Blood into Wine

Blood and Wine

Blood and Wine (1996) is a crime drama / black comedy neo-noir film directed by Bob Rafelson and screenplay written by Nick Villiers and Alison Cross. It features Jack Nicholson, Jennifer Lopez, Stephen Dorff, Michael Caine, and others. To date, it is the most recent collaboration between Nicholson and Five Easy Pieces director Rafelson.


Alex Gates (Nicholson), a Miami-area wine merchant, is heavily in debt, and he can't get along with his alcoholic wife (Davis) or his stepson (Dorff).

He decides to steal an expensive necklace with his mistress and illegal immigrant Gabby (Lopez) and an aging criminal (Caine). But things start to fall apart when his wife finds out and gets involved.


Critical reception

Film critic Roger Ebert lauded the drama and wrote, "Blood & Wine is a richly textured crime picture based on the personalities of men who make their living desperately. Jack Nicholson and Michael Caine are the stars, as partners in a jewel theft that goes wrong in a number of ways, each way illustrating deep flaws in how they choose to live. It's a morality play, really, but dripping with humid sex and violence.



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