Bolkow BO 207

Bölkow Bo 207

The Bölkow Bo 207 was a four-seat light aircraft built in Germany in the early 1960s, a development of the Klemm Kl 107 built during World War II. Bölkow had built the Kl 107 under licence before substantially modernising and enlarging the design. Development commenced with the modification of a Bölkow-built Kl 107 (construction number 145) into a prototype that first flew at the end of 1960. Changes to the earlier aircraft included a revised cockpit canopy, the addition of wing fuel tanks, and two extra seats.

Altogether, 91 aircraft were produced in series, in addition to the prototype. One of these (construction number 284) was built with tricycle undercarriage, and designated Bo 214.


  • Ki 107D and F207 were the original designations of the Bolkow Bo 207.
  • Bo 207 : Four-seat light cabin aircraft. Tailwheel undercarriage.
  • Bo 207T : Training version of the Bo 207. Tailwheel undercarriage.
  • Bo 214 : Variant of Bo 207 with tricycle undercarriage. One built.

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