Blencogo is a small farming village in Cumbria, England, UK, near Wigton on the Solway plain, in the Allerdale Borough Council area, off the B3502 Wigton to Silloth road.

The village is a centre for the growing of osier willow for basketmaking and related crafts.

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Early History of Blencogo
The Manor of Blencogo was given by Waltheof, first lord of Allerdale, to Odard de Logis, in whose posterity it seems to have continued for several generations. Waltheof (1050 to 31 May 1076)

Galiena, daughter of Richard de Heriz, grants to Holm abbey three acres arable in Blencoggou, i.e. two acres on the west side of her ploughed field (cultura) of Stainhowrigg, and one at Burchan under Morrigg on the west; also pasture for 100 sheep with lambs to two years old, 28 cows and one bull with calves to two years old, and two horses; for the maintenance of poor infirm persons. Witnesses—William de Torisby, Thomas de Brunfeld, Adam his son,.... etc. [date c. 1160-1190.]

EDWARD III, 1342 Patent Roll
Letters patent, Edward II granted in- fee to William de Loghmaban lands in Blencogou, co. Cumberland, and the reversion of lands then held in dower by Joan late the wife of John le Blount, escheats by the rebellion of William le Blount, knight, to hold of him and his heirs by the service of a fourth part of a knight's fee, a rent of 4 marks at the exchequer, and any other services due to the chief lords of the fee; and I now John de Weston and Margaret his wife, by petition before the king and council, have prayed that inasmuch as the aforesaid lands are held of them, as of the right of the said Margaret, by knight service, and for this cause the custody of the lands and heir of the said William, now deceased, by reason of the minority of such heir, with his marriage, pertain to them, and they, because the said land's were so granted in fee by the late king to William de Loghmaban to hold of him. and his heirs, have been expelled from such custody, to her disinheritance, the king will remedy this. It has appeared to the council that lands, pertaining to the king by reason of forfeiture of war, granted by him to others, should be held of the chief lord by the same services as were rendered before they came into the king's hands, and the grant by the late king of the said lands to hold of him. and his heirs was erroneously made; wherefore the king, for the indemnity of the petitioners, grants that the land in, question shall be held of the chief lords of the fee by the services due before they escheated, notwithstanding his father's letters patent granting the lands to hold of him. and his heirs. By K. & C.

RICHARD II, 1388 Patent Roll
Grant for life, to the king's knight, Richard Redman, of all the lands and tenements which the king has in the town of Blencogo, mot exceeding the yearly value of 10[?] without rendering aught therefore. By p.s

HENRY IV, 1399 Patent Roll
Inxperimus and confirmation to Richard Redman of the following: 1. Letters patent dated 1 May,11 Richard II, granting to him for life certain lands in Blencogo. 2. Letters patent dated 5 November14, Richard II, granting to him for life 40 marks yearly from the issues of the county of Cumberland. 3. Letters patent sealed with the seal of the exchequer of Chester dated 2 October 21, Richard II, granting to him for life 40 marks yearly at the said exchequer. By p.s. and for 40s. paid in the hanaper

HENRY VI, 1426 Patent Roll
Pardon for 10 marks paid in the hanaper, to Richard Redeman, esquire, for acquiring to himself and his heirs from Richard Redman, knight, and entering without licence the manor of Blencogoco, Cumberland, by the name of all the land and tenements of the said Richard Redeman, knight in Blencoghoe, held in chief. By reason of this trespass the manor was taken into the king's hand, but the said Richard Redeman, esquire, is now licenced to have it again, and to hold it as aforesaid.

Edward IV, 1474 Patent Roll
“September 20th at Kilworth “ Grant for life to the Kings servitor Thomas Twysaday, one of the grooms of the Kings chamber, of all the lands which the king has or ought to have in the town of Blencogo, co, Cumberland and which lately Richard Redman, Knight lately had of the grant of Henry IV. To the value of 5 marks yearly. By p.s.“ Charter Roll, 11-14 Edward IV. No. 4.

Henry VII, 1543 , when it was granted by that king to Richard Cholmley, Knt.; and in 1543 in the possession of a Richard Cholmley, who may have been the aforesaid Richard, or perhaps his son. He held both the manor and the town of Blencogo of the king as of his manor of Wigton, by the service of one knight's fee, 13s. cornage, 7s. 6d. for puture of the bailiff, 2s. seawake, suit and court at Wigton, and 50s. relief when it shall happen. In 1578, Anthony Barwis held the manor of the Earl of Northumberland, subject to the aforesaid conditions; and in 1589, Queen Elizabeth conveyed it to Walter Copinger, and Thomas Butler, of London, gentlemen, to hold by fealty only, and not in capite.

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