Borias is a fictional character in the cult television program, Xena: Warrior Princess. He is portrayed by Marton Csokas.


The warlord Borias, possibly of Hunnish descent, plundered many cities and villages in ancient Greece alongside Xena. They had a passionate affair from which she became pregnant. She cut her ties to the warlord after he betrayed her, when he defended the Centaurs against her reckless cruelty. Borias later came for Xena, as she was about to give birth. He planned to take her and his child away, but was killed before he could carry out his plan.

Character history

Borias meets Xena

When Borias first met Xena, she was able to seduce him away from his wife and child, and even away from his army. She persuaded him to form their own army and set off to conquer Asia. Borias met Xena during the most destructive period of her life. While Borias has a calming influence on Xena, he was not able to control her wild urges altogether.

Journey to Qin

Borias and Xena left Greece and headed east across the Mongolian steppes, slaughtering anyone who stood in their way. Upon their arrival in Qin, Borias set about securing an alliances with two wealthy Chinese houses, the houses of Ming and Lao. Xena ruined his plans by kidnapping Ming T'ien the son of Ming Tzu, the head of the house of Ming. For this act Borias betrayed Xena to Ming Tzu, and gave her over to him in exchange for money and horses. For a time this saw an end to the alliance between Xena and Borias.

Alti and the Amazons

Some time later Xena and Borias united once again, and joined forces with Alti. Alti told Xena she would make her the Destroyer of Nations. The Amazon queen Cyane, saw the good in Borias and told Xena, "He's trying to change, Xena. Let him. If you two stay together, you're just gonna end up killing him. The prospect of becoming a father caused Borias to seek peace in his life, and he protected the young amazon, Otere, from Alti and Xena, who planned on killing her because Alti predicted that "she will take your power from you one day". Borias tried to forge peace with the Amazons, but Xena betrayed them and killed all of Cyane's tribe.

Borias and the Centaurs

When Xena planned to lead an attack on the centaurs, Borias, unable to tame Xena's violent ways, broke away from her for the last time. She turned on him, but he did not turn his back on her because of their child. He pleaded with her to go with him saying, "Before Alti, before all this, we had love, Xena. Maybe we confused it with power, but it was there, is still there. For the sake of our son, and us, I'm taking you away. He then tried to rescue her, and his child, from the army camp where she was planning her attack on the Centaurs, but just as he saw his new-born son, he was killed by Xena's lieutenant, Dagnine and a slave woman.


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