Bornholm Airport

Bornholm Airport is a Danish airport located 2.7 nautical miles (5 km) southeast of Rønne, on the island of Bornholm.


In 1935 representatives from the Rigsdag, Rønne municipality and Det Danske Luftfartsselskab (DDL) - later a part of Scandinavian Airlines System - made an arrangement about establish an air route between Rønne and Copenhagen. The year after A/S Den bornholmske Flyveplads (The Bornholmish Airport Ltd.) were found and in 1937 the work with clearance of wood and establishment of the airport started. In 1939 the route opened on a temporary licence from the air transport inspection, but it were in need to stop after few days because of the condition of the runway.

The airport were christened on November 16 1940 and Det Danske Luftfartsselskab started flying with one daily departure to Copenhagen. The route were in 1982 taken over by Maersk Air - later a part of Sterling Airlines - and in 2002 Cimber Air took over the route, after Maersk in more years had flown with deficit. In 2005 Danish Air Transport opened a competitive route. The 13. of July 2008 was the last day that Danish Air Transport operated flights to and from Bornholm. They decided to quit, after they didnt get the rights to operate special and hospital flights. The first airport building were christened in 1941. In 1961 the first real terminal taken into use. The present terminal is from 1982 while the control tower is from 1977.

In 1947 the state took over the airport, there contemporary changed name to Rønne Airport. In 1992 the name changed again, this time to Bornholm's Airport, amount others after wish from the trades and industries of the island, who wished better opportunity to market the island. The airport is managed by Statens Luftfartsvæsen (The Danish Civil Aviation Administration) and the approach control carried out by Naviair.

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