Bloodfist II

Bloodfist II

Bloodfist II is a 1990 action/adventure film starring Don Wilson, Kris Aguilar and Ronald Asinas. It was directed by Andy Blumenthal and written by Catherine Cyran.


The film opens with Jake Raye as he fights Mickey Sheehan. The movie opens as they enter the fifth Round of the Lightweight Championship Match. Jake delivers Mickey a lightning fast kick to the throat in the middle of the sixth round, instantly killing him. Seeing what he had done, he decides to give up kickboxing once and for all.

A year later, a friend and manager Vinny Petrello (Maurice Smith) asks him for a favor to travel to Manila and bail him out of trouble with a guy named Su. Although Jake's evening with a prostitute (Liza David) is interrupted, he agrees to help his friend in need. Jake Raye travels to Manila, and meets up with local fighters John Jones (James Warring), Sal Taylor (Timothy D. Baker), Manny Rivera (Manny Samson), and Tobo Casenerra (Monsour Del Rosario). He also meets up with Dieter (Robert Marius), the head of the Dojo. Thugs attack Jake, and is helped by a woman named Mariella (Rina Reyes) into an abandoned safehouse. Mariella betrays him, and the thugs enter the safehouse. Dieter drugs Raye, and puts him on the ship with the other fighters. Raye is re-acquained with his friend Bobby Rose (Rick Hill) and meets another fighter named Ernesto (Steve Rodgers). It is revealed that Su (Joe Mari Avellana) is the one who bring the fighters to his island home called Paradise, and it is also revealed that Vinny is helping Su get the fighters there to battle in gladiator matches.

The kickboxers fight back, and Raye escapes. Soon Raye has a change of heart and decides to free the other fighters. He makes it back to the house undetected by Su, and is helped once more by Mariella. Mariella and Raye uncover a plot for Su to give anabolic steroids to each of his fighters before the match.

Jake Raye takes out some guards before he is discovered by Dieter and knocked unconscious by Vinny, pretending to be in trouble. Jake is taken to the challenger’s box of the arena, where Su, Vinny, and his guests are awaiting the matching. Both John and Ernest die in the arena while battling their opponents (Ernest does win his fight, but Su orders Vinny to kill him either due to his unorthodox fighting i.e low blows and eye gouging however it should be noted the fights were not fair to begin With and they were fighting for survival or his embarrassment of su's fighter) the help of Mariella, the remaining surviving fighters (Bobby, Sal, Tobo, and Jake) manage to escape and beat all the guards. Bobby shoots Dieter while escaping, and the film ends after Jake defeats Su with a swift kick off the balcony. The five people begin to walk off Paradise forever.


Jake Raye’s nickname is stated in the film as ‘The Dragon’. This is the real actor’s nickname in real life.

While on the island, as Su goes by each fighter, he lists off the honors and titles they won. This is also the honors that each actor holds in real life.

The last film in the series in which Don Wilson plays the same character, Jake Raye. Don Wilson will appear as the main actor in parts three through eight, but as different main characters.

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