Blade3D is an All-in-One Game Engine and Toolset written in C#/.NET for XNA on the to run on Microsoft Windows and Xbox360.


Blade3D is a product that primarily targets Indies providing a Toolset and engine that enables artists and designers to more easily create 3D games for Microsoft Windows and Xbox360. Blade3D is the flagship product of Digini Inc., based in Issaquah, Washington and incorporated in 2004.

Blade3D is one of many new XNA Game Engines recently created in response to the release of Microsoft XNA in 2006.

Microsoft XNA migration trends

In August 2006, Microsoft's GameFest keynote speech first declared the viability of .NET for gaming, with the first public release of XNA and Game Studio products, which would open up the Xbox360 and PC for game development by Indies and students.

This announcement set into motion the rise of many new XNA-based game engines (e.g. TorqueX).

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