Blanks 77

Blanks 77

Blanks 77 is a 77-style Punk rock band formed in 1990. Originally based out of Hillside, New Jersey, their current MySpace page states them as being from Denville, New Jersey.


Members Mike (vocals) and Chad (drums) had been friends with each other since throughout high school when they decided to start a band. They found their guitarist Renee through an ad posted in a local paper saying that she was looking for members to start a band as well. Though Renee already had a singer, Mike still urged Chad to go and talk with her. As luck would have it Renee's singer no longer wanted to perform, so Mike was in on vocals.

Their first bassist was a friend of Renee's named Brendan, who had to be taught by Renee how to play his instrument. The line-up consisted of Mike on vocals, Chad on drums, Renee on guitar, and Brendan on bass. The line-up remained steady until Brendan left in 1992. He was replaced by Geoff Kresge, who left the band two months later. They quickly recruited Tim from Broken Heroes, and he began playing live gigs with the band after only one practice session. The band finally recorded their first album, Killer Blanks, which was released first in Germany on the Nasty Vinyl label in 1995, and in the U.S. a year later in 1996 on Radical Records. The U.S. version contained four tracks more than the German release.

Second Album

In 1997 Blanks 77 released their second album, Tanked and Pogoed. Chad left the band in late 1997 and was replaced by Paul from the The Unseen, who filled in for them on two tours. Their third and final full length, C.B.H. (Cunt. Bitch. Hore.) was released in 1998. They also found another new drummer, Kid Lynch (formerly of Warzone and SFA).


After breaking up during an ill-fated tour in 1999, Mike, Tim and original drummer Chad formed The S.D.A.B.s (Sex Drugs Alcohol Band), while Renee, Kid Lynch and longtime roadie Dean Dean the Sex Machine formed Dean Dean and the SEX Machines

Together again

Blanks 77 are now are back with the "original" recording lineup of Mike, Renee, Tim, and Chad.

While they no longer do extensive tours, they are still active on the East Coast, and have recently done a few West Coast gigs. Also, while they don't appear to have any plans for releasing new material, Chad has stated that, "We are writing new songs."

They have appeared on numerous compilations, toured Europe twice, the U.S. countless times, and shared the stage with other well-known punk acts such as The Misfits, Rancid, The Murdered, , The Dwarves, The Business, Bad Brains, The Bouncing Souls, One Way System, Anti-Nowhere League, Anti-Heroes, Dropkick Murphys, GBH, the Criminals, UK Subs, and Total Chaos.


These are the full lengths released by Blanks 77, they have released countless compilations and singles, along with many bootlegs being available.


Current members

  • Mike: vocals
  • Tim: bass
  • Renee: guitar
  • Chad: drums

Past members

  • Brendan: Bass (1990-1992)
  • Geoff Kresge: Bass (1992-1992)
  • Paul: Drums (1997-1998)
  • "Kid": Drums (1998-2000)

Miscellaneous information

  • The band came up with the Blanks because their minds were blank on what to name the band. After the Blanks got a review in a magazine, another band notified them to tell them that the Blanks is already taken as a name. '77, which stood for 1977, the year most punk rock bands started, was added onto the name making Blanks 77.
  • Former bassist Geoff went on to play in AFI, Tiger Army and Horrorpops.
  • Mike Blanks is an avid NASCAR fan, and has quite a NASCAR car model collection.



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