Bolle's Pigeon

Bolle's Pigeon

The Bolle's Pigeon (Columba bollii) is a member of the family Columbidae, doves and pigeons, which is endemic to the Canary Islands.

It is a rare resident breeder in the mountain laurel forest zone. Bolle's Pigeon builds a stick nest in a tree, laying one white egg.

At 37-40 cm, it looks like a very dark Wood Pigeon. It is a basically dark grey bird, with a pinkish breast. It lacks any white markings, which together with its darker plumage distinguishes it from the other species.

Its dark grey, rather than brown plumage, and the dark bands on the grey tail distinguish it from the other pigeon endemic to the Canary Islands, the Laurel Pigeon.

Its flight is quick, performed by regular beats, with an occasional sharp flick of the wings, characteristic of pigeons in general. It takes off with a loud clattering.

The call is a hoarse cooing.

This bird is named after the German naturalist Carl Bolle, who was the first to distinguish it from the Laurel Pigeon.


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