Boogadaboogadaboogada! is the second studio recording by the Chicago punk rock band Screeching Weasel.

It is the best selling album of their discography and was notably faster compared to future releases.

Track listing

All songs by Ben Weasel except where noted.

  1. "Dingbat" – 1:58
  2. "Love" – 1:49
  3. "Zombie" (Ben Weasel/John Jughead) – 1:36
  4. "This Ain't Hawaii" – 1:52
  5. "We Skate" (Ben Weasel/John Jughead) – 0:12
  6. "Police Insanity" (Ben Weasel/Fish) – 1:16
  7. "Stupid Over You" – 2:08
  8. "Runaway" (Del Shannon/Max Crook– 0:33
  9. "I Hate Led Zeppelin" – 1:06
  10. "My Right" – 2:57
  11. "Nicarauga" – 0:58
    • Ben Weasel intentionally misspelled Nicaragua for comedic effect and as the pink booklet's lyrics for the song ends with "I don't give a fuck about Nicaragua" ending with a note from Ben Weasel saying "that's why I spelled it wrong."
  12. "Sunshine" – 2:43
  13. "I Wanna Be Naked" – 1:43
  14. "Ashtray" – 2:00
  15. "American Suicide" – 1:13
  16. "Psychiatrist" – 2:51
  17. "Mad at the Paper Boy" – 0:47
  18. "I Love to Hate" – 1:03
  19. "More Problems" (Fish) – 1:18
  20. "Supermarket Fantasy" – 1:30
  21. "Holy Hardcore" (Ben Weasel/John Jughead) – 1:25
  22. "Professional Distribution" (Ben Weasel/John Jughead) – 1:46
  23. "Used Cars" – 0:46
  24. "Hunter" (Fish) – 0:22
  25. "I Believe in UFOs" – 3:16
  26. "Hey Suburbia" (Ben Weasel/John Jughead)– 1:57


Ben Weasel - lead vocals, guitar
Jughead - guitar
Fish - bass
Steve Cheese - drums


  • The first 200 copies of the original pressing on Roadkill Records included an insert which featured pictures of the band bowling in the nude.
  • Steve Cheese was kicked out of the band prior to the record's release. The insert in the Roadkill Records notes that Steve Cheese had "moved on" and that Brian Vermin was the band's new drummer.
  • Roadkill Records originally pressed 2000 copies of the record. In 1991, they did a second pressing of 176 copies, which, according to Ben Weasel, was done to fill up extra jackets that the label had left over. The album was remixed for the 2nd pressing and this version was featured on all subsequent reissues of the record.
  • The Wetspots release of the record features an entirely different cover (a cartoon drawing of a paperboy flipping off an old man). This cover was reproduced inside the booklet of the CD reissue by Asian Man Records.
  • The Lookout! version is green with lyrics in the booklet. Ben later claimed that the color was changed from pink to green to signify that the band was "cashing in".
  • The Asian Man version is pink with lyrics and additional liner notes.
  • Although he is credited as 2nd guitarist in the album credits, Ben claimed in the detailed discography found in the original version of How to Make Enemies and Irritate People that he actually only played guitar on about a quarter of the songs on this record.
  • When added to Windows Media Player Nicarauga is spelled "Nicaraguga"
  • Reissued on vinyl by Recess Records in 2008. The record came with a gatefold jacket with all the lyrics and liner notes (same as those on the Asian Man CD reissue) printed on the inner gatefold. The first 500 copies came on grey vinyl. The record features the same cover art as the Asian Man CD, except the text (band name and album title) were removed.

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