Bonheur, Rosa

Bonheur, Rosa

Bonheur, Rosa, 1822-99, French painter of animals. She was a pupil of her father, Raymond Bonheur. Her paintings were regularly exhibited in the Salon from 1841. Bonheur's informed and sympathetic pictures of animal life were remarkably enlightened in approach. They gained her wide popularity, particularly in England and America, where much of her work is to be seen. Her most famous painting, The Horse Fair (1853-55), is in the Metropolitan Museum.

For the artist, see Rosa Bonheur

Bonheur is a Norwegian holding company for the Olsen family. The company is listed on Oslo Stock Exchange and has ownership in numerous companies within energy, shipping and other sectors. The Bonheur company controls the Ganger Rolf company which has a 19.51% ownership in Bonheur. All investments are made 50/50 with Ganger Rolf.

Bonheur has its headquarters in Oslo, Norway.

The company is controlled by Invento AS and Quatro AS who together own 50.3% of the company. Both companies are owned by Fred. Olsen & Co., a company wholly owned by Anette S. Olsen.


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