Binary Finary

Binary Finary

Binary Finary are a British trance act comprising Matt Laws and Stuart Matheson. They are best known for the dance hit single "1998" especially the Paul Van Dyk remix, which charted in many countries. The song was remixed numerous times under the title of the year the remix was produced ("1999" & "2000" etc.), many of which were popular. In the UK "1998" reached a peak position of #24 in the UK Singles Chart whereas "1999" just missed the Top 10, stalling at #11.

On 1 May 2006, they released a collection of 16 tracks written over their eight years sabbatical under the general title The Lost Tracks. This album is available only for download.

In early September 2006 the duo launched their own digital record label, Binary Finary Recordings.


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