denman in 1971
Denny of Dumbarton 1913 Denny extant
Denys of Stratford Place 1813 Denys extinct 1960
Devitt of Pangbourne 1916 Devitt extant
Devitt of Pangbourne 1931 Devitt extinct 1947
Dewar of Dupplin 1907 Dewar extant first Baronet created Baron Forteviot in 1917
Dewar of Homestall Manor 1917 Dewar extinct 1930 first Baronet created Baron Dewar in 1919
Dewey of Asheldham 1917 Dewey extant
Dickson-Poynder of Hardingham Hall 1802 Dickson-Poynder extinct 1936 sixth Baronet created Baron Islington in 1910
Dilke of London 1862 Dilke extant
Dillon of Lismullen 1801 Dillon extinct 1982
Dillwyn-Llewellyn of Penllergaer 1890 Dillwyn-Llewellyn, Dillwyn-Venables-Llewellyn extant
Dimsdale of London 1902 Dimsdale extinct 1978
Dixon-Hartland of Middleton Manor 1892 Dixon-Hartland extinct 1909
Dixon of Astle 1919 Dixon extant
Dixon of Ballymenock 1903 Dixon extant third Baronet created Baron Glentoran in 1939
Dixon of Warford 1918 Dixon extinct 1918
Dodds of West Chiltington 1964 Dodds extant
Domvile of Templeogue 1815 Domvile extinct 1913
Domville of St Albans 1814 Domville extinct 1981
Donner of Oak Mount 1907 Donner extinct 1934
Dorington of Lypiatt 1886 Dorington extinct 1911
Dorman of Nunthorpe 1923 Dorman extant
Douglas of Castle Douglas 1801 Douglas extinct 1809
Douglas of Glenbervie 1831 Douglas extinct 1986
Doyle of Boscombe 1828 Doyle extinct 1987
Doyle of Guernsey 1825 Doyle extinct 1834
Drughorn of Ifield Hall 1922 Drughorn extinct 1943
Drummond of Hawthornden 1828 Drummond, Drummond-Williams extinct 1976
Drummond of Lasswade 1922 Drummond extinct 1924
Du Cros of Canons 1916 Du Cros extant
Duckworth of Grosvenor Place 1909 Duckworth extant
Duckworth of Topsham 1813 Duckworth extinct 1887
Dudley-Williams of Exeter 1964 Dudley-Williams extant
Dudley of Kilscoran House 1813 Dudley extinct 1824
Duff of Halkin 1813 Duff, Duff-Gordon extant
Duff of Hatton 1952 Duff extinct 1952
Duff of Vaynol Park 1911 Duff extinct 1980
Dugdale of Crathorne 1945 Dugdale extant first Baronet created Baron Crathorne in 1959
Dugdale of Merevale 1936 Dugdale extant
Duke of London 1849 Duke extinct 1935
Dunbar of Boath 1814 Dunbar extinct 1937
Duncan of Horsforth Hall 1905 Duncan extinct 1964
Duncan of Jordanstone 1957 Duncan extinct 1974
Duncombe of Wood Hall 1919 Duncombe extinct 1933
Dundas of Arniston 1898 Dundas extinct 1970
Dundas of Beechwood 1821 Dundas extinct 1981
Dundas of Richmond 1815 Dundas extinct 1868
Dunlop of Dunlop 1838 Dunlop extinct 1858
Dunlop of Woodbourne 1916 Dunlop extant
Dunn of Bathurst 1921 Dunn extinct 1976
Dunn of Clitheroe 1917 Dunn extinct 1971
Dunn of Lakenheath 1895 Dunn extinct 1912
Dunnell of York 1922 Dunnell extinct 1960
Dunning of Beedinlee 1930 Dunning extant
Dunnington-Jefferson of Thorhanby Hall 1958 Dunnington-Jefferson extant
Dupree of Craneswater 1921 Dupree dormant third Baronet died 1971
Durand of Ruckley Grange 1892 Durand extant
Durning-Lawrence of King’s Ride 1898 Durning-Lawrence extinct 1914
Duveen of Milbank 1927 Duveen extinct 1939 first Baronet created Baron Duveen in 1933
Dymoke of Scrivelsby 1841 Dymoke extinct 1865


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Eardley-Wilmot of Berkswell Hall 1821 Eardley-Wilmot extant
Eardley of Hadley 1802 Eardley extinct 1875
Earle of Allerton Tower 1869 Earle extant
East of Calcutta 1823 East extinct 1878
Easthope of Fir Grove 1841 Easthope extinct 1865
Ebrahim of Pabaney Villa 1910 Ebrahim extant
Eckstein of Fairwarp 1929 Eckstein extinct 1948
Edgar of Chalfont 1920 Edgar extinct 1934
Edge of Ribble Lodge 1937 Edge dormant second Baronet died 1984
Edwards-Moss of Chiddingfold 1868 Edwards-Moss dormant fourth Baronet died 1988
Edwards of Garth 1838 Edwards extinct 1850
Edwards of Knighton 1907 Edwards extinct 1927
Edwards of Pye Nest 1866 Edwards extant
Edwards of Treforis 1921 Edwards extinct 1999
Eley of Sagamore 1921 Eley extinct 1951
Elgar of Broadheath 1931 Elgar extinct 1934  
Ellerman of Connaught Square 1905 Ellerman extinct 1973
Elliot of Penshaw 1874 Elliot extinct 1911
Elliott of Limpsfield 1917 Elliott extant
Ellis-Griffith of Llanindan 1918 Ellis-Grffith extinct 1934
Ellis-Nanney of Gwynfryn 1898 Ellis-Nanney extinct 1920
Ellis of Byfleet 1882 Ellis extinct 1912
Ellis of Threshfield 1932 Ellis extinct 1956
Elphinstone of Sowerby 1816 Elphinstone extant
Elton of Widworthy Court 1838 Elton extinct 1884
Emerson-Tennent of Tempo Manor 1867 Emerson-Tennent extinct 1876
Ennis of Balinahoun Court 1866 Ennis extinct 1884
Erichsen of Cavendish Place 1895 Erichsen extinct 1896
Errington of Lackham Manor 1885 Errington extinct 1920
Errington of Ness 1963 Errington extant
Erskine-Hill of Quothquhan 1945 Erskine-Hill extant
Erskine of Cambo 1821 Erskine extant
Erskine of Rerrick 1961 Erskine extinct 1995 first Baronet created Baron Erskine of Rerrick in 1964
Esplen of Hardres Court 1921 Esplen extant
Evans-Bevan of Cadoxton Juxta 1958 Evans-Bevan extant
Evans of Allestree Hall 1887 Evans extinct 1892
Evans of Rottingdean 1963 Evans extinct 1983
Evans of Tubbendeny 1902 Evans extinct 1970
Evans of Wightwick 1920 Evans extant
Eve of Silsoe 1943 Eve extant first Baronet created Baron Silsoe in 1963
Everard of Randlestown 1911 Everard extant
Ewart of Glenmachan 1887 Ewart dormant sixth Baronet died 1995
Ewart of White House 1910 Ewart extinct 1928


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Fairbairn of Ardwick 1869 Fairbairn extant
Fairfax of Holmes 1836 Fairfax, Ramsay-Fairfax, Cameron-Ramsay-Fairfax,Lucy extant
Falkiner of Abbotstown 1812 Falkiner extinct 1824
Falle of Portsea 1916 Falle extinct 1948 first Baronet created Baron Portsea in 1934
Falshaw of Edinburgh 1876 Falshaw extinct 1889
Farquhar of White Lodge 1892 Farquhar extinct 1923 first Baronet created Baron Farquhar in 1898
Farrar of Chicheley Hall 1911 Farrar extinct 1915
Farrer of Abinger 1883 Farrer extinct 1964 first Baronet created Baron Farrer in 1893
Farrington of Wordon Hall 1818 Farrington extant
Faudel-Phillips of Grosvenor Gardens 1897 Faudel-Phillips extinct 1941
Fayrer of Tullycleagh 1896 Fayrer extant
Feilden of Feniscowles 1846 Feilden extant
Ferguson-Davie of Creedy 1847 Ferguson-Davie extant
Fergusson of Spitalhaugh 1866 Fergusson, Colyer-Fergusson extinct 2004  
Ferguson of The Farm 1802 Ferguson extinct 1860
Fettes of Comely Bank 1804 Fettis extinct 1836
Findlay of Aberlour 1925 Findlay extinct 1979
Finlay of Epping 1964 Finlay extant
Firth of The Flush 1909 Firth extinct 1936
Fison of Greenholme 1905 Fison extant
Fitzgerald of Cork 1903 Fitzgerald extant
Fitzgerald of Newmarket on Fergus 1822 Fitzgerald extinct 1908
Fitzgerald of Valencia 1880 Fitzgerald extant
Flannery of Wethersfield Manor 1904 Flannery extinct 1959
Flavelle of Toronto 1917 Flavelle extinct 1985
Fleetwood of Rossall Hall 1838 Fleetwood extinct 1866
Fletcher of Bryony Hill 1919 Fletcher extinct 1924
Fletcher of Carrow 1812 Fletcher extinct 1876
Flower of Gastard House 1885 Flower extinct 1902
Flower of Lobb 1809 Flower extinct 1850
Floyd of Chearsley Hill 1816 Floyd extant
Forbes-Leith of Fyvie 1923 Forbes-Leith extant
Forbes of Newe 1823 Forbes extant
Ford of Westerdunes 1929 Ford extant
Forestier-Walker of Castleton 1835 Walker, Forestier-Walker extant
Forrest of Comiston 1838 Forrest extinct 1928
Forster of Lysways Hall 1874 Forster extinct 1930
Forster of The Grange 1912 Forster extinct 1930
Forwood of Stoney Cross 1895 Forwood extant
Foster of Glyde Court 1831 Foster extinct 1947
Foster of Glyde Court 1930 Foster extant
Foster of Norwich 1838 Foster extinct 1960
Fowke of Lowesby 1814 Fowke extant
Fowler of Braemore 1890 Fowler extinct 1933
Fox of Liverpool 1924 Fox extinct 1959
Frank of Withyam 1920 Frank extant
Fraser of Cromarty 1921 Fraser extinct 1992
Fraser of Ledeclune 1806 Fraser extinct 1979
Fraser of Tain 1943 Fraser extant
Fraser 1961 Fraser extinct 1987 first Baronet created Baron Fraser of Allander in 1964
Freake of Cromwell House 1882 Cromwell extinct 1951
Freeling of Ford 1828 Freeling extinct 1941
Freeman of Murtle 1945 Freeman dormant second Baronet died 1981
Fremantle of Swanbourne 1821 Fremantle extant first Baronet created Baron Cottesloe in 1874
Frere of Wimbledon 1876 Frere extinct 1933
Fry of Oare 1929 Fry extinct 1960
Fry of Woodburn 1894 Fry extinct 1987
Fuller-Acland-Hood of St Audries 1809 Fuller-Acland-Hood dormant fourth Baronet succeeded to Bateman Baronetcy of Hartington Hall in 1905 and was created Baron St Audries in 1911, the latter title which became extinct in 1971; seventh and fifth Baronet died 1971
Fuller-Eliott-Drake of Nutwell Court 1821 Fuller-Eliott-Drake extinct 1916
Fuller of Neston Park 1910 Fuller extant  
Furness of Tunstall Grange 1913 Furness extant


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Gabriel of Edgecombe Hall 1867 Gabriel extinct 1891
Galbraith of Shanwally 1813 Galbraith extinct 1827
Gamble of Windlehurst 1897 Gamble extant
Gammans of Hornsey 1956 Gammans extinct 1957
Ganzoni of Ipswich 1929 Ganzoni extinct 2005 first Baronet created Baron Belstead in 1938
Garthwaite of Durham 1919 Garthwaite extant
George of Park Place 1809 George extinct 1856
Gibbons of Sittingbourne 1872 Gibbons extinct 1876
Gibson-Craig of Carmichael 1831 Gibson-Craig extant fifth Baronet succeeded as Gibson-Craig-Carmichael Baronet of Keirhill (created in the Baronetage of Nova Scotia in 1702) in 1926, since when the two titles have been merged
Gibson of Great Warley 1926 Gibson extinct 1997
Gibson of Linconia 1931 Gibson extant
Gibson of Regent Terrace 1909 Gibson extinct 1912
Gilbey of Elsenham 1893 Gilbey extant
Gillett of Bassishaw Ward 1959 Gillett extant
Gilmour of Liberton 1926 Gilmour extant third Baronet created a life peer as Baron Gilmour of Craigmillar in 1992
Gilmour of Lundin 1897 Gilmour extant
Gilpin of Hockliffe Grange 1876 Gilpin extinct 1882
Gilstrap of Fornham Park 1887 Gilstrap extinct 1896
Gladstone of Fasque 1846 Gladstone extant
Glen-Coats of Ferguslie Park 1894 Glen-Coats extinct 1954
Glover of Arkley 1920 Glover extinct 1934
Glyn of Farnborough 1934 Glyn extinct 1960 first Baronet created Baron Glyn in 1953
Godlee of Coombe End 1912 Godlee extinct 1925
Goff of Goffs Oak 1936 Goff extinct 1939
Goldney of Bradenstoke Abbey 1880 Goldney extinct 1974
Goldsmid of St Johns Lodge 1841 Goldsmid extinct 1896
Gooch of Clewer Park 1866 Gooch extant unproven (fifth Baronet died 2003) - under review
Goodenough of Broadwell 1943 Goodenough extant
Goodhart of Holtye 1911 Goodhart extant
Goodson of Waddeton Court 1922 Goodson extant
Goold of Old Court 1801 Goold extant
Gordon-Cumming of Altyre 1804 Gordon-Cumming extant  
Gordon of Northcourt 1818 Gordon extinct 1876
Goschen of Beacon Lodge 1916 Goschen extant
Goschen of Durrington House 1927 Goschen extinct 1945
Gough of Goojerat 1842 Gough extant first Baronet created Viscount Gough in 1849
Goulding of Millicent 1904 Goulding dormant third Baronet died 1982
Goulding of Wargrave Hall 1915 Goulding extinct 1936 first Baronet created Baron Wargrave in 1922
Graaf of Tygerberg 1911 Graaf extant
Graham-Moon of Portman Square 1855 Graham-Moon extant
Graham of Dromore 1964 Graham extant
Graham of Kirkstall 1808 Graham extinct 1895
Graham of Larbert House 1906 Graham extant
Grant of Forres 1924 Grant extinct 1947
Grant of Househill 1926 Grant extinct 1932
Graves-Sawle of Penrice 1836 Graves-Sawle extinct 1932
Gray of Tunstall manor 1917 Gray extant
Grayson of Ravens Point 1922 Grayson extant
Green of Belsize Park 1901 Green extinct 1959
Green of Milnrow 1805 Green extinct 1831
Green of Wakefield 1886 Green extant
Greenall of Walton Hall 1876 Greenall extant second Baronet created Baron Daresbury in 1927
Greenaway of Coombe 1933 Greenaway extant
Greene of Nether Hall 1900 Greene extinct 1966
Greenhill-Russell of Chequers Court 1831 Greenhill-Russell extinct 1836
Green-Price of Norton Manor 1874 Green-Price extant
Greenway of Stanbridge Earls 1919 Greenway extant first Baronet created Baron Greenway in 1927
Greenwell of Marden Park 1906 Greenwell extant
Greenwood of Holborn 1915 Greenwood extinct 2003 first Baronet created Viscount Greenwood in 1929
Gregory of Bristol 1931 Gregory extinct 1952
Grey of Fallodon 1814 Grey extant
Griffies-Williams of Llwyny Wormwood 1815 Griffies-Williams extinct 1877
Griffith of Munster Grillach 1858 Griffith, Waldie-Griffith extinct 1933
Grimston of Westbury 1952 Grimston extant first Baronet created Baron Grimston of Westbury in 1964; baronetcy unproven (2nd baronet died 2003)
Grogan of Moyvore 1859 Grogan extinct 1927
Grotrian of Leighton Buzzard 1934 Grotrian extant
Grove of Fern 1874 Grove dormant third Baronet died 1962
Guest of Dowlais 1838 Guest extant second Baronet created Baron Wimborne in 1880, second Baron created Viscount Wimborne in 1918
Guinness of Ashford 1867 Guinness extant second Baronet created Baron Ardilaun in 1880, which title became extinct in 1915
Guinness of Iveagh 1885 Guinness extant first Baronet created Earl of Iveagh in 1919
Gull of Brook Street 1872 Gull extant
Gunston of Wickwar 1938 Gunston extant
Gunter of Weatherby 1901 Gunter extinct 1980
Guthrie of Brent Eleigh Hall 1936 Guthrie extant
Gwynne-Evans of Oaklands 1913 Gwynne-Evans, Evans-Tipping extant


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Hacking of Chorley 1938 Hacking extant first Baronet created Baron Hacking in 1945
Hadfield of Sheffield 1917 Hadfield extinct 1940
Halford of Wistow 1809 Halford extinct 1897
Hall of Burton Park 1919 Hall extant
Hall of Grafham 1923 Hall extant
Hall of Llanover 1838 Hall extinct 1867 first Baronet created Baron Llanover in 1859
Halsey of Gaddesdon 1920 Halsey extant
Hambling of Oxford 1924 Hambling extant
Hamilton of Cadogan Square 1892 Hamilton extinct 1928
Hamilton of Ilford 1937 Hamilton extinct 1992
Hamilton of Marlborough House 1819 Hamilton extant second Baronet succeeded to the Hamilton Baronetcy of Trebinshun in 1851
Hamilton of Woodbrook 1814 Hamilton extinct 1876
Hammick of Green Hayes 1834 Hammick extant
Hansen of Bideford 1921 Hansen extinct 1958
Hanson of Bryanston Square 1887 Hanson extinct 1996
Hanson of Fowey 1918 Hanson extant
Hardinge of Belle Isle 1801 Hardinge dormant fifth Baronet died 1968; see also the Viscount Hardinge
Hardy of Dunstall Hall 1876 Hardy extant
Hardy of the Navy 1806 Hardy extinct 1839
Hare of Stow Hall 1818 Hare extant
Hare of Stow Hall 1905 Hare extinct 1941
Harford of Falcondale 1934 Harford extant
Harland of Brompton 1885 Harland extinct 1895
Harland of Sutton Hall 1808 Harland extinct 1810
Harmar-Nicholls of Darlaston 1960 Harmar-Nicholls extinct 2000 first Baronet created a life peer as Baron Harmar-Nicholls in 1975
Harmood-Banner of Liverpool 1924 Harmood-Banner extinct 1990
Harmsworth of Freshwater Grove 1922 Harmsworth dormant second Baronet died 1977
Harmsworth of Hemstead 1910 Harmsworth extant first Baronet created Viscount Rothermere in 1919
Harmsworth of Moray Lodge 1918 Harmsworth extinct 1980
Harmsworth of the Isle of Thanet 1904 Harmsworth extinct 1922 first Baronet created Viscount Northcliffe in 1918
Harnage of Belswardyne 1821 Harnage extinct 1888
Harris of Chipping Wycombe 1953 Harris extinct 1956
Harris of London 1932 Harris extant
Harrison of Bugbrooke 1961 Harrison extant
Harrison of Eaglescliffe 1922 Harrison extant
Harrison of Le Court 1917 Harrison extinct 1934
Hart of Kilmoriaty 1893 Hart extinct 1970
Hartwell of Dale Hall 1805 Hartwell extant
Harty of Prospect House 1831 Harty extinct 1939
Harvey of Crown Point 1868 Harvey extant fourth Baronet had already been created Baron Harvey of Tasburgh (1954) when he succeeded to the Baronetcy in 1954
Harvey of Langley Park 1868 Harvey extinct 1931
Harvey of Threadneedlestreet 1933 Harvey extant
Harvie-Watt of Bathgate 1945 Harvie-Watt extant
Hastings of Willesley Hall 1806 Hastings extinct 1858
Hatch of Portland Place 1908 Hatch extinct 1927
Havelock-Allan of Lucknow 1858 Havelock-Allan extant
Hawkey of Woodford 1945 Hawkey extinct 1975
Hawkins-Whitshed of Killincarrick 1834 Hawkins-Whitshed extinct 1871
Haworth of Dunham Massey 1911 Haworth extant
Hayter of South Hill Park 1858 Hayter extinct 1917 second Baronet created Baron Haversham in 1906
Head of Rochester 1838 Head extant
Headlam of Holywell 1935 Headlam extinct 1964
Heath of Ashorne Hill 1904 Heath extinct 1942
Heathcoat-Amory of Knightshayes Court 1874 Heathcoat-Amory extant fourth Baronet created Viscount Amory in 1960, which title became extinct in 1981
Heaton of Mundarrah Towers 1912 Heaton, Henniker-Heaton extant
Henderson-Stewart of Callumshill 1957 Henderson-Stewart extant
Henderson of Buscot Lodge 1902 Henderson extant first Baronet created Baron Faringdon in 1916
Hennessy of Windlesham 1927 Hennessy extant first Baronet created Baron Windlesham in 1937
Henniker of Newton Hall 1813 Henniker dormant eighth Baronet died 1991 - under review
Henry of Cahore 1923 Henry extant
Henry of Campden House Court 1918 Henry extinct 1931
Henry of Parkwood 1911 Henry extinct 1919
Herbert of Boyton 1936 Herbert extinct 1939
Herbert of Llanarth 1907 Herbert extinct 1933 first Baronet created Baron Treowen in 1917
Herbert of Wilton 1937 Herbert extinct 1942
Hermon-Hodge 1902 Hermon-Hodge extinct 1999 first Baronet created Baron Wyfold in 1919
Herschel of Slough 1838 Herschel extinct 1950
Hervey-Bathurst of Clarendon Park 1818 Hervey-Bathurst extant
Hewett of Chesterfield Street 1883 Hewett extinct 1891
Hewett of Netherseale 1813 Hewett extant
Hewitt of Barnsley 1921 Hewitt extant
Heygate of Southend 1831 Heygate extant
Heywood of Claremont 1838 Heywood extant
Hibbert of Chorley 1919 Hibbert extinct 1927
Hicking of Southwell 1917 Hicking extinct 1947 first Baronet was given a new patent in 1920; this creation is still extant
Hicking of Southwell 1920 Hicking, North extant first Baronet had already been created a Baronet in 1917, which title became extinct in 1947
Hickman of Wightwick 1903 Hickman extant
Hill of Bradford 1917 Hill extant
Hill of Green Place 1919 Hill extinct 1944
Hill-Wood of Moorfield 1921 Hill-Wood extant
Hillary of Danbury Place 1805 Hillary extinct 1854
Hills of Hills Court 1939 Hills extinct 1955
Hindley of Meads 1927 Hindley extinct 1963 first Baronet created Viscount Hyndley in 1948
Hingley of Hatherton Lodge 1893 Hingley extinct 1918
Hirst of Witton 1925 Hirst extinct 1943 first Baronet created Baron Hirst in 1934
Hislop of Tothill 1813 Hislop extinct 1843
Hoare of Fleet Street 1962 Hoare extinct 1986
Hoare of Sidestrand Hall 1899 Hoare extinct 1959 second Baronet created Viscount Templewood in 1944
Hobart of Langdown 1914 Hobart extant
Hobhouse of Westbury 1812 Hobhouse extant second Baronet created Baron Broughton in 1859, which title became extinct in 1869
Hodge of Chipstead 1921 Hodge extant
Hogg of Upper Grosvenor Street 1846 Hogg extant second Baronet created Baron Magheramorne in 1887, which title became extinct in 1957; unproven (eighth Baronet died 2001) - under review
Holcroft of Eaton Mascott 1921 Holcroft extant
Holcroft of The Shrubbery 1905 Holcroft extinct 1917
Holden of Oakworth House 1893 Holden extant second Baronet created Baron Holden in 1908, which title became extinct in 1951
Holden of The Firs 1919 Holden extant
Holden of The Grange 1909 Holden extinct 1965
Holder of Pitmaston 1898 Holder extant
Holderness of Tadworth 1920 Holderness extant
Holland of Broughton 1907 Holland extinct 1950 first Baronet created Baron Rotherham in 1910
Holland of Sandlebridge 1853 Holland, Holland-Hibbert extant second Baronet created Viscount Knutsford in 1895
Holland of Westwell manor 1917 Holland extinct 1997
Hollins of Greyfriars 1907 Hollins extinct 1963
Holt of Cheetham 1916 Holt extinct 1968
Holt of Liverpool 1935 Holt extinct 1941
Holyoake-Goodricke of Studley Castle 1835 Holyoake-Goodricke extinct 1888
Homan of Dunlum 1801 Homan extinct 1852
Home of Well Manor 1813 Home extinct 1853
Honyman of Armadale 1804 Honyman extinct 1911
Hood of Wimbledon 1922 Hood dormant second Baronet died 2005
Hooper of Tenterden 1962 Hooper extinct 1987
Hope of Kinnettles 1932 Hope dormant second Baronet died 1979
Hopkins of St Pancras 1929 Hopkins extinct 1946
Horder of Ashford 1923 Horder extinct 1997 first Baronet created Baron Horder in 1933
Horlick of Stubbings Manor 1914 Horlick extant
Hornby of Brookhouse 1899 Hornby extinct 1971
Horne of Shackleford 1929 Horne extant
Horsbrugh-Porter of Keytes 1902 Horsbrugh-Porter extant
Horsfall of Hatfield 1909 Horsfall extant
Hoste of the Navy 1814 Hoste extinct 1915
Houldsworth of Reddish 1887 Houldsworth extant
Houldsworth of Heckmondwicke 1956 Houldsworth extinct 1990
Houston of Blackadder 1836 Houston, Houston-Boswall extant
Houston of West Toxteth 1922 Houston extinct 1926
Howard of Bushey Park 1838 Howard extinct 1873
Howard of Great Rissington 1955 Howard extant
Hoyle of Banney Royd 1922 Hoyle extinct 1939
Hozier of Newlands 1890 Hozier extinct 1929 first Baronet created Baron Newlands in 1898
Hudson-Kinahan of Glenville 1887 Hudson-Kinahan extinct 1949
Hudson of North Hackney 1942 Hudson extinct 1956
Hughes-Hunter of Plas Goch 1906 Hughes-Hunter extinct 1951
Hughes-Morgan of Manascin 1925 Hughes-Morgan extant
Hughes of Denford 1942 Hughes extinct 1958
Hulton of Downside 1921 Hulton extinct 1925
Hulton of Hulton Park 1905 Hulton extinct 1993
Hume-Williams of Ewhurst 1922 Hume-Williams extinct 1922
Humphery of Penton Lodge 1868 Humphery extinct 1909
Hunt of Kensington 1892 Hunt extinct 1904
Hunter of London 1812 Hunter extinct 1924
Huntingdon-Whiteley of Grimley 1918 Huntingdon-Whiteley extant
Huntingdon of The Clock House 1906 Huntingdon extinct 1928
Hutchison of Hardiston 1923 Hutchison extinct 1972
Hutchison of Rossie 1956 Hutchison extant unproven (second Baronet died 1998)
Hutchison of Thurle 1939 Hutchison extant
Hyde of Birmingham 1922 Hyde extinct 1942


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Imbert-Terry of Strete Ralegh 1917 Imbert-Terry extant
Ingilby of Ripley 1866 Ingilby extant
Inglis of Milton Bryan 1801 Inglis extinct 1855
Ingram of Swineshead 1893 Ingram extant
Innes of Lochalsh 1819 Innes extinct 1831
Irving of Woodhouse 1809 Irving extinct 1866
Isherwood of Rugglewood 1921 Isherwood extinct 1946


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Jackson of Arlsey 1815 Jackson dormant sixth Baronet died 1980
Jackson of Birkenhead 1869 Jackson, Mather-Jackson extant
Jackson of Fort Hill 1813 Jackson extinct 1851
Jackson of Stansted 1902 Jackson extant
Jackson of Wandsworth 1935 Jackson extinct 1937
Jackson of Wimbledon 1913 Jackson extant
Jaffray of Edgehill 1931 Jaffray extinct 1953
Jaffray of Skilts 1892 Jaffray extant
James of Dublin 1823 James extinct 1979
Burgoyne of the Army 1856 Burgoyne extinct 1871  
Jameson of Down Street 1911 Jameson extinct 1917
Jardine of Castle Milk 1885 Jardine, Buchanan-Jardine extant  
Jardine of Godalming 1916 Jardine extant
Jardine of Nottingham 1919 Jardine extinct 1965
Jarvis of Hascombe 1922 Jarvis extinct 1965
Jehanghir of Bombay 1908 Jehanghir extant
Jejeebhoy of Bombay 1857 Jejeebhoy extant
Jenks of Cheape 1932 Jenks extant
Jenner of Harley Street 1868 Jenner extinct 1954
Jephcott of East Portlemouth 1962 Jephcott extant
Jephson-Norreys of Mallow 1838 Jephson-Norreys extinct 1888
Jephson of Spring Vale 1815 Jephson extinct 1900
Jervoise of Idsworth 1813 Jervoise, Clarke-Jervoise extinct 1933  
Jessel of Ladham House 1883 Jessel extant
Jessel of Westminster 1917 Jessel extinct 1990 first Baronet created Baron Jessel in 1924
Johnson-Ferguson of Springhall 1906 Johnson-Ferguson extant
Johnson of Bath 1818 Johnson dormant sixth Baronet died 1986 - under review
Johnson of Dublin 1909 Johnson extinct 1918
Johnston of London 1916 Johnston extinct 1933
Joicey of Chester-le-Street 1893 Joicey extant first Baronet created Baron Joicey in 1906
Jolliffe of Merstham 1821 Jolliffe extant first Baronet created Baron Hylton in 1866
Jones-Brydges of Boultibrook 1807 Jones-Brydges extinct 1891
Jones-Parry of Madryn Castle 1886 Jones-Parry extinct 1891
Jones of Cranmer Hall 1831 Jones, Lawrence-Jones extant
Jones of Pentower 1917 Jones extinct 1952
Jones of Rhyll 1926 Jones, Probyn-Jones extinct 1951
Jones of Treeton 1919 Jones extant
Joseph of Portsoken 1943 Joseph dormant second Baronet created a life peer as Baron Joseph in 1987, which title became extinct in 1994; second Baronet died 1994
Joseph of Stoke-on-Trent 1942 Joseph extinct 1951
Joynson-Hicks of Newick 1919 Joynson-Hicks extant first Baronet created Viscount Brentford in 1929
Joynson-Hicks of Newick 1956 Joynson-Hicks extant first Baronet succeeded as Viscount Brentford in 1958
Judkin-Fitzgerald of Lisheen 1801 Judkin-Fitzgerald extinct or dormant 1917


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Kaberry of Adel-cum-Eccup 1960 Kaberry extant
Kay-Shuttleworth of Gawthorpe 1849 Kay-Shuttleworth extant second Baronet created Baron Shuttleworth in 1902
Kay of East Sheen 1803 Kay extinct 1918
Kaye of Denby 1812 Kaye, Lister-Kaye extant
Kaye of Huddersfield 1923 Kaye extant
Keane of Cappoquin 1801 Keane extant
Kearley of Wittingham 1908 Kearley extant first Baronet created Viscount Devonport in 1917
Kekewich of Peamore 1921 Kekewich extinct 1932
Kelk of Bentley Priory 1874 Kelk extinct 1923
Kellett of Lota Begg 1801 Kellett dormant fourth Baronet died 1966 - under review
Kennard of Hordle Cliff 1891 Kennard extinct 1999
Kennedy of Johnstown 1836 Kennedy dormant sixth Baronet died 1988
Kerr of Cambridge 1957 Kerr extinct 1974
Kerrison of Hoxne Hall 1821 Kerrison extinct 1886
Key of Thornbury 1831 Key extinct 1932
Keyes of Dover 1919 Keyes extant first Baronet created Baron Keyes in 1943
Kimber of London 1904 Kimber extant
King of Campsie 1888 King extant
King of Charlestown 1815 King extant
King of Cornwall Gardens 1932 King extinct 1933
King of Corrard 1821 King extinct 1921
Kinloch-Cooke of Brighthelmstone 1926 Kinloch-Cooke extinct 1944
Kinloch of Kinloch 1873 Kinloch extant
Kitson of Gledhowe 1886 Kitson extinct 1996 first Baronet created Baron Airedale in 1907
Kleinwort of Bolnore 1909 Kleinwort extant
Knighton of Carlston 1813 Knighton extinct 1885
Knill of The Grove 1893 Knill extant
Knott of Close House 1917 Knott extinct 1949
Knowles of Westwood 1903 Knowles extinct 1928
Knox-Gore of Belleek 1868 Knox-Gore extinct 1890
Kynaston of Hardwick 1818 Kynaston extinct 1866
Kyrle-Money of Horn House 1838 Kyrle-Money extinct 1843


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
La Fontaine of Canada 1854 La Fontaine extinct 1867
Lacon of Great Yarmouth 1818 Lacon extant
Lacy of Ampton 1921 Lacy extant
Laffan of Otham 1828 Laffan extinct 1848
Lakin of The Cliff 1909 Lakin extant
Laking of Kensington 1902 Laking extinct 1930
Lambart of Beau Parc 1911 Lambart extinct 1986
Lamont of Knockdaw 1910 Lamont extinct 1949
Lampson of Rowfant 1866 Lampson extant inherited by the second Baron Killearn in 1971
Lane of Cavendish Square 1913 Lane extinct 1972
Langman of Eaton Square 1906 Langman extinct 1985
Larcom of Brandeston 1868 Larcom extinct 2004
Larpent of Roehampton 1841 Larpent extinct 1899
Latham of Crow Clump 1919 Latham extant
Latta of Portman Square 1920 Latta extinct 1946
Laurie of Sevenoaks 1942 Laurie extinct 1954
Lawes of Rothamsted 1882 Lawes extant
Lawrence of Chelsea 1906 Lawrence extant
Lawrence of Ealing Park 1867 Lawrence extant
Lawrence of Lucknow 1858 Lawrence extant unproven (sixth Baronet died 1999) - under review
Lawrence of the Army 1858 Lawrence extant first Baronet created Baron Lawrence in 1869
Lawrence of Westbourne Terrace 1869 Lawrence extinct 1897
Lawson of Brayton 1831 Lawson extinct 1959
Lawson of Brough Hall 1841 Lawson, Howard-Lawson extant
Lawson of Knavesmir Lodge 1905 Lawson extinct 1973
Lawson of Westwood Grange 1900 Lawson extant
Le Marchant of Chobham Place 1841 Le Marcham extant
Lea of The Larches 1892 Lea extant
Lechmere of Hanley Castle 1818 Lechmere extant
Lee of Lukyns 1941 Lee extinct 1967
Leeds of Croxton Park 1812 Leeds extant
Lees of Black Rock 1804 Lees extant
Lees of Longendale 1937 Lees extant
Lees of Lytchet Manor 1897 Lees extant
Leese of Worfield 1908 Leese dormant fourth Baronet died 1979
Leigh of Altrincham 1918 Leigh extant
Leigh of Whitley 1815 Leigh extinct 1844
Leighton 1886 Leighton extinct 1896 first Baronet created Baron Leighton in 1896
Leith of Newcastle 1919 Leith extinct 1956
Lennard of Wickham Court 1880 Lennard extinct 1980
Leon of Bletchley Park 1911 Leon extant
Leslie of Glasslough 1876 Leslie extant
Lethbridge of Westway House 1804 Lethbridge extant
Lett of Walmer 1941 Lett extinct 1964
Lever of Allerton 1920 Lever extinct 1947
Lever of Hans Crescent 1911 Lever extant
Lever of Hulme 1911 Lever extinct 2000 first Baronet created Viscount Leverhulme in 1922
Levy-Lawson of Hall Barn 1892 Levy-Lawson, Lawson extant first Baronet created Baron Burnham in 1903; second Baron created Viscount Burnham in 1919, which title became extinct in 1933
Levy of Humberstone Hall 1913 Levy extinct 1996
Lewis of Brighton 1887 Lewis extinct 1893
Lewis of Essendon 1918 Lewis extinct 1978 first Baronet created Baron Essendon in 1932
Lewis of Harpton Court 1846 Lewis extinct 1911
Lewis of Portland Place 1902 Lewis extinct 1945
Lewis of Nantgwyne 1896 Lewis dormant first Baronet created Baron Merthyr in 1911; third Baron and third Baronet died 1977
Lewthwaite of Broadgate 1927 Lewthwaite extinct 2004
Ley of Lazonby Hall 1905 Ley extant
Leyland-Barratt of Torquay 1908 Leyland-Barratt extinct 1968  
Lindsay-Hogg of Rotherfield 1905 Lindsay-Hogg extant
Lindsay of Dowhill 1962 Lindsay extant unproven (second Baronet died 2005) - under review
Lipton of Osidge 1902 Lipton extinct 1931
Lister of Lyme Regis 1883 Lister extinct 1912 first Baronet created Baron Lister in 1897
Lithgow of Ormsary 1925 Lithgow extant
Llewellyn of Baglan 1959 Llewellyn dormant second Baronet died 1994
Llewellyn of Bwllfa 1922 Llewellyn extant
Lloyd of Bromwydd 1863 Lloyd extinct 1933
Lloyd of Lancing 1831 Lloyd extinct 1844
Lloyd of Rhu 1960 Lloyd extant
Lockhart of Lee 1806 Lockhart extinct 1919
Locock of Speldhurst 1857 Locock extinct 1965
Loder of Whittlebury 1887 Loder extant
Longman of Windlesham 1909 Longman extinct 1940
Lonsdale of Pavilion 1911 Lonsdale extinct 1924 first Baronet created Baron Armaghdale in 1918
Lopes of Maristow 1805 Lopes extant fourth Baronet created Baron Roborough in 1938
Louis of Chelston 1806 Louis extinct 1949
Low of Kilmaron 1908 Low, Low-Morrison extant
Lowe of Edgbaston 1918 Lowe extant
Lowson of Westlaws 1951 Lowson extant
Lowther of Belgrave Square 1914 Lowther extinct 1916
Lowther of Swillington 1824 Lowther extant
Lubbock of London 1806 Lubbock extant fourth Baronet created Baron Avebury in 1900
Lucas-Tooth of Queen’s Gate 1906 Lucas-Tooth extinct 1918
Lucas of Ashtead Park 1887 Lucas dormant fourth Baronet died 1980
Lumsden of Auchindour 1821 Lumsden extinct 1821
Lusk of Colney Park 1874 Lusk extinct 1909
Lyell of Kinnordy 1864 Lyell extinct 1875
Lyell of Kinnordy 1894 Gilbey extant first Baronet created Baron Lyell in 1914
Lyle of Glendelvin 1929 Lyle extant
Lyle of Greenock 1915 Lyle extinct 1923
Lyle of Westbourne 1932 Lyle extinct 1976 first Baronet created Baron Lyle of Westbourne in 1945
Lyons of Christchurch 1840 Lyons extinct 1887 first Baronet created Baron Lyons in 1856; second Baron created Viscount Lyons in 1881
Lyons of Grateley 1937 Lyons extinct 1963 first Baronet created Baron Ennisdale in 1939
Lytton of Knebworth 1838 Lytton extant first Baronet created Baron Lytton in 1866, second Baron created Earl of Lytton in 1880


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Macalister of Tarbert 1924 Macalister extinct 1934
Macara of Ardmore 1911 Macara extant
MacCormac of Harley Street 1897 MacCormac extinct 1901
Macdonald of East Sheen 1813 Macdonald extinct 1919
MacDonnel 1908 MacDonnel extinct 1925
Macdonnell of Kilsharvan 1872 Macdonnell extinct 1875
MacGregor of Ballimore 1828 MacGregor extant
Mackenzie of Glen Muick 1890 Mackenzie dormant fourth Baronet died 1993 - under review
Mackenzie of Kilcoy 1836 Mackenzie extinct 1883
Mackeson of Hythe 1954 Mackeson extant
Mackie of Corraith 1920 Mackie extinct 1924
Mackinnon of Strathaird and Loup 1889 Mackinnon extinct 1893
Mackintosh of Halifax 1935 Mackintosh extant first Baronet created Viscount Mackintosh of Halifax in 1957
Mackintosh of Mackintosh 1812 Mackintosh extinct 1820
Mackworth-Praed of Owsden Hall 1905 Mackworth-Praed extinct 1921
Maclay of Glasgow 1914 Maclay extant first Baronet created Baron Maclay in 1922
Maclean of Strachur 1957 Maclean extant
Macleod of Cobham 1925 Macleod extant
Macleod of Fuinary 1924 Macleod extant
Maclure of Headbourne Worthy 1898 Maclure extant
Macmaster of Glengarry 1921 Macmaster extinct 1922
Macnab of Dundurn Castle 1858 Macnab extinct 1862
Macnaghten of Dundarave 1836 Workman-Macnaghten, Macnaghten extant
Macpherson-Grant of Ballindallock 1838 Macpherson-Grant extinct 1983
Macpherson of Banchor 1933 Macpherson extant first Baronet created Baron Invernairn in 1933
Macready of Cheltenham 1923 Macready extant
MacRobert of Douneside 1922 MacRobert extinct 1941 Article about the MacRoberts in Time magazine
Mactaggart of King's Park 1938 Mactaggart extant
Madden of Kells 1919 Madden extant Unproven
Madge of St Margaret’s Bay 1919 Madge extinct 1962
Magnay of Postford House 1844 Magnay extinct 1960
Magnus of Tangley Hill 1917 Magnus extant
Mahon of Castlegar 1819 Mahon extant
Mainwaring of Over Peover 1804 Mainwaring extinct 1934
Maitland of Clifton Hall 1818 Maitland dormant tenth Baronet died 1994
Makins of Oxford 1903 Makins extinct 1999
Mallaby-Deeley of Mitcham Court 1922 Mallaby-Deeley extinct 1962
Mallinson of Walthamstow 1935 Mallinson extant
Mancroft of Mancroft 1932 Mancroft extant first Baronet created Baron Mancroft in 1932
Mander of The Mount 1911 Mander extant See Mander family
Mann of Thelveton Hall 1905 Mann extant
Manningham-Buller of Dilhorne 1866 Manningham-Buller extant fourth Baronet created Viscount Dilhorne in 1964
Maple of Childwick Bury 1897 Maple extinct 1903
Mappin of Thornbury 1886 Mappin extinct 1975
Marjoribanks of Guisachan 1866 Marjoribanks extinct 1935 first Baronet created Baron Tweedmouth in 1881
Marjoribanks of Lees 1815 Marjoribanks extinct 1888
Markham of Arusha 1911 Markham extant
Marling of Stanley Park 1882 Marling extant
Marr of Sunderland 1919 Marr extant
Marsden of Grimsby 1924 Marsden extant The current (4th Baronet is the photographer Sir Simon Marsden
Marsh of Dublin 1839 Marsh extinct 1860
Martin of Cappagh 1885 Martin extinct 1901
Martin of Overbury Court 1905 Martin extinct 1916
Mason of Compton Pauncefoot 1918 Mason extinct 1988 first Baronet created Baron Blackford in 1935
Matheson of Lochalsh 1882 Matheson extant
Matheson of The Kews 1850 Matheson extinct 1878
Mathews of London 1917 Mathews extinct 1920
Mathias of Vaendre Hall 1917 Mathias extinct 1991
Constable-Maxwell-Scott of Abbotsford 1932 Constable-Maxwell-Scott extinct 1954
Maxwell of Cardonoss 1804 Maxwell extinct 1924
May of Weybridge 1931 May extant first Baronet created Baron May in 1935
McAlpine of Knott Park 1918 McAlpine extant fifth Baronet had already been created a life peer as Baron McAlpine of Moffat in 1980, before succeeding to the Baronetcy in 1983; the life peerage became extinct on his death in 1990
McClure of Belmont 1874 McClure extinct 1893
McConnel of Belfast 1900 McConnell extant
McCowan of Dalwhat 1934 McCowan dormant second Baronet died 1965
McCullagh of Lismarra 1935 McCullagh extinct 1974
McEwen of Marchmont 1953 McEwen extant
McFarland of Aberfoyle 1914 McFarland extant
McGrigor of Campden Hill 1831 McGrigor extant
McIntosh of MacIntosh of Torcastle 1815 McIntosh extant Baronetcy remains after Earldom and other titles renounced 2005 in accordance with the Peerage Act 1963
McIver of Sarisbury 1896 McIver extinct 1920
McKenny 1831 McKenny extinct 1866
McLaren of Bodnant 1902 McLaren extant first Baronet created Baron Aberconway in 1911; baronetcy unproven (third Baronet died 2003) - under review
McLintock of Sanquhar 1934 McLintock extant
McMahon of Ashley Manor 1817 McMahon extant
McMahon of Dublin 1815 McMahon extinct 1926
MacTaggart-Stewart of Southwick 1892 MacTaggart-Stewart extinct 1948
McTaggart of Ardwell 1841 McTaggart extinct 1867
Medlycott of Ven House 1808 Medlycott extant
Mellor of Culmhead 1924 Mellor extinct 1990
Melvin of Olton 1933 Melvin extinct 1952
Meredith of Montreal 1916 Meredith extinct 1929
Metcalfe of Chilton 1802 Metcalfe extinct 1979 third Baronet created Baron Metcalfe in 1845, which title became extinct in 1846
Methuen of Haslemere 1916 Methuen extinct 1924
Meux of Theobald’s Park 1831 Meux extinct 1900
Meyer of Shortgrove 1910 Meyer extant
Meyrick of Bush 1880 Meyrick extant unproven (fourth Baronet died 2004)
Meysey-Thompson of Kirby Hall 1874 Meysey-Thompson dormant second Baronet created Baron Knaresborough in 1905, which title became extinct in 1920; third Baronet died 1967
Micklethwait of Iridge Place 1838 Micklethwait extinct 1853
Middlebrook of Oakwell 1930 Middlebrook extinct 1971
Middlemore of Selly Oak 1919 Middlemore extinct 1987
Middleton of Crowfield 1804 Middleton extinct 1860
Milbank of Barningham Park 1882 Milbank extant
Milburn of Guyzance 1905 Milburn extant
Miles of Leigh Court 1859 Miles extant
Millais of Downgate 1885 Millais extant
Miller of Manderston 1874 Miller extinct 1918
Mills of Alcester 1953 Mills extant first Baronet created Viscount Mills in 1962
Mills of Ebbw Vale 1921 Mills extant
Mills of Hillingdon 1868 Mills extinct 1982 second Baronet created Baron Hillingdon in 1887
Milne-Watson of Ashley 1937 Milne-Watson extant
Milne of Inveresk 1876 Milne extinct 1938
Milnes of Gauley 1801 Milnes extinct 1841
Mitchell-Thomson of Polmood 1900 Mitchell-Thomson extant second Baronet created Baron Selsdon in 1932
Mitchell of Tulliallan 1945 Mitchell extinct 1983
Mitchelson of Rotherfield 1920 Mitchelson extinct 1945
Moir of Whitehanger 1916 Moir extant
Molony of Dublin 1925 Molony dormant second Baronet died in 1976
Moncreiff of Tullibole 1871 Moncreiff extant first Baronet created Baron Moncreiff in 1874, in 1883 he also succeeded to the Moncreiff Baronetcy of Moncreiff, created in the Baronetage of Nova Scotia in 1685. Baronetcy unproven (5th baronet died 2002) - under review
Mond of Hartford Hill 1910 Mond extant first Baronet created Baron Melchett in 1928
Monro of Bearcrofts 1920 Monro extinct 1928
Monson of Thatched House Lodge 1905 Monson extinct 1969
Montague-Barlow of Westminster 1924 Montague-Barlow extinct 1951
Montagu of Swaythling 1894 Montagu extant first Baronet created Baron Swaythling in 1907
Montefiore of the Isle of Thanet 1846 Montefiore extinct 1885
Montefiore of Worth Park 1886 Montefiore extinct 1935
Montgomery of Stanhope 1801 Montgomery extant
Montgomery of The Hall 1808 Montgomery extinct 1939
Moon of Copsewood Grange 1887 Moon dormant fourth Baronet died 1979 - under review
Moore of Colchester 1923 Moore extinct 1992
Moore of Hancox 1919 Moore extant
Moore of Kyleburn 1956 Moore extinct 1971
Moore of Moore Lodge 1932 Moore extant
Morgan of Green Street 1892 Morgan extinct 1897
Morgan of Whitehall Court 1906 Morgan extinct 1916
Morris of Cavendish Square 1909 Morris extinct 1926
Morris of Clasemont 1806 Morris dormant ninth Baronet died 1982
Morris of Galway 1885 Morris extant first Baronet created Baron Killanin in 1900
Morris of Nuffield 1929 Morris extinct 1963 first Baronet created Viscount Nuffield in 1938
Morrison-Bell of Harpford 1923 Morrison-Bell extinct 1956
Morrison-Bell of Otterburn Hall 1905 Morrison-Bell extant
Mott of Ditchling 1930 Mott extant
Mount of Wasing 1921 Mount extant
Mountain of Oare 1922 Mountain extant
Mowat of Cleckheaton 1932 Mowat extinct 1968
Mowbray of Mortimer 1880 Mowbray extant
Moynihan of Leeds 1922 Moynihan extant first Baronet created Baron Moynihan in 1929
Muir-Mackenzie of Delvine 1805 Muir-Mackenzie extant
Muir of Deanston 1892 Muir dormant third Baronet died 1995
Mulholland of Ballyscullion Park 1945 Mulholland extant second Baronet succeeded as Baron Dunleath in 1993
Munro-Lucas-Tooth of Bught 1920 Munro-Lucas-Tooth, Lucas-Tooth extant
Munro of Libertis 1825 Munro extant
Muntz of Clifton-on-Dunsmore 1902 Muntz extinct 1940
Murchison of London 1866 Murchison extinct 1871
Murphy of Altadore 1903 Murphy extinct 1922
Murphy of Wyckham 1912 Murphy extinct 1963
Musgrave of Drumglass 1897 Musgrave extinct 1904
Musgrove of Speldhurst 1851 Musgrove extinct 1881
Muspratt of Merseyside 1922 Muspratt extinct 1934
Mynors of Treago 1964 Mynors extant


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Nagle of Jamestown 1813 Nagle extinct 1850
Nairn of Rankeillour 1904 Nairn extant
Nairne of Kirkcudbright 1917 Nairne extinct 1945
Nall-Cain of Brocket 1921 Nall-Cain extant first Baronet created Baron Brocket in 1933
Nall of Hoveringham Hall 1954 Nall extant
Napier of Merrion Square 1867 Napier extant
Naylor-Leyland of Hyde Park House 1895 Naylor-Leyland extant
Neal of Cherry Hinton 1931 Neal extinct 1942
Neeld of Grittleton House 1859 Neeld extinct 1941
Nelson of Acton Park 1912 Nelson dormant third Baronet died in 1991
Nelson of Stafford 1955 Nelson extant first Baronet created Baron Nelson of Stafford in 1960
Nepean of Bothenhampton 1802 Nepean extinct 2002
Neville of Sloley 1927 Neville extinct 1994
Newman of Mamhead 1836 Mamhead extant fourth Baronet created Baron Mamhead in 1931, which title became extinct in 1945
Newman of Newmarket 1912 Newman extant
Newnes of Wildcroft 1895 Newnes extinct 1955
Newson-Smith of Totteridge 1944 Newson-Smith extant
Newson of Framlingham 1921 Newson extinct 1950
Newson of Framlingham 1921 Newson extinct 1950  
Newton of Beckenham 1924 Newton extant
Newton of The Wood 1900 Newton extant
Nicholson of Kensington 1912 Nicholson extant
Nicholson of Luddenham 1859 Nicholson extinct 1986
Nicholson of Winterbourne Roy 1958 Nicholson extinct 1958
Nivison of Sanquhar 1914 Nivison extant first Baronet created Baron Glendyne in 1922
Nixon of Roebuck Grove 1906 Nixon extant
Noble of Ardkinglass 1923 Noble extant
Noble of Ardmore 1902 Noble extant
Noble of West Denton Hall 1921 Noble extinct 1935 first Baronet created Baron Kirkley in 1930
Norie-Miller of Cleeve 1936 Norie-Miller extinct 1973
Norman of Honeyhanger 1915 Norman extant
North of Southwell 1920 North extant
Northcote of Exeter 1887 Northcote extinct 1911 first Baronet created Baron Northcote in 1900
Norton-Griffiths of Wonham 1922 Norton-Griffiths extant
Nugent of Cloncoskoran 1831 Nugent extinct 1929
Nugent of Donore 1831 Nugent extant
Nugent of Dunsfold 1960 Nugent dormant first Baronet created a life peer as Baron Nugent of Guildford in 1966; first Baronet died 1994
Nugent of Portaferry 1961 Nugent extinct 1962
Nugent of Waddesdon 1806 Nugent extant
Nussey of Rushwood Hall 1909 Nussey extinct 1971
Nuttall of Chasefield 1922 Nuttall extant
Nutting of St Helens 1903 Nutting extant


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
O'Brien of Artona 1916 O'Brien extinct 1916 first Baronet created Baron Shandon in 1918
O’Brien of Kilfenora 1891 O'Brien extinct 1914 first Baronet created Baron O'Brien in 1900
O'Loghlen of Drumcanora 1838 O'Loghlen extant
O'Malley of Rosehill 1804 O'Malley extinct 1892
O’Brien of Merrion Square 1849 O’Brien dormant sixth Baronet died 1982
O’Connell of Lakeview 1869 O’Connell extant
O’Neill of Cleggan 1929 O’Neill extant first Baronet created Baron Rathcavan in 1953
Oakes of Hereford 1815 Oakes extinct 1927 first Baronet had already been created a Baronet in 1813, which creation became extinct in 1822
Oakes of Nassau 1939 Oakes extant
Oakes of the Army 1813 Oakes extinct 1822 first Baronet obtained a new patent in 1815, which creation became extinct in 1927
Oakshott 1959 Oakshott extant first Baronet created a life peer as Baron Oakshott in 1964, which title became extinct in 1975
Ochterlony of Ochterlony 1823 Ochterlony extinct 1964 had already been created Baronet of Pitforthy in 1816, which title became extinct in 1825
Ochterlony of Pitforthy 1816 Ochterlony extinct 1825 also created Baronet of Ochterlony in 1823, which title became extinct in 1964
Ogle of Worthy 1816 Ogle extinct 1940
Ohlson of Scarborough 1920 Ohlson extant
Oppenheimer of Stoke Poges 1921 Oppenheimer extant
Ormsby of Cloghans 1812 Ormsby extinct 1833
Orr-Ewing of Ballikinran 1886 Orr-Ewing extant
Orr-Ewing of Hendon 1963 Orr-Ewing extant first Baronet created a life peer as Baron Orr-Ewing in 1971, which title became extinct in 1999
Orr-Lewis of Whitewebbs 1920 Orr-Lewis extinct 1980
Osler of Norham Gardens 1911 Osler extinct 1919
Otway of Brighton 1831 Otway extinct 1912
Ouseley of Claremont 1808 Ouseley extinct 1889
Outram of The Bengal 1858 Outram extant
Owen of Orielton 1813 Owen extinct 2002


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Paget of Cranmore 1886 Paget extant
Paget of Harewood Place 1871 Paget extant
Paget of Sutton Bonington 1897 Paget extinct 1936
Pakington 1846 Pakington extant first Baronet created Baron Hampton in 1874; baronetcy unproven (6th baronet died 2003)
Palmer-Acland of Fairfield 1818 Palmer-Acland, Fuller-Palmer-Acland extinct 1871
Palmer of Grinkle Park 1886 Palmer extant
Palmer of Reading 1904 Palmer extinct 1910
Palmer of Reading 1916 Palmer extant first Baronet created Baron Palmer in 1933
Parker of Carlton House Terrace 1915 Palmer extinct 1932
Parker of Shenstone 1844 Parker extant
Parry of Highnam Court 1902 Parry extinct 1918
Parsons of Winton Lodge 1918 Parsons extinct 1940
Paul of Rodborough 1821 Paul extinct 1972
Paulet of West Hill 1836 Paulet extinct 1886
Pauncefort-Duncombe of Great Brickhill 1859 Pauncefort-Duncombe extant
Paxton of Letham 1923 Paxton extinct 1930
Payne-Gallwey of Hampton Hill 1812 Payne-Gallwey extinct 2008
Peacocke of Barntic 1802 Peacocke extinct 1876
Pearce of Cardell 1887 Pearce extinct 1907
Pearson of Cowdray 1894 Pearson extant first Baronet created Viscount Cowdray in 1917
Pearson of Gressingham 1964 Pearson extant
Pearson of St Dunstans 1916 Pearson extinct 1982
Pease of Hammersknott 1920 Pease extant
Pease of Hutton Lowcross 1882 Pease extant
Peek of Rousdon 1874 Peek extant
Peel of Eyworth 1936 Peel extinct 1938
Peel of Tyersall Hall 1897 Peel extinct 1911
Pelly of Upton 1840 Pelly extant
Pender of Thornby Hall 1897 Pender extinct 1921
Pennefather of Golden 1924 Pennefather extinct 1933
Penny of Marchwood 1933 Penny extant first Baronet created Viscount Marchwood in 1945
Pepys of London 1801 Pepys extant second Baronet created Earl of Cottenham in 1850; in 1849 he also succeeded to the Pepys Baronetcy of Juniper Hill (created in 1784)
Perks of Wykham Park 1908 Perks extinct 1979
Perring of Frensham Manor 1963 Perringham extant
Perring of Membland 1808 Perring extinct 1920
Perrott of Plumstead 1911 Perrott extinct 1922 first Baronet had already succeeded to the Perrott Baronetcy of Plumstead (created in the Baronetage of Great Britain in 1716), which title also became extinct in 1922.
Petit of Petit Hall 1890 Petit extant
Peto of Barnstaple 1927 Peto extant
Peto of Somerleyton 1855 Peto extant
Petrie of Carrowcarden 1918 Petrie extant
Philipps of Llanstephan 1919 Philipps extant first Baronet created Baron Milford in 1939
Philipps of Picton Castle 1828 Philipps extinct 1857 first Baronet created Baron Milford in 1847
Philipps of Picton 1887 Philipps extinct 1962
Philips of Weston 1828 Philips extinct 1883
Philipson-Stow of Lodsworth 1907 Philipson-Stow extant
Phillimore of Shiplake 1881 Phillimore extant second Baronet created Baron Phillimore in 1918
Phillipps of Middle Hall 1821 Philipps extinct 1872
Phillips of London 1912 Phillips extant
Pickthorn of Orford 1959 Pickthorn extant
Pigott of Knapton 1808 Pigott extant
Pilditch of Bartropps 1929 Pilditch extant
Pile of Chipperfield 1900 Pile extant
Pinsent of Selly Hill 1938 Pinsent extant
Pirie of Camberwell 1842 Pirie extinct 1851
Platt of Grindleford 1959 Platt extant unproven (second Baronet died 2000) - under review
Platt of Rusholme 1958 Platt dormant first Baronet died 1986
Plender of Ovenden 1923 Plender extinct 1946 first Baronet created Baron Plender in 1931
Pocock of Hart 1821 Pocock extinct 1921
Poe of Heywood 1912 Poe, Poe-Domville extinct 1959
Pole of the Navy 1801 Pole extinct 1830
Pollock of Edinburgh 1939 Pollock extinct 1962
Pollock of Hanworth 1922 Pollock extant first Baronet created Viscount Hanworth in 1936
Pollock of Hatton 1866 Pollock extant
Pollock of Khyber Pass 1872 Pollock, Pollock-Montagu extant
Ponsonby of Wotton 1956 Ponsonby extant
Pooley of Westbrook House 1953 Pooley extinct 1966
Porritt of Hampstead 1963 Porritt dormant first Baronet created a life peer as Baron Porritt in 1973, which title became extinct in 1994; first Baronet died 1994
Portal of Laverstoke House 1901 Portal extant third Baronet created Viscount Portal in 1945, which title became extinct in 1949
Porter of Frimley 1889 Porter extinct 1974
Pottinger of Richmond 1840 Pottinger extinct 1909
Pound of Stanmore 1905 Pound extant
Powell of Diss 1897 Powell extant
Powell of Horton Old Hall 1892 Powell extinct 1911
Power of Edermine 1841 Power extinct 1930
Power of Kilfane 1836 Power dormant seventh Baronet died 1928
Power of Newlands Manor 1924 Powlands extant
Poynter of Kensington 1902 Poynter extinct 1968
Prescott of Godmanchester 1938 Prescott extant
Preston of Beeston St Lawrence 1815 Preston extant unproven (seventh Baronet died 1999) - under review
Prevost of Belmont 1805 Prevost extant
Prevost of Westbourne Terrace 1903 Prevost extinct 1913
Price of Ardingley 1953 Price extinct 1963
Price of Foxley 1828 Price extinct 1857
Price of Spring Grove 1804 Price, Rugge-Price extant
Price of Trengwainton 1815 Price extant
Prichard-Jones of Bron Menai 1910 Prichard-Jones extant
Priestman of Monkwearmouth 1934 Priestman extinct 1941
Primrose of Redholme 1903 Primrose extant
Prince-Smith of Hillbrook 1911 Prince-Smith extinct 2007
Proby of EltonHall 1952 Proby extant
Pryce-Jones of Dolerw 1918 Pryce-Jones extinct 1963
Pryke of Wanstead 1926 Pryke extant
Pryse of Gogerddan 1866 Pryse, Webley-Parry-Pryse, Saunders-Pryse extinct 1962
Puleston of Emral 1813 Puleston extinct 1896
Pulley of Lower Eaton 1893 Pulley extinct 1901
Pybus of Harwick 1934 Pybus extinct 1935
Quain of Carrigoon 1891 Quain extinct 1898
Quilter of Bawdsey Manor 1897 Quilter extant


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Radcliffe of Milnsbridge House 1813 Radcliffe extant
Rae of Esk Grove 1804 Rae extinct 1842
Raeburn of Helensburgh 1923 Raeburn extant
Ralli of Beaurepaire Park 1912 Ralli extant
Ramsay of Balmain 1806 Ramsay extant
Ramsay-Steel-Maitland of Sauchie 1917 Ramsay-Steel-Maitland extinct 1965
Ramsden of Birkenshaw 1938 Ramsden extinct 1955 first Baronet created Baron Ramsden in 1945
Ranchhodlal of Shahpur 1913 Ranchhodlal extant
Rankin of Broughton Tower 1937 Rankin extinct 1960
Rankin of Bryngwyn 1898 Rankin extant
Raphael of Allestree Hall 1911 Raphael extinct 1924
Rasch of Woodhill 1903 Rasch extant
Rashleigh of Prideaux 1831 Rashleigh extant
Rawlinson of North Walsham 1891 Rawlinson extant
Rea of Eskdale 1935 Rea extant first Baronet created Baron Rea in 1937
Readhead of Westoe 1922 Readhead extinct 1988
Reardon-Smith of Appledore 1920 Reardon-Smith extant
Reckitt of Swanland Manor 1894 Reckitt extinct 1944
Redmayne of Rushcliffe 1964 Redmayne extant first Baronet created a life peer as Baron Redmayne in 1966, which title became extinct in 1983
Redwood of St Marylebone 1911 Redwood extant
Rees of Aylwards Chase 1919 Rees extinct 1970
Reid of Ellon 1897 Reid extant
Reid of Ewell Grove 1823 Reid extinct 1903
Reid of Rademon 1936 Reid extinct 1939
Reid of Springburn 1922 Reid extant
Remnant of Wenhaston 1917 Remnant extant first Baronet created Baron Remnant in 1928
Renals of London 1895 Renals extant
Renshaw of Coldharbour 1903 Renshaw extant
Renwick of Coombe 1927 Renwick extant second Baronet created Baron Renwick in 1964
Renwick of Newminster Abbey 1921 Renwick extant
Reynolds of Grosvenor Street 1895 Reynolds extinct 1896
Reynolds of Grosvenor Street 1895 Reynolds extinct 1896
Reynolds of Woolton 1923 Reynolds extant
Rhodes of Hollingworth 1919 Rhodes extant
Rhys-Williams of Miskin 1918 Rhys-Williams extant
Rich of Sunning 1863 Rich extinct 1869
Richardson of Eccleshall 1963 Richardson extinct 2004 first Baronet created a life peer as Baron Richardson in 1979
Richardson of Weybridge 1929 Richardson extinct 1981
Richardson of Yellow Woods 1924 Richardson extant
Richmond of Hollington 1929 Richmond dormant second Baronet died 2000
Ricketts of Beaumont Lyes 1828 Ricketts extant
Riddell of Walton Heath 1918 Riddell extinct 1934 first Baronet created Baron Riddell in 1920
Rigby of Long Durford 1929 Rigby extant
Ripley of Acacia 1897 Ripley extinct 1954
Ripley of Rawdon 1880 Ripley extant
Ritchie of Highlands 1903 Ritchie extinct 1912
Ritchie of Lees House 1918 Ritchie extinct 1991
Rivett-Carnac of Derby 1836 Rivett-Carnac extant
Roberts of Abergele 1908 Roberts extant first Baronet created Baron Clwyd in 1919. Unproven.
Roberts of Brightfieldstown 1809 Roberts extant
Roberts of Eccleshall 1919 Roberts extant
Roberts of Martholme 1931 Roberts extinct 1950
Roberts of Milner Field 1909 Roberts extant
Roberts of the Army 1881 Roberts extinct 1914 first Baronet created Baron Roberts of Kandahar in 1892, which title became extinct in 1914, and Viscount St Pierre and Earl Roberts in 1901, which titles became extinct in 1955
Robertson of Beaconsfield 1919 Robertson extant second Baronet created Baron Robertson of Oakridge in 1961
Robinson of Batts House 1823 Robinson extinct 1944
Robinson of Hawthornden 1908 Robinson extant
Robinson of Lisnacarrig 1920 Robinson, Lynch-Robinson extant
Robinson of Rokeby Hall 1819 Robinson extinct 1910
Robinson of Rosmead 1891 Robinson extinct 1933 first Baronet created Baron Rosmead in 1896
Robinson of Toronto 1854 Robinson dormant seventh Baronet died 1988
Roche of Carass 1838 Roche extant
Rodgers of Groombridge 1964 Rodgers extant
Roe of Brundish 1836 Roe extinct 1866
Roll of Wanstead 1921 Roll extinct 1998
Rolleston of Upper Brook Street 1924 Rolleston extinct 1944
Ropner of Preston Hall 1904 Ropner extant
Ropner of Thorp Perrow 1952 Ropner extant
Rose of Hardwick House 1909 Rose extant fourth Baronet succeeded to the Rose Baronetcy of Montreal (created 1872) in 1979
Rose of Leith 1935 Rose extinct 1976
Rose of Montreal 1872 Rose extant fifth Baronet had already succeeded to the Rose Baronetcy of Hardwick House (created in the Baronetage of the United Kingdom in 1909) in 1966 when he succeeded in 1979
Rose of Rayners 1874 Rose dormant third Baronet died 1982
Ross of Dunmoyle 1919 Ross extinct 1958
Ross of Whetstone 1960 Ross extant
Rothband of Higher Broughton 1923 Rothband extinct 1940
Rothschild of Tring 1847 Rothschild extant second Baronet created Baron Rothschild in 1885
Rowland of Taunton 1950 Rowland extinct 1970
Rowley of Hill House 1836 Rowley extant seventh Baronet succeeded to the Rowley Baronetcy of Tendring (created 1786) in 1997
Rowley of the Navy 1813 Rowley extinct 1842
Royce of Seaton 1930 Royce extinct 1933
Royden of Frankby 1905 Royden extant second Baronet created Baron Royden in 1944, which title became extinct in 1950
Ruggles-Brise of Spains 1935 Ruggles-Brise extant
Runciman of Doxford 1906 Runciman extant first Baronet created Baron Runciman in 1933; second Baron had already been created Viscount Runciman of Doxford when he succeeded to the Baronetcy and Barony in 1937
Rushout of Sezincote 1809 Rushout extinct 1931
Russel of Charlton Park 1832 Russell extinct 1915
Russell of Littleworth Corner 1916 Russell extant
Russell of Olney 1917 Russell extinct 1920
Russell of Swallowfield 1812 Russell dormant sixth Baronet died 1964
Rutherford of Beardwood 1916 Rutherford extinct 1932
Rutherford of Liverpool 1923 Rutherford extinct 1942
Ryan of Hintlesham 1919 Ryan extant
Rylands of Thelwall 1939 Rylands extinct 1948


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Salomons of Broomhill 1869 Salomons, Goldsmid-Sterns-Salomons extinct 1925
Salt of Saltaire 1869 Salt extant
Salt of Weeping Cross 1899 Salt extant
Samman of Routh 1921 Samman extinct 1960
Samuel of Chelwood Vetchery 1912 Samuel extinct 1926
Samuel of Maidstone 1903 Samuel extant first Baronet created Viscount Bearsted in 1925
Samuel of Nevern Square 1898 Samuel extant
Samuelson of Bodicote 1884 Samuelson extant
Sandeman of Kenlygreen 1929 Sandeman extinct 1940
Sanders of Bayford 1920 Sanders extinct 1950 first Baronet created Baron Bayford in 1929
Sanderson of Malling Deanery 1920 Sanderson extant
Sassoon of Bombay 1909 Sassoon extinct 1931
Sassoon of Kensington Gore 1890 Sassoon extinct 1939
Savory of Buckhurst Park 1891 Savory extinct 1921
Savory of The Woodland 1890 Savory extinct 1961
Scarisbrick of Greaves Hall 1909 Scarisbrick extinct 1955
Schroder of The Dell 1892 Schroder extinct 1910
Schuster of Collingham Road 1906 Schuster extinct 1996
Scott of Abbotsford 1820 Scott extinct 1847
Scott of Beauclerc 1907 Scott extant
Scott of Connaught Place 1899 Scott extinct 1912
Scott of Dunninald 1806 Scott extinct 1945
Scott of Great Barr 1806 Scott dormant third Baronet had already inherited the Bateman Baronetcy of Hartington Hall (created 1806) when he succeeded in 1851; in 1905 the Bateman Baronetcy was inherited by the fourth Fuller-Acland-Hood Baronet of St Audries; eighth Baronet died 1980 - under review
Scott of Lytchet Minster 1821 Scott extinct 1961
Scott of Rotherfield Park 1962 Scott extant
Scott of The Yews 1909 Scott extant
Scott of Witley 1913 Scott extant
Scotter of Eastbourne 1907 Scotter extinct 1911
Scourfield of Williamston 1876 Scourfield extinct 1921
Seager of St Mellons 1952 Seager dormant first Baronet created Baron Leighton of St Mellons in 1962; first Baronet died 1963
Seale of Mount Boon 1838 Seale extant
Seaman of Bouverie Street 1933 Seaman extinct 1936
Seely of Sherwood Lodge 1896 Seely extant third Baronet created Baron Sherwood in 1941, which title became extinct in 1970
Selby-Bigge of Kings Sutton 1919 Selby-Bigge extinct 1973
Seton-Steuart of Allanton 1815 Seton-Steuart extinct 1930
Seymour of High Mount 1809 Seymour, Culme-Seymour extant
Seymour of the Army 1869 Seymour extinct 1949
Shakerley of Somerford Park 1838 Shakerley extant
Shakespeare of Lakenham 1942 Shakespeare extant
Sharp of Heckmondwike 1920 Sharp extant
Sharp of Maidstone 1922 Sharp extant
Shaw of Bushy Park 1821 Shaw extant
Shaw of Kilmarnock 1809 Shaw extinct 1843 first Baronet obtained a new patent in 1813 (see below); this creation became extinct in 1868
Shaw of Kilmarnock 1813 Shaw extinct 1868 the first Baronet had already been created a Baronet in 1809, which title became extinct in 1843
Shaw of Wolverhampton 1908 Shaw extinct 1942
Sheaffe of Boston 1813 Sheaffe extinct 1851
Shelley-Sidney of Penshurst 1818 Shelley-Sidney, Sidney extant second Baronet created Baron de L'Isle and Dudley in 1835; the sixth Baron was created Viscount De L'Isle in 1956 and also inherited the Shelley Baronetcy of Castle Goring in 1965
Shelley of Castle Goring 1806 Shelley, Shelley-Rolls, Sidney extant inherited by the Viscount De L'Isle in 1956
Sheppard of Thornton Hall 1809 Sheppard extinct 1848
Shepperson of Upwood 1945 Shepperson extinct 1949
Shiffner of Coombe 1818 Shiffner extant
Silvester of Yardley 1815 Silvester extinct 1822 first Baronet obtained a new patent in 1822, which creation became extinct in 1828
Silvester of Yardley 1822 Silvester extinct 1828 first Baronet had already been created a Baronet in 1815, which creation became extinct in 1822
Simeon of Grazeley 1815 Simeon extant
Simpson of Bradley Hall 1935 Simpson extinct 1981
Simpson of Strathavon 1866 Simpson exrinct 1924
Sitwell of Renishaw 1808 Sitwell extant
Skinner of Chelsea 1912 Skinner extant
Slade of Maunsell Grange 1831 Slade extant
Sleight of Weelsby Hall 1920 Sleight extant
Smiley of Alton 1903 Smiley extant
Smith of Aliwal 1846 Smith extinct 1860
Smith of Birkenhead 1918 Smith extinct 1985 first Baronet created Earl of Birkenhead in 1922
Smith of Colwyn 1912 Smith extant first Baronet created Baron Colwyn in 1917
Smith of Crowmallie 1945 Smith extant
Smith of Eardistown 1809 Smith dormant fifth Baronet died 2000
Smith of Jamaica 1838 Smith, Smith-Gordon dormant fourth Baronet died 1976 - under review
Smith of Keighley 1947 Smith, Bracewell-Smith extant  
Smith of Kidderminster 1920 Smith extinct 1961
Smith of Pickering 1821 Smith extinct 1837
Smith of Stratford Place 1897 Smith extant
Smith of Tring Park 1804 Smith, Hamilton-Spencer-Smith extant
Smyth of Ashton Court 1859 Smyth extinct 1901
Smyth of Teignmouth 1956 Smyth extant
Snadden of Coldock 1955 Snadden extinct 1959
Southby of Burford 1937 Southby extant
Spearman of Hanwell 1840 Spearman extant
Spears of Warfield 1953 Spears extinct 1974
Spencer-Nairn of Monimail 1933 Spencer-Nairn extant
Speyer of Grosvenor Street 1906 Speyer extinct 1932
Spicer of Lancaster Gate 1906 Spicer extant
Sprot of Garnkirk 1918 Sprot extinct 1929
St Aubyn of St Michael’s Mount 1866 St Aubyn extant second Baronet created Baron St Levan in 1887
St Paul of Ewart Park 1813 St Paul extinct 1891
Stafford of Rockingham 1914 Stafford, Stafford-King-Harman extinct 1987
Stamer of Beauchamp 1809 Stamer extant
Stanhope of Stanwell 1807 Stanhope extinct 1952 third Baronet succeeded as Earl of Chesterfield in 1883
Stanier of Peplow Hall 1917 Stanier extant
Starkey of Norwood Park 1935 Starkey extant
Steel of Murieston 1903 Steel extinct 1904
Stephen of de Vere Gardens 1891 Stephen extinct 1987
Stephen of Mount Stephen 1886 Stephen extinct 1921 first Baronet created Baron Mount Stephen in 1891
Stephenson of Hassop Hall 1936 Stephenson dormant second Baronet died 1982
Stern of Chertsey 1922 Stern extinct 1933
Stern of Hellingley 1905 Stern extinct 1984 first Baronet created Baron Michelham in 1905
Stevenson of Clevedon 1914 Stevenson extinct 1944
Stevenson of Walton Heath 1917 Stevenson extinct 1926 first Baronet created Baron Stevenson in 1924
Stewart-Clark of Dundas 1918 Stewart-Clark extant
Stewart of Athenree 1803 Stewart extant
Stewart of Balgownie 1920 Stewart extinct 1979
Stewart of Fingask 1920 Stewart extant
Stewart of South Kensington 1881 Stewart extinct 1951
Stewart of Stewartby 1937 Stewart extant?
Stewart of Strathgarry 1960 Stewart extant
Stockdale of Hoddington 1960 Stockdale extant
Stockenström of Cape of Good Hope 1840 Stockenström extinct 1957
Stoker of Dublin 1911 Stoker extinct 1912
Stokes of Lensfield Cottage 1889 Stokes extinct 1916
Storey of Settrington 1960 Storey extant first Baronet created a life peer as Baron Buckton in 1966, which title became extinct in 1978
Stott of Stanton 1920 Stott extant
Stracey of Rackheath Park 1818 Stracey extant
Strachey of Sutton Court 1801 Strachey dormant fourth Baronet created Baron Strachie in 1911, which title became extinct in 1971; fifth Baronet died 1973
Strang-Steel of Philiphaugh 1938 Strang-Steel extant
Stronge of Tynan 1803 Stronge dormant
Stuart-Menteth of New Cumnock 1838 Stuart-Menteth extant
Stuart-Taylor of Kennington 1917 Stuart-Taylor extant
Stuart of Oxford 1841 Stuart extinct 1915
Stucley of Affeton Castle 1859 Stucley extant
Studd of Netheravon 1929 Studd extant
Studholme of Perridge 1956 Studholme extant
Sturdee of the Falkland Islands 1916 Sturdee extinct 1970
Sullivan of Garryduff 1881 Sullivan extinct 1937
Sullivan of Thames Ditton 1804 Sullivan extant
Summers of Sholton 1952 Summers extinct 1993
Sutherland of Dunstanburgh Castle 1921 Sutherland extant
Sutton of Beckenham 1922 Sutton extinct 1934
Sutton of Castle House 1919 Sutton extinct 1947
Sutton of Moulsey 1806 Sutton extinct 1813
Swann of Princes Gardens 1906 Swann extant
Sykes of Cheadle 1917 Sykes extinct 1950
Sykes of Kingsknowes 1921 Sykes extant
Synge of Kiltrough 1801 Synge extant


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Tangye of Glendorgal 1912 Tangye extinct 1969
Tarleton of Liverpool 1818 Tarleton extinct 1833
Tate of Trefnant 1898 Tate extant
Tatem of St Fagans 1916 Tatem extinct 1942 first Baronet created Baron Glanely in 1918
Taylor of Cawthorne 1963 Taylor extinct 1972
Taylor of Hollycombe 1828 Taylor extinct 1876
Tempest of Broughton Hall 1841 Tempest extinct 1865
Tempest of Heaton 1866 Tempest extinct 1894
Temple of Kempsey 1876 Temple extant
Tennant of The Glen 1885 Tennant extant second Baronet created Baron Glenconner in 1911
Tennyson-d’Eyncourt of Carters Corner 1930 Tennyson-d’Eyncourt extant
Thatcher of Scotney 1991 Thatcher extant  
Thomas-Stanford of Brighton 1929 Thomas-Stanford extinct 1932
Thomas of Garreglwyd 1918 Thomas extant
Thomas of Ynyshir 1919 Thomas extant
Thompson of Guiseley 1890 Thompson extant
Thompson of Hartsbourne Manor 1806 Thompson extant
Thompson of Reculver 1963 Thompson extant
Thompson of Walton-on-the-Hill 1963 Thompson extant
Thompson of Wimpole Street 1899 Thompson extinct 1944
Thomson of Glendarroch 1929 Thomson extant
Thomson of Monken Hadley 1938 Thomson extinct 1953
Thomson of Old Nunthorpe 1925 Thomson extant
Thornhill of Riddlesworth Hall 1885 Thornhill, Compton-Thornhill extinct 1949  
Thursby of Ormerod House 1887 Thursby extinct 1941
Tierney of Brighton 1818 Tierney extinct 1845 first Baronet obtained a new patent in 1834, which creation became extinct in 1860
Tierney of Brighton 1834 Tierney extinct 1860 first Baronet had already been created a Baronet in 1818, which title became extinct in 1845
Tomlinson of Richmond Terrace 1902 Tomlinson extinct 1912
Touche of Dorking 1962 Touche extant
Touche of Westcott 1920 Touche extant
Townsend-Farquhar of Mauritius 1821 Townsend-Farquhar extinct 1924
Treloar of Grange Mount 1907 Treloar extinct 1923
Trenchard of Wolfeton 1919 Trenchard extant first Baronet created Viscount Trenchard in 1936
Trevelyan of Madras 1874 Trevelyan extant
Treves of Dorchester 1902 Treves extinct 1923
Tritton of Bloomfield 1905 Tritton extant
Trotter of West Ville 1821 Trotter, Lindsay extinct 1913
Truscott of Oakleigh 1909 Truscott extant unproven (third Baronet died 2001) - under review
Tubbs of Wooton-under-Edge 1929 Tubbs extinct 1941
Tuck of Park Crescent 1910 Tuck extant
Tufton of Appleby 1851 Tufton extant second Baronet created Baron Hothfield in 1881
Tupper of Armdale 1888 Tupper extant
Turton of Upsall 1926 Turton extinct 1929
Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes of Banbury 1916 Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes extant  
Tyler of Queenhithe 1894 Tyler extinct 1907
Tyrell of Boreham 1809 Tyrell extinct 1877
Tyrwhitt of Stanley Hall 1808 Tyrwhitt, Tyrwhitt Jones, Tyrwhitt-Wilson extinct 1950 also Baron Berners from 1917 to 1950
Tyrwhitt of Terschelling 1919 Tyrwhitt extant


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Uniacke-Penrose-Fitzgerald of Lisquinlan 1896 Uniacke-Penrose-Fitzgerald extinct 1919
Usher of Norton 1899 Usher extant
Vassar-Smith of Charlton Park 1917 Vassar-Smith extant
Vaughan-Morgan of Outwood 1960 Vaughan-Morgan extinct 1995 first Baronet created a life peer as Baron Reigate in 1970
Vavasour of Alverstoke 1828 Vavasour extant
Vavasour of Spaldington 1801 Vavasour extinct 1912
Verdin of The Brockhurst 1896 Verdin extinct 1920
Verner of Verners Bridge 1846 Verner extinct 1975
Verney of Eaton Square 1946 Verney dormant second Baronet died 1993
Vernon of Hanbury Hall 1885 Vernon extinct 1940
Vernon of Shotwick Park 1914 Vernon extant
Vestey of Kingswood 1913 Vestey extant first Baronet created Baron Vestey in 1922
Vestey of Shirley 1921 Vestey extant
Vivian of Singleton 1881 Vivian extant first Baronet created Baron Swansea in 1893
Vivian of Truro 1828 Vivian extant first Baronet created Baron Vivian in 1841


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Waechter of Ramanest 1911 Waechter extinct 1985
Wakefield of Kendal 1962 Wakefield extant
Wakefield of Saltwood 1917 Wakefield extinct 1941 first Baronet created Viscount Wakefield in 1934
Wakeley of Liss 1952 Wakeley extant
Wakeman of Perdiswell 1828 Wakeman dormant fifth Baronet died 1991
Waley-Cohen of Honymead 1961 Waley-Cohen extant
Walker-Smith of Broxbourne 1960 Walker-Smith extant
Walker of Castleton 1835 Walker, Forestier-Walker extant
Walker of Gateacre 1886 Walker, Walker-Okeover extant
Walker of Oakley House 1856 Walker extant unproven (fourth Baronet died 2005) - under review
Walker of Pembroke House 1906 Walker extant unproven (fourth Baronet died 2004) - under review
Walker of Sand Hutton 1868 Walker extant
Wallace of Hertford House 1871 Wallace extinct 1890
Wallace of Studham 1937 Wallace extinct 1944
Wallace of Terreglestown 1922 Wallace extinct 1940
Waller of Goffies Park 1815 Waller extinct 1995
Walrond of Bradfield 1876 Walrond extinct 1966 second Baronet created Baron Waleran in 1905
Walsh of Ormathwaite 1804 Walsh extinct 1984
Walsham of Grayswood House 1831 Walsham extant
Walton of Rushpool 1910 Walton extinct 1923
Ward of Blyth 1929 Ward extinct 1956
Ward of Wellington 1911 Ward extant
Ward of Wilbraham Place 1914 Ward extinct 1973
Warde of Barham Court 1919 Warde extinct 1937
Waring of Foots Cray Place 1919 Waring extinct 1940 first Baronet created Baron Waring in 1922
Waring of St Bartholomew’s 1935 Waring extant
Warmington of Pembridge Square 1908 Warmington extant
Warner of Brettenham Park 1910 Warner extant
Waterlow of Harrow Weald 1930 Waterlow extant
Waterlow of London 1873 Waterlow extant
Watkin of Rose Hill 1880 Watkin extinct 1914
Watson of Earnock 1895 Watson, Inglefield-Watson extant
Watson of London 1866 Watson extant
Watson of Newport 1918 Watson extinct 1959
Watson of Sulhamstead 1912 Watson extinct 1983
Way of Montefiore 1899 Way extinct 1916
Webb-Johnson of Stoke-on-Trent 1945 Webb-Johnson extinct 1958 first Baronet created Baron Webb-Johnson in 1948
Webb of Llwynarthen 1916 Webb extinct 1940 first and only Baronet Sir Henry Webb
Webster of Alverstone 1900 Webster extinct 1915 first Baronet created Viscount Alverstone in 1913
Wedderburn of Balindean 1803 Wedderburn, Ogilvy-Wedderburn extant
Wedgwood of Dorking 1942 Wedgwood extant  
Weigall of Woodhall Spa 1938 Weigall extinct 1952
Welby of Denton Manor 1801 Welby extant
Welch of Chard 1957 Welch extant
Wells of Felmersham 1944 Wells extant
Wells of Hove 1948 Wells extinct 1966
Wells of Upper Grosvenor Street 1883 Wells extinct 1906
Wernher of Luton Hoo 1905 Wernher extinct 1973
Western of Rivenhall 1864 Western extinct 1917
Weston of Kendal 1926 Weston extinct 1926
Wheeler of Woodhouse 1920 Wheeler extant
Wheler of Otterden 1925 Wheler extinct 1927
Whitaker of Babworth 1936 Whitaker extant
White-Todd of Eaton Place 1913 White-Todd extinct 1926
White of Boulge Hall 1937 White dormant second Baronet died 1972
White of Bristol 1904 White extant
White of Salle Park 1922 White extant
White of Walling Walls 1802 White extant
Whitehead of Culham 1889 Whitehead extant
Whitmore of Orsett 1954 Whitmore extant
Whitworth of The Firs 1869 Whitworth extinct 1887
Wigan of Paston Hall 1898 Wigan dormant fifth Baronet died 1996
Wiggin of Honnington Hall 1892 Wiggin extant
Wigram of Walthamstow 1805 Wigram extant
Wilkinson of Brook Witley 1941 Wilkinson extant
Wilks of Grosvenor Street 1898 Wilks extinct 1911
Williams of Bridehead 1915 Williams extant
Williams of Cilgeraint 1953 Williams extant
Williams of Deudrath 1909 Williams extant
Williams of Glynwr 1935 Williams extinct 1959
Williams of Kars 1856 Williams extinct 1883
Williams of London 1894 Williams extinct 1926
Williams of Park 1928 Williams extinct 1938
Williams of Tregullow 1866 Williams extant
Williams of Llanelly 1955 Williams extinct 1958
Williamson of Glenogle 1909 Williamson extant first Baronet created Baron Forres in 1922
Willink of Dingle Bank 1957 Willink extant
Wills of Blagdon 1893 Wills extinct 1911 first Baronet created Baron Winterstoke in 1906
Wills of Blagdon 1923 Wills extant
Wills of Hazlewood 1904 Wills extant
Wills of Northmoor 1897 Wills extant second Baronet created Baron Dulverton in 1929
Willshire of the East Indies 1841 Willshire extinct 1947
Wilson-Todd of Halnaby Hall 1903 Wilson-Todd extinct 1925  
Wilson of Airdrie 1906 Wilson extant
Wilson of Archer House 1897 Wilson extinct 1907
Wilson of Carbeth 1920 Wilson extant
Wilson of Currygrane 1919 Wilson extinct 1922
Wilson of Delhi 1858 Wilson extinct 1921
Wilson of Eshton Hall 1874 Wilson extant
Wingate of Dunbar 1920 Wingate extinct 1978  
Wolfson of St Marylebone 1962 Wolfson extant second Baronet created a life peer as Baron Wolfson in 1985
Womersley of Grimsby 1945 Womersley extant  
Wood of Gatton 1808 Wood extinct 1837  
Wood of Hatherley House 1837 Wood extant  
Wood of Hengrave 1918 Wood extinct 1974  
Wood of The Hermitage 1897 Wood extinct 1946  
Workman-Macnaghten of Dundarave 1836 Workman-Macnaghten, Macnaghten extant
Worley of Ockshott 1928 Worley extinct 1937  
Worsfold of The Hall Place 1924 Worsfold extinct 1936  
Worsley-Taylor of Moreton Hall 1917 Worsley-Taylor extinct 1958  
Worsley of Hovingham Hall 1838 Worsley extant  
Worthington Evans of Colchester 1916 Worthington-Evans extinct 1971
Wraxall of Wraxall 1813 Wraxall extant  
Wright of Swansea 1920 Wright extinct 1950  
Wrightson of Neasham Hall 1900 Wrightson extant  
Wrixon-Becher of Ballygiblin 1831 Wrixon-Becher extant  
Wylie of St Petersburg 1814 Wylie extinct 1845  
Yarrow of Homstead 1916 Yarrow extant  
Yate of Madeley Hall 1921 Yate extinct 1940  
Young of Bailieborough 1821 Young extant second Baronet created Baron Lisgar in 1870, which title became extinct in 1887
Young of Formosa Place 1813 Young extant
Young of Patrick 1945 Young extant  
Younger of Auchen Castle 1911 Younger extant  
Younger of Fountain Bridge 1964 Younger extinct 1992  
Younger of Leckie 1911 Younger extant first Baronet created Viscount Younger of Leckie in 1923
Yule of Hugli River 1922 Yule extinct 1928  

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