Blood Red Summer

Blood Red Summer

"Blood Red Summer" is the second single and sixth track from Coheed and Cambria's second studio album, In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3. A video was recorded and received irregular airplay on MTV, MTV2, and FUSE. The video was on the first preview disk packaged with the Sony PlayStation Portable.

Music video

The music video of the song begins with lead singer/guitarist, Claudio Sanchez, in a cabin in the woods. He is shown setting up alarms and booby traps such as trip wires and spot lights outside the cabin and construction a mesh fence to surround the cabin. All the while he sees fellow band members Travis Stever, Michael Todd, and Josh Eppard, only to suddenly close his eyes and then they are gone. Claudio is then shown sitting in a store room surrounded by shelves of canned food, batteries, and bottled water, eating Campbell's soup from the can. As he eats, the spot lights come on and Claudio rushes to the nearest window to see his band mates outside running through his traps.

Travis, Mic, and Josh all have glowing, red eyes and move in staggered motions. While looking through a spacing in the wooden door, Claudio fires an arrow from a compound bow which hits Josh in the chest but barely fazes him. The three "infected" band members eventually break into the cabin and surround Claudio, attacking him. Claudio wakes up on the floor in front of a door and seems dazed. As his eyes open they are glowing red as well. The video ends with the four band members staggering off through the woods, possibly in search of their next victim.

The story told in this music video shows close resemblance to movies "28 days later" and "28 weeks later".

Single track listings


  1. "Blood Red Summer" (4:05)

Song Credits



Recorded at Applehead Studios in Woodstock, New York for Ill-Air Productions.

  • Michael Birnbaum
  • Chris Bittner

Mastered by:

  • Roger Lian at Masterdisk

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