Boys Who Cry

Boys Do Cry

"Boys Do Cry" is the fifteenth episode of the fifth season of the FOX animated series Family Guy. The title is a play on that of the 1999 film Boys Don’t Cry, with Stewie's role somewhat mimicking Hilary Swank's.

Plot summary

Lois gets a job as the new organist for the church, which makes her decide to persuade her family to start attending mass on Sundays. After Stewie mistakes it for something else, he drinks too much Communion wine and throws it up, the town of Quahog believes him to be possessed by Satan (since the wine is supposed to be the blood of Christ, Satan would reject it). When the priest wants to exorcise him (aided by the entire town), the Griffin family escapes to Lois' sister Carol's house in Texas.

Upon arriving at their home, their neighbours, the Lynches welcome them. The woman states that she is a housewife while the man states that he is "a queer chaser and beater." Peter fits in with the cowboys, but Brian can't stand the racist and homophobic (and stereotypical) Texas life. While Stewie, disguised as a girl under the name "Stephanie Griffin", enters a "Little Miss Texan" pageant, Meg and Chris sneak into George W. Bush's house to steal his underwear as part of an initiation into an after-school club. Eventually, it is reported by Texan news journalist Duke Dillon (Bill Engvall) that Quahog is giving up its search for Stewie because of the finding of a new Satan (the "super devil"), but Lois, hoping to instill "moral values" in her family, neglects to mention it. It is Brian who finds out about this from his girlfriend Jillian back in Quahog and confronts Lois.

After branding the orgasmic cow that appeared in the episode "Jungle Love", things turn sour when Peter reveals that he is retarded. The men with him, who explain that Texas executes retarted people, tie him to an electric chair and are about to put him to death when he is rescued by his trusty horse, who is Gilbert Gottfried.

Stewie manages to win the pageant, but then his wig falls off when he bows during the crowning ceremony and the audience labels him as a "queer-o-sexual" and tries to rush the stage. The family is able to escape on the back of Gilbert Gottfried. The family is relieved to be home, especially Lois, who realizes that homophobia, racism and flat out ignorance aren't necessarily good moral values.


  • 12 year old Camilla Stull, who guest starred in this episode, died on on April 16, 2007 after a three-year battle with Leukemia. Her dream of becoming an actress came true as Drew Barrymore introduced her to Seth MacFarlane, who gave her a one episode contract.
  • In the second season episode "Road to Rhode Island," it was revealed that Brian was born in Texas.
  • When Brian buys a bottle of whiskey, the clerk also gives him a gun, explaining that its Texas State Law: "buy a bottle of liquor; get a free gun." When Brian fires the gun up in the air, he accidentally shoots and kills the Superdevil.
  • Continuity: Although 2 episodes earlier (Bill and Peter's bogus journey) Lois is fed up with Brian using the lawn as his toilet, in this episode it seems like he still uses the lawn - although he doesn't actually this episode since it is raining and he "goes" inside on the newspaper.

Cultural references

  • The show starts with a commercial for a new Julia Louis-Dreyfus sitcom Now It's Just Getting Sad, a reference to not only the Seinfeld Curse but also Louis-Dreyfus's sitcoms Watching Ellie and The New Adventures of Old Christine.
  • The scene where Meg lies on the couch deflated is a reference to the recent Partnership for a Drug-Free America ads where a teenage girl is shown flattened on the couch and her friend tells the viewer that her marijuana abuse caused her to become dull and listless.
  • Lois receives a stitching of Chuck Norris from one of their neighbors in Texas. Peter says that “Chuck Norris is so tough, under his beard, there is no chin...there is only another fist”, which refers to Chuck Norris Facts. When Brian responds “That's ridiculous,” Chuck Norris shows up and punches him in the face with a fist that emerges from beneath his beard, and again later to punch a girl that threatened Stewie's chances of winning the pageant.
  • At George W. Bush's Crawford ranch, Dick Cheney is guarding the house with a shotgun while sleeping. He is dreaming about seething over his “18% approval rating,” he then says he will give 18% of his foot in your ass, which is a reference to That 70's show Red line and how he would like to introduce people to the husband of his daughter, Mary (who is actually a lesbian). Inside, Bush has pictures of him with, among others, the Super Devil. Additionally, Chris points out that Bush has several lines of “sugar” cut and ready for snorting, a reference to Bush's alleged cocaine use. Bush is also shown drinking alcohol, a reference to him being a recovering alcoholic.
  • At the Little Miss Texas Pageant, somebody shouts “Hey, it's Enrico Pallazzo!” when Stewie's wig falls off. This is a reference to The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!
  • When Brian tells Stewie that he needs to disguise himself, Stewie suggests dressing up as Britney Spears. (Since his already standing in his own urine and hates the person he's with)
  • When Lois asks Peter why he can't make his own dinner, he responds, "You can't ask me to make dinner, Lois. That's like asking me to choose between Sarah Jessica Parker and Kirsten Dunst in a 'hot body, weird face' contest. It can't be done."


  • In the uncensored version, the church pastor has a different reading. In the FOX version, the reading was from the book of John and it was about a man complaining about a couple living in an upstairs apartment with a crying baby. On Adult Swim, the reading is from the book of Leviticus and was centered around a man ejaculating into a sock and trying to hide it in a clothes hamper.
  • The scene during the family's drive to Texas where Peter flirts with a blond female driver (similar to Chevy Chase flirting with Christie Brinkley in the film National Lampoon's Vacation), the female driver crashing into a truck, and Lois's comment, “You marry Billy Joel, it's going to happen one way or another” was cut on FOX but is shown on re-runs on TBS and Cartoon Network.
  • Stewie's line about child beauty pageants being a “first class ticket to a semen-covered death in the basement” on the uncensored airing was changed to the supposedly less explicit “semen-stained death in the basement” (a reference to JonBenét Ramsey) on the FOX airing.

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