Boulkiemdé Province

Boulkiemdé Province

Boulkiemdé is one of the 45 provinces of Burkina Faso and is in Centre-Ouest Region. The capital of Boulkiemdé is Koudougou. The population of Boulkiemdé was 498,008 in 2006.

Boulkiemde is divided into 13 departments:

The Communes of Boulgou
Commune Capital Population
(Census 2006)
Bingo Department Bingo 15,100
Imasgho Department Imasgho 22,401
Kindi Department Kindi 33,347
Kokologho Department Kokologho 38,988
Koudougou Department Koudougou 131,825
Nandiala Department Nandiala 23,266
Nanoro Department Nanoro 33,291
Pella Department Pella 19,243
Poa Department Poa 30,317
Ramongo Department Ramongo 23,081
Sabou Department Sabou 45,877
Siglé Department Siglé 27,336
Soaw Department Soaw 15,937
Sourgou Department Sourgou 13,748
Thyou Department Thyou 24,251

Boulkiemdé (specifically the department of Bingo) was a location in the American television series The Amazing Race 12 (2007).

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