Boost Juice

Boost Juice

Boost Juice Bars Pty Ltd is a chain of retail outlets that specialise in selling fruit juice. Originally started in Australia, it has expanded its market internationally. Nestle have a franchise to distribute the products in the United Kingdom.


Boost Juice was founded by Australian Janine Allis. "In the beginning it was just an idea," she states on her company website, "There are no real healthy options when you go out, why can't there be an easy grab and go that's healthy?".

After noticing the juice bar fad in the United States, Allis was inspired to bring it back to Australia. However, rather than duplicating American juice bars, she added her own flair and personality to the concept of "fast food you can feel good about".

Recently Boost Juice has expanded from just selling juice to now selling other products. The new introductions to the product range include Boost Wraps, TD4 Yoghurt, "Boost Bites", popcorn, "Boost Bars", "Hotties", bottled fruit juices called "Nudies" and soups. Some of these products are available in Supermarkets.


As of March 2008, there are 213 stores operating in Australia, Chile, Indonesia, Singapore, United Kingdom, South Africa, Kuwait, Macau, Portugal, Hong Kong, Dubai & Estonia.

The highest grossing company stores are currently Sydney Airport and Melbourne Airport. The highest grossing franchisee stores are currently Chadstone and Pacific Fair. The highest grossing international store is currently Trafford Centre in Greater Manchester, England.

Boost Juice New Zealand operations were closed down in May 2006 after the NZ master franchise (which operated all the New Zealand stores) was put into liquidation. The stores were sold to Tank Juice who are now operating them under the Tank brand .


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