| Section8 = }} Bis(cyclooctadiene)nickel(0) is the organometallic compound with the formula Ni(C8H12)2. This air-sensitive yellow solid is a common source of Ni(0) in chemical synthesis.

Ni(cod)2, as it is commonly abbreviated, is a diamagnetic coordination complex featuring tetrahedral nickel(0) bound to the alkene groups in two 1,5-cyclooctadiene ligands. The complex is prepared by reduction of anhydrous nickel acetylacetonate in the presence of the diolefin:

1/3 [Ni3(acac)6] + 2 cod + 2 AlEt3 → Ni(cod)2 + 2 acacAlEt2 + C2H6 + C2H4
Ni(cod)2 is moderately soluble in benzene and THF. The cod ligands are easily displaced by phosphines, phosphites, and isocyanides.


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