Boliney, Abra

Boliney is a 5th class municipality in the province of Abra, Philippines. According to the 2000 census, it has a population of 3,340 people in 639 households.


Boliney is politically subdivided into 8 barangays.

  • Amtinian
  • Bao-yan
  • Danac East
  • Dao-angan
  • Dumagas
  • Kilong-Olao
  • Poblacion (Boliney)
  • Danac West


The town of Boliney is situated 62 kilometers of the capital town of Bangued, and 24 kilometers eats of the town of Boliney.

It is used to be reached by hiking the 24 kilometers mountain trail. Now there is a road which was completed in 1974.

Year by year after 1974, the road was extended to about 14 kilometers before reaching Danac, the farthest barangay. The road is now as far as the Poblacion, the rest of the road having been abandoned. The municipality has eight barangays, populated by about five thousand people, representing the Cordillera sub-tribes, namely; Masadiit of the Tinguian Tribes, Belwang of the Igorot and Balatoc of the Kalinga tribe. Descendants of the other Tinguian sub-tribes are also represented in Boliney such as Binongan, Banao, Maeng, Ammotan (now called Muyadan of Manabo).

Boliney is bounded to the north by the municipalities of Sallapadan, Bucloc, and Daguioman, to the east are the provinces of Kalinga, Apayao, Mt. Province and the Municipality of Tubo and the west by the municipalities of Luba and Manabo. The main source of livelihood of the people of Boliney comes from their rice terraces. But most of their rice lands were either seriously damaged or totally lost due to the landslides, mud piles, and caused by the killer quake in 1990 and 1992. They get most of their rice now from Bangued and other mountain municipalities supplied some of the rice needs of some of the lowland municipalities.

Rehabilitation have been on the communal facilities such as roads, trails, irrigation systems, footbridges and rice fields by the Masadiit Farmers Cooperative Inc. (MFCI) with the fund amounting to Php 2,903 million from the Presidential Management Staff and by the Inter NGO Disaster Relief Services (INDRS) with the fund amounting 292,516 Canadian Dollars, Php 7 million from OCXFAM. While these rehabilitation efforts have been done so much for the people of Boliney, there is still so much rehabilitation that needs to be done.

But in spite of the very patient parents make great sacrifices in sending their children to college. They believe that education once attained, cannot be destroyed by earthquakes, erosions, or carried away by flooding rivers. It is very surprising Lord Kabunyan to visit us so early this morning. What would be the reason for your visit? Asked Bolinayen’s father.

Kabunyan when he as seated down on the bench said; “yes, I came so early because I have no slept of the past several nights. I am deeply in love with your daughter Bolinayen. I want to marry her.

The father of Bolinayen, having answered several proposals before by Bolinayen’s suitors, told Kabunyan that he will have to ask her daughter. He told Kabunyan to return after a few days for Bolinayen’s answer.

When Kabunyan left, Bolinayen’s father called for his daughter and told of the marriage’s proposals of Kabunyan to which Bolinayen readily objected. She informed her parents that Kabunyan is immortal; marrying him would mean her permanent separation from parents, brothers and sisters.

When Kabunyan return after a few days, he was told of Bolinayen’s refusal for marriage. In spite of her refusal, Kabunyan left her a golden necklace as a gift.

Every three of four days, thereafter, Kabunyan visited Manabo and the parents of Bolinayen and always leaving expensive gifts for the girl-golden bracelets, golden ring, earrings, golden headband strings of a gold beads and delicious fruits from Mt. Poswoy, but none of these softened Bolinayan’s heart.

Then for many days Kabunyan did not visit Manabo. The people of Manabo missed his helps and counsels. They thought that his disappointments over Bolinayan’s refusal of his marriage proposal caused him to exclude Manabo from his itineraries. Bolinayen thought so, too, and was relived. Bolinayen’s young suitors resumed their visits to Bolinayen with Kabunyan was giving her, but just the same, Bolinayen gave her heart to one.

Near the village of Manabo, was their dagsiyan or spring for drinking and cooking water? Late afternoon, Bolinayen went to Dagsiyan with their water pots carried on her head to fetch the evening’s cooking and drinking water. The young maiden always goes and returns together.

One late afternoon, Bolinayen went to the Dagsiyan together with the water village maidens. When her companion had filled up their water pots, they all started to the villages. When they were leaving, they noticed that Bolinayen had not filled up her water pot, they told her to fill up the pot for they return to the village together. But she told them that she will rinse the piece of cloth she was washing, fill up the water pot and follow immediately.

After feeding the pigs, Bolinayen’s water pot and laundry were not at the Dagsiyan but Bolinayen was no where in the area.

The absence of Bolinayen was announced in the whole village. All able warriors congregated in the yard of Bolinayen’s parents. Pine tree torches were prepared and lighted and the warriors went down to Dagsiyan.

When they reached the Dagsiyan the tribal leaders told his companions to search the area. There was no fear of Bolinayen having been killed by the tribal enemies. Their belongs or peace pacts were all in the place. The area searched; there was no Bolinayen, dead or alive. There is only one conclusion; Bolinayen could have been abducted by Kabunyan. The warriors were told to search the grounds for any signs of struggle. It was then that it was discovered. The leaves of the tree on the were scattered caused by the feet of Bolinayen having been dragged. Moving further and following the marks of the half-dragged feet, they discovered the spear marks of Kabunyan’s to lag which he usually used as his walking stick.

The warrior’s leader called all the men together for a conference near the spring. It was conclude that Bolinayen was taken by Kabunyan. It was decided to continue the search and pursuits the following day.

The warriors were nearing the yard of Kabunyan’s golden house; Kabunyan went down and met them. One of the Bolinayen’s brothers rushed at Kabunyan with spear ready to fly. But he was restrained by his companion’s quitted and made to sit on one of the log benches around the yard.

Incidentally, the Liblibbayan, Kabunyan’s winged messenger, served basi to the warriors in the panna organs (bamboo glasses). The warriors drunk to their full of the extra delicious basi. After they have all drunk, they were all surprised. Not only one was their thirst satisfied. Their anger also disappeared. After having their meal, Kabunyan invited the elders of the group in the big sala of the house. He told them that since Bolinayen was already with him, they might as well as talk about the wedding will take – lace on the 10th day after the appearance of the new moon. The Liblibbiyans were instructed by Kabunyan to deliver the invitations to all Tingguian settlements. When the warriors of Manabo were about to leave. Bolinayen extended her personal invitations to the entire young maidens of Manabo including her previous suitors.

The warriors started their way down to Manabo, expecting to reach their way settlement in three days, but they were surprised because before the end of the day they arrived in Manabo. It was as if their village was pulled close to them.

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