Bogra, town (1991 pop. 120,170), N Bangladesh, on the Karatoya River, a tributary of the Jamuna. It is a road and rail junction and commercial center, with soap, match, and metalware industries. Bogra also has a nursery for sericultural development and six colleges affiliated with Rajshahi Univ.
This article is about the city. For the district, see Bogra District. For the cantonment, see Bogra Cantonment. For the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, see Mohammad Ali Bogra

Bogra (বগুড়া} town is one of the oldest towns in Northern Bangladesh. It is a centre of commerce and trade within the Bogra District and located under the Rajshahi Division. Bogra is sometimes described as the nerve centre of Northern Bangladesh. Amongst many notable activities, it has been hosting cricket test matches in Shaheed Chandu Stadium.

Bogra town also has an importance in terms of transport in northern Bangladesh, as it's situated at the centre. Very close to the town there is a place called Mahasthangarh which was the earliest capital city of Bangladesh, formerly known as Pundravardhana. This place is considered to be sacred by Buddhists, Muslims and Hindus alike. "Behular Bashor Ghar" which very near to Mahasthangarh is a popular place for the tourists. Tourists from all over Bangladesh visit this place throughout the year. Bogra has gone through massive development projects over the past few years. Its development progress is much greater comparing to rest of Bangladesh.

In addition to Mahasthangarh, landmarks in Bogra include the Bogra Nawab Bari museum and amusement park and the Akboria restaurant.

Former president of the People's Republic of Bangladesh Ziaur Rahman, as was Muhammad Ali Bogra a former Prime Minister of Pakistan both were born in this district.

This district is famous for few foods as like as doi (sweet yoghurt), kotkotee (sweet pretzel), etc. It also famous for red chilies and potatoes.


Ancient history

The history says it was the oldest city of Bengal in the Great Emperor Ashoka's India. He conquered the Bengal (Bongo) and founded this old city called Pundra Bardhan. It was famously written in famous ancient travellers of that time .

British rule

Bagura or Bogra was a town and district of British India, in the Rajshahi division of eastern Bengal and Assam. The town is situated on the right bank of the river Karatoya. But the present District Of Bogra, was first formed in 1821. It contains an area of 1359 mi² (3,520 km²). In 1901 the population of the town was 3,094 and of the district (on a reduced area) was 854,533, showing an increase of 11% in the decade. The district stretches out in a level plain, intersected by numerous streams and dotted with patches of jungle. The Karatoya flows from north to south, dividing it into two portions, possessing very distinct characteristics. The eastern tract consists of rich alluvial soil, well watered, and subject to fertilizing inundations, yielding heavy crops of coarse rice, oil-seeds and jute. The western portion of the district is high-lying and produces the finer qualities of rice.

The principal rivers are formed by the different channels of the Brahmaputra, which river here bears the local names of the Konai, the Daokoba and the Jamuna, the last forming a portion of the eastern boundary of the district. Its bed is studded with alluvial islands. The Brahmaputra and its channels, together with three minor streams, the Bangali, Karatoya and Atrai, afford admirable facilities for commerce, and render every part of the district accessible to native cargo boats of large burden. The rivers swarm with fish. The former production of indigo is extinct, and the industry of silk-spinning is decaying. There is no town with as many as 10,000 inhabitants, trade being conducted at riverside marts. Nor are there any metalled roads. Several lines of railway (the Eastern Bengal, &c.), however, serve the district.

Battle of Bogra

In the Bangladesh Liberation War, the area witnessed a fierce battle - Battle of Bogra - between the allied troops of Mitro Bahini and Indian Army (together/combined) which defeated the Pakistan Army.

Notable people from Bogra

Educational institute

There are numerous educational institutes. Bogra Zilla School is the most famous among them. Bogra Zilla School is situated at the centrer of the Bogra town (Saathmathha). It was established back in 1853. The Government girls' high school is popularly known as Victoria Memorial(VM) girls high school. There are some English medium schools like Millennium Scholastic School, BIAM Laboratory school, etc. It has the biggest college in the north Bengle region named Government Azizul Haque College which is under the national university. A large medical college & hospital named Shaheed Ziaur Rahman medical college, equipped with adnavced facilities has been started recently. For technical hands, nevertheless, there is a famous polytechnic institute. Bogra Cantt. Public School & College is also a high ranked instituition. Armed Police Battalion Public School & college is another notable institution.

Next Generation City

In the recent years there is a significant change in town infrastructure. Now it is merging to new advanced urban planning. The town roads are restructured & widen enough to facilitate the citizens. It is the combined effort of the Govt. & people of Bogra. Real state business is flourishing high & developers are focused now on apartment business. First class hotels are being offered to tourists. NAJ Garden is the highest rank hotel in Bogra. Intra & Inter city Communications is an advantage. CNG auto rikshaws are available to ply throughout Bogra city at a very convenient price. Also Bus & other services are available. Next Generation Mobile telecommuncations are being built focusing Bogra city as it is the heart of northern Bangladesh. There are facilities to land jet planes in Bogra (Bogra reserved Airport). All the inhouse & outbound people of Bogra are trying their level best to make Bogra a Next Generation City (NGC) with whom Bangladesh can be proud of.

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