Bikers of Oz

The Bikers of Oz

The Bikers of Oz are a White gang of inmates that are heavily tattooed and quick tempered. As white prisoners are the minority in the prison they are often in alliance with the Aryan Brotherhood as they are extremely close with its leader Vernon Schillinger. Several of their members also are drug users unlike their Aryan allies, yet unlike the other inmates who use drugs, the Bikers have no power in the drug distribution throughout Oz. Throughout the series they are either seen with the Aryans assisting them in targeting Aryan enemy Tobias Beecher or helping the Aryans whenever racial trouble within Oz arises. The Bikers are also seen in conflict with inmates Reverend Jeremiah Cloutier and Timmy Kirk in the later half of the series. Throughout the series they are led primarily by Scott Ross and Jaz Hoyt. For money, they execute inmates, as Ralph Galino and Jeremiah Cloutier.

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