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Bosse Field

Bosse Field

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Bosse Field, built in 1915, is the third oldest baseball stadium in regular use in the United States. It is the current home of the Frontier League Evansville Otters, a minor league baseball team. The stadium is located in Garvin Park just north of downtown Evansville, Indiana.


Bosse Field opened on July 17,1915. It was named in honor of Benjamin Bosse, mayor of Evansville from 1914 to 1922, who bought Garvin Park and helped to build the stadium. A holiday was declared in honor of the opening of the stadium. A band marched from Sunset Park to the new stadium.

The Otters franchise came to Evansville in 1995. In 1999, they attracted a franchise record number of fans, over 3000 fans per game. Averaging the four years the Otters have been in Evansville, they have attracted roughly 2500 fans per game.

Bosse Field hosts many local high school baseball games. Recently $200,000 was raised by Friends of Bosse Field to renovate Bosse Field.

Ten baseball teams other than the Otters have played at Bosse Field. Some of the most famous are the Evansville Triplets (1970-84), Evansville Braves (1946-57), Evas/Pocketeers/Hubs (1919-1931) and the Evansville River Rats (1914-15), the River Rats had played in Evansville previously from (1903-1910) and (1901-1902). The Triplets won the American Association titles in 1972, 1975, and 1979. The River Rats won the Central League title in 1908 and 1915. The Braves won the Three-I League title in 1946, 1948, 1956, and 1957.

From 1921 to 1922, Bosse Field was used as a football stadium and was home to the Evansville Crimson Giants of the NFL.

Baseball Hall of Fame members Hank Greenberg, Chuck Klein, Edd Roush, Warren Spahn, and Sam Thompson played at Bosse Field during their careers. There have been many other Major League Baseball players from Evansville.

Former Bosse Field professional teams

Team Sport League Played Venue Class Affiliation Championships
Evansville River Rats Baseball Central League 1914- 1915 Bosse Field B Central League Title 1915
Evansville Evas Baseball Central League 1916- 1917 Bosse Field B None
Evansville Black Sox Baseball Three-I League 1919 Bosse Field B None
Evansville Evas Baseball Three-I League 1920- 1923 Bosse Field B None
Evansville Crimson Giants Football National Football League 1921- 1922 Bosse Field N.A. N.A. None
Evansville Little Evas Baseball Three-I League 1924 Bosse Field B None
Evansville Pocketeers Baseball Three-I League 1925 Bosse Field B None
Evansville Hubs Baseball Three-I League 1926- 1931 Bosse Field B None
Evansville Bees Baseball Three-I League 1938-1942 Bosse Field B Boston Bees, 1938-1940 Boston Braves, 1940-1942 None
Evansville Braves Baseball Three-I League 1946- 1957 Bosse Field B Boston Braves, 1946-1953 Milwaukee Braves, 1953-1957 Three-I League Title 1946, 1948, 1956, 1957
Evansville White Sox Baseball Southern League 1966- 1968 Bosse Field AA Chicago White Sox None
Evansville Triplets Baseball American Association 1970- 1984 Bosse Field AAA Minnesota Twins, 1970 Milwaukee Brewers, 1971-1973 Detroit Tigers, 1974-1984 American Association Title 1972, 1975, 1979


Bosse Field is the third oldest ballpark used for professional baseball on a regular basis in the country, surpassed only by Fenway Park (1912) in Boston and Wrigley Field (1914) in Chicago.

In 1991 the stadium was used by Columbia pictures for game scenes in the movie A League of Their Own.

Bosse Field has also been used as a football stadium. It was the temporary football stadium of the local North High School (Evansville), and from 1921 to 1922 it was home to the Evansville Crimson Giants of the NFL.

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