Botolph's Bridge Halt railway station


O'Briensbridge (Droichead Uí Bhriain in Irish) is a village in east County Clare, Ireland, on the west bank of the River Shannon. The first bridge across the river here was built in 1506 by Turlough O'Brien, First Earl of Thomond and his brother, the Bishop of Killaloe. This 16th-century bridge was replaced or rebuilt in around 1750. Five of the arches on the western side of the bridge date from this period. Six arches on the eastern side were replaced by the Shannon Commissioners in 1842. The first arch on the western side was replaced by the present navigation arch when the Shannon Scheme was built downstream in 1925-29.

At the eastern end of today's 14-arch bridge lies the village of Montpelier in County Limerick.

The ancient river-crossing here is believed to be identical with Áth Caille (meaning "Ford of the Wood"): one of the three fords mentioned in the Triads of Ireland, the others being Áth Clíath (Dublin) and Áth Lúain (Athlone).

The local soccer club is Bridge Celtic AFC, which was formed in 1963 and currently plays in the Clare Soccer League. The club won the Clare Premier title in 2006/07, for the first time in 28 years.

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