Bourne United Charities

Bourne United Charities

Bourne United Charities is registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales. Its purpose is the joint administration of several legacies dedicated for the relief of poverty, the provision of housing and accommodation and environmental, conservation or heritage objectives in the Parish of Bourne. The nine principal endowments are:

John Brown

William Fisher for Almshouses

William Fisher for Bread

Robert Harrington

Jeremiah Ives

North Fen Poor's Land

South Fen Poor's Land

Nicholas Rand

William Trollope

Principal Assets

Bourne United Charities owns Abbey Lawn, a recreation ground in the centre of Bourne, along with the Wellhead Park, which is a public park. The Charities own and administer almshouses on West Street in the town. It also owns a number of investment properties in the town and elsewhere, principally in Leytonstone in the London Borough of Waltham Forest. In Bourne, their principal property is the Red Hall, where they have their office, and they also own Baldock's Mill, home of the Bourne Civic Society.

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