Bike Banditz

Bike Banditz

Bike Banditz is a side-scrolling shmup for Microsoft Windows created by dojin soft developer French-Bread.


Each stage in Bike Banditz consists of a scrolling stage, normally scrolling from left to right, though one stage scrolls upwards. The objective is to defeat the boss at the end of each stage, defeating enemies and collecting bonuses on the way. Killing an enemy makes them drop a small golden item. After picking up a specified amount of these items, the item rank is increased and the gold items change and become worth more points. The item rank goes seven steps before all gold items get max value. Getting hit or failing to collect a gold items decreases the item rank. Any bullets that are close to an enemy when the enemy is destroyed is converted into fruit bonus items. These have a given point value and is not affected by or affects item rank. Bosses and mini-bosses drop a large number of fruit bonus items on death. An item does not have to be touched to be collected, it is enough to fly close to an item to auto-collect it.


Bike Banditz originally features three playable characters, but it can be increased to five. All the characters are riding on a vehicle, resembling a speeder bike. Every character also has one or two satellites of which the firing direction can be controlled. Enemies coming in contact with the satellite are damaged. Some of the characters has a special attack which drains the special meter. The special meter is also drained by bombing. There are two types of missiles available, homing or non-homing. Auto-bomb, making the character automatically fire a bomb when hit if there is enough special meter to do so, can be used.

Kylie rides on a blue speeder, both shots have concentrated firepower but isn't particularly strong. His speed is average. His special attack is that if using non-homing missiles, he can rapidly fire those.

Hikaru rides a red speeder. Her own shot is concentrated, but the shots from her satellite have wide spread. No special attack.

Quilla & G-Ya rides a green speeder. They have concentrated firepower, their satellite shot is a continuous beam that isn't blocked by enemies, but stopped by terrain. Their special attack makes their satellite fly a short distance in the direction it's pointed, covered in an energy field, canceling any bullets it touches and causing major damage to enemies.

Strap rides a purple speeder that partly resembles a dinosaur. He has concentrated firepower, and his satellites are unique in the aspect that they can fire upwards and downwards at the same time. No special attack. Unlocked by beating the game once on any difficulty.

Althe rides a yellow speeder, has concentrated and very strong firepower. Her satellite shot travels through enemies (but is blocked by terrain), resulting in more damage. She is the fastest character of all. Her special attack has her satellites spinning around her like a shield, canceling any bullets they touch and damaging enemies. Unlocked by a patch on the Lillian Fourhand disc, a game by the same label.

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