Bonheur River Kame Provincial Park

Bonheur River Kame Provincial Park

Bonheur River Kame Provincial Park is an provincial nature reserve in Ontario, Canada. It is approximately 35 km east of the town of Ignace, and north of Burk Township. It became a nature reserve in 1985 via provincial legislation, primarily to protect the kame it contains, which is an important earth science feature.

The park features a distinctive and "spectacular moulin kame" which surges 80 m above a peat plain. The undisturbed kame, essentially a cone-shaped hill, lies in forest cover typical of the southern portions of the Boreal Shield ecozone,

As a nature reserve, the only acceptable human activity in this park is the observation of wildlife and birds. Development is banned, as is tourism and even subsistence activities such as fishing and hunting.


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