Bili the Axe

The Axe Gang

The Axe Gang (Simplified Chinese: 斧头帮 fu tou bang) is a fictional gang that has appeared in a few Hong Kong martial arts films, the most recent being Kung Fu Hustle. There was a real Axe Gang in Shanghai around Japanese Occupation with the head named Wang Ya Qiao. Those in the films are based loosely on this.


The Axe Gang has control over Shanghai and uses axes as their weapon of choice, they are usually dressed in black suits and some wear top hats, which makes them recognisable. Boxer From Shantung is perhaps the gang's earliest appearance, though they are not formally called Axe Gang within the film. The Gang also appears in Project A Part II, Drunken Master II, and Shanghai Affairs. In the film Kung Fu Hustle, the Axe Gang is run in a way very similar to the Italian crime mafia families, or might be considered in comparison to the major Chinese Triads. The Axe Gang is led by Brother Sum in Kung Fu Hustle. Two crossed axes forming an "X" can be seen as their recognizable logo in Kung Fu Hustle, which many if not all members have tattooed on their bodies somewhere, visible or otherwise. They are an extremely large gang and attack in massive numbers and with complete brute force however their members are very weak against a kung fu master, and have to rely on there overwhelming force to win battles. However, in the movie Kung Fu Hustle, they are also seen using machine guns and pistols. However, the guns are only used in situations where the victims can fight back-they otherwise use axes to behead and torture their victims. It seems all of the Axe Gang have great skill throwing axes and the ones who could not achieve it are likely... detained, or dead.

The gang is shown doing dance moves in Kung Fu Hustle reminiscent of 50's musicals.


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