Black Water (album)(Blu Mar Ten)

Black, Brown and Beige (album)

Black, Brown and Beige is a 1958 jazz album by Duke Ellington and his orchestra, featuring Mahalia Jackson.

The album is a recording of a revised version of Ellington's Black, Brown and Beige suite. After a disappointing critical response to its first performance in 1943, Ellington divided the three-part suite into six shorter sections, leaving in "Come Sunday" and "Work Song", and it is this version that is recorded here.


Track listing

  1. "Part I" –8:17
  2. "Part II" –6:14
  3. "Part III" (aka Light) –6:26
  4. "Part IV" (aka Come Sunday) –7:58
  5. "Part V" (aka Come Sunday) –3:46
  6. "Part VI" (23rd Psalm) –3:01
  7. :Bonus tracks on re-releases
  8. "Track 360" (aka Trains) (alternative take) -2:02
  9. "Blues in Orbit" (aka Tender) (alternative take) -2:36
  10. "Part I" (alternative take) –6:49
  11. "Part II" (alternative take) –6:38
  12. "Part III" (alternative take) –3:08
  13. "Part IV" (alternative take) –2:23
  14. "Part V" (alternative take) –5:51
  15. "Part VI" (alternative take) –1:59
  16. "Studio conversation" (Mahalia Swears) –0:07
  17. "Come Sunday" (a cappella) –5:47
  18. "(Pause track)" –0:06

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