Bowstring (hieroglyph)

Bowstring (hieroglyph)

The ancient Egyptian Bowstring, hieroglyph is an Egyptian language hieroglyph associated with the bow, and its use as a hieroglyph for the Archer hieroglyph, a symbol for 'army'. Because of the strength required to "string a bow", with a bow string, the bowstring hieroglyph is used to define words of strength, hardness, durability, etc.

Language usage of bow string

The hieroglyphic language equivalent of the bowstring is "rwdj", and means "hard, strong, durable".

Rosetta Stone usage

In the 198 BC Rosetta Stone, the bowstring hieroglyph has the unique usage in the final line of the Ptolemy V decree, concerning the writing of the three scripts: the bowstring, as the word hard-(roodj) is used to describe the durability of the stone-stela:
... "Shall be engraved decree this upon a vertical-(mast (hieroglyph)) tablet-(stele) of stone hard -(durable) the 3-language scripts, ..''"Shall be made to stand it in the sanctuaries in temples all..."

Pharaoh Rudamun's name

Pharaoh Rudamun of the 23rd Dynasty, 757-54 BC has his name in two cartouches showing the use of the bowstring hieroglyph, (only one uses the bowstring). A white rock crystal vase has two cartouches above the hieroglyphic symbol for union (hieroglyph). One cartouche uses the bowstring hieroglyph and states his name: "A-mn-Rudj–A-mn-Mer", and is approximately: "Amun's Strength—Amun's Beloved".


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