Black Cat Rebellion

Black Cat Rebellion

Black Cat Rebellion was a punk rooted rock band formed in 2003 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Many comparisons have been made to their sound; including "77" punk, Rockabilly, Glam Punk, Psychobilly, and Deathrock. Some of their obvious influences (by way of cover songs played live) may have been The Damned, The Cramps, Social Distortion, X, The Clash, Joan Jett, Generation X, and Chris Isaak. "Black Cat" featured musicians from The Cadavers, Blaster the Rocket Man, Phantom Cruisers, and the Scott & Aimee project featuring Scott Russo of Unwritten Law and Aimee Allen.

Founded by Brad St. Patrick (vocals and guitars), Rob Neutzman(bass), and Chris Grady in late 2003, they blended their musical influences with a fun, untamed atmosphere and rebel romance. Michael "Milk" Patton (drums: 2006-2007) and D. Zaster (drums: 2005) also joined the ranks of the rebellion for their respected terms. In 2007, Milk relocated and Chris returned to the fold.


They toured frequently, from East to West coast, across the United States. They have also appeared as the soundtrack to an episode on ESPN 2's "Hot Rod Trucks" show. Aside from their own tours, Black Cat played many Rockabilly and Deathrock festivals; including the Heavy Rebel Weekender, Cornerstone, Rockabilly Rebel Weekend, and Drop Dead Festival. The rebel rockers had shot a video for "Gynophobia" for the "O.L.L.D." album. In print, the band also appeared in several magazines, with Loud, Fast, Rules being the most recent.


  • Ain't Got No Time — limited self release
  • Our Lives Like Daggers — Crypt of Blood Records

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