Borneo Child Aid Society

Borneo Child Aid Society

Borneo Child Aid Society/Humana is an independent Not-for-Profit NGO based in Sabah, Malaysia on the island of Borneo. It is locally known and registered as "Humana Child Aid Society Sabah". The society is presently operating more than 70 plantation schools for over 7000 children. Thousands of children of mainly Indonesian and Philippine plantation workers in remote areas of Sabah are still without access to school because of poverty, distance or legal status. The aims of Borneo Child Aid Society is to provide education by opening Learning Centres for these children, and thereby helping to fulfill the UN's millennium goals of basic education for all children. This also will give an opportunity to study further and to participate in the society they live in. The society is depending on support from socially responsible companies or individuals to be able to continue education for thousands of children. The project has been operated solely on donations from corporations, individuals and substantial contributions from the Embassy of Finland.
Director: Torben Venning
Honorary Advisor: John Madsen, Kuala Lumpur
Chairman of Committee: Peter Mathisen, Denmark

Plantation Child Transportation from their Labour Line Homes to the Learning Centre.

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