Bohinj Railway

Bohinj Railway

The Bohinj Railway or Transalpina is a railway in Slovenia extending into Italy. It connects Jesenice in Slovenia with the towns of Nova Gorica in Slovenia and Gorizia in Italy through the Julian Alps. It was built by Austria-Hungary in 1904 as a strategic railway to the port of Trieste. During the First World War, it carried the majority of Austrian military supplies to the Isonzo Front.

Due to the new political divisions of Europe and the dissolution of Austria-Hungary, the railway increasingly decreased in importance until the end of the 20th century. However, the entry of Slovenia into the European Union has resulted in new prospects for the railway as a convenient passenger and freight route from Central and Eastern Europe to the port of Trieste.

Distinctive features of the railway are the 6,339 metre-long Bohinj Tunnel under 1,498 meter high Mount Kobla and the Solkan Bridge with its 85 meter wide arch over the Soča River.



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