Bootleg (Larry Norman album)

Bootleg (Larry Norman album)

Bootleg is the title of an album created by Larry Norman in 1972.


Original LP release

Side 1 (1968: The early tapes)

  1. I Think I Love You
  2. Walking Backwards
  3. Ha Ha World
  4. Classical Mandolin
  5. I Don't Believe In Miracles
  6. The Day That A Child Appeared

Side 2 (1969: The One Way sessions)

  1. What Goes Through Your Mind
  2. No Change Can Attend
  3. One Way
  4. A Song Won't Stop The World
  5. Blue Shoes White
  6. 666 (The Anti-Christ)
  7. Taking My Time
  8. I've Searched All Around

Side 3 (1970 -1971: Mixed media)

  1. Television Interview
  2. Let The Lions Come (Speech To Russia For Christ)
  3. Jesus And The Movies
  4. Addressing The National Youth Workers Convention

Side 4 (1971 -1972: Maranatha)

  1. When I First Met You
  2. Without Love You Are Nothing
  3. A Love Like Yours
  4. You Can Save Me
  5. Even If You Don’t Believe
  6. UFO
  7. Why Don't You Look Into Jesus
  8. Song For A Small Circle Of Friends

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