Blue sedge

Carex flacca

Carex flacca (glaucous sedge, blue sedge or carnation-grass) is a species of sedge native to parts of Europe and North Africa, and naturalized in eastern North America. It is frequent in a range of habitats, including grassland, moorland, bare ground, and upper edge of saltmarsh.

Female spikes are approximately 2–4 cm long and 4–6 mm wide.

Stem leaves are green above, glaucous beneath. Most stems have two male spikes, close together and often looking like one at first glance. Fruits are 2–2½ mm, roundish, with a very short beak, under 0.3 mm. They are densely packed on the spike, not loose and gappy like Carex panicea.

The lowest bract is about as long as the inflorescence on average. Female spikes are typically two, and can be short-stalked and upright, or longer-stalked and nodding.

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