Blackboard Massacre

Massacre at Central High

Massacre at Central High is a 1976 U.S. horror film directed by Dutch director Rene Daalder, a protege of Russ Meyer. Despite its title, it is not at all a slasher film; the movie is more an odd and violent political allegory, which tells the story of a series of revenge killings at a fictional high school. The cast was largely made up of unknowns, but included well-known actors Robert Carradine, Lani O'Grady, Kimberly Beck, and Andrew Stevens.

The movie was also known as Blackboard Massacre. It was shot on 35mm film, and had a running time of 87 minutes.

The movie has been described as "predicting punk and Columbine" , and as "the epitome of the '70s meathead ethic fused with an apt social commentary" The much-better-known 1989 film Heathers borrowed several plot elements from Massacre at Central High.

Plot synopsis

A new student, David, to Central High, a high school with seemingly no adults, no rules, and no supervision and lots of microphones, realizes that everyone is under a strict eye from a group of bullies bent on making things run their way, and their way only. Crippled as a result of rebelling against the system, he vows to exact revenge on his tormentors, which only turns more tables. Soon, everything at Central High is out of control.

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